4 potential designs for the Vancouver Canucks’ new reverse retro jersey

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Noah Strang
1 year ago
Last season NHL fans were introduced to reverse retro uniforms created by Adidas. The Vancouver Canucks unveiled a sweater that featured a blue to green gradient, drawing comparisons to a can of Sprite from internet critics.
As a whole,  the reverse retro promotion was generally received well, though there was a massive discrepancy between the quality of the best designs to the worst. Some fanbases eagerly enjoyed a fresh uniform while others were extremely disappointed. The Canucks landed somewhere in the middle, generally considered far better than the ones worn by the Detroit Red Wings or Winnipeg Jets, but not quite as good as the Colorado Avalanche or Los Angeles Kings.
Recently it was revealed that the reverse retro program is coming back for another year and every team will be getting a fresh jersey. @Icethetics was the first one to break the news and confirmed that every team will be getting a makeover, some even “bending the definition of reverse retro”.
There were plenty of different fan mockups created last year in anticipation of the announcement. With plenty of talented graphic designers in the Canucks community, I’ve picked four of my favourite designs as suggestions for what the Canucks should do this year.

Blue and green heritage classic jerseys (@S7DSN / Twitter)

To start we have this design created by Twitter user @S7DSN that takes the Vancouver Millionaires jersey worn in the Heritage Classic and applies the modern blue colour scheme. This is a clean look that pays homage to the only team in Canucks’ history to win the Stanley Cup.
The Johnny Canuck badge on the shoulders is another nice touch that brings the jersey together. All in all, a really strong option the team should consider and this is great work done by the artist.

Vancouver Grizzlies throwbacks (Cody Chretien / NHLJerseyMashup)

Vancouver Canucks / Grizzlies
(Cody Chretien / NHLJerseyMashup)
Since part of the leak included that some teams are going to bend the rules on what reverse retro really means, why not get creative and enjoy a throwback to when Vancouver was home to an NBA team. The Grizzlies’ colour scheme is one of the best and the Canucks could do something interesting with it.
The teal jerseys would be sure to stand out on the ice if nothing else. If you’re a lover of chaos, then something like this is what you should be hoping for.

Skate jersey with the blue and green colour scheme (Luc Samanski / Instagram)

(Lucsdesigns91 / Instagram)
Among all the designs presented on this list, this jersey has the cleanest look. The flying skate jersey is always a huge hit among fans and introducing this as the reverse retro jersey would almost certainly lead to a positive reaction. It’s a bit of a safer play than the previous and next jerseys on this list but still very solid

Stick in rink with the black and gold colour scheme ( u/Altoidtin275 / Reddit )

Since the Canucks gave the flying skate jersey — traditionally done in black and gold — an update to the blue and green colours, what if they went the other way this time and gave a blue and green jersey the black and gold scheme? This mockup above shows the stick in rink jersey with the black and gold colour scheme.
At first glance, it’s hard to identify this jersey as a Canucks jersey which may make the organization stray away from the idea. However, jersey promotions like reverse retro are as good a time as any to take a risk and this could be the result.
Which of the above options do you think would be the best for the Canucks to try? If you’ve got a different idea, share it in the comments section below.

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