Through The Looking Glass – Week Six

  It’s been a tale of two cities this week with two wildly different games: the 4-1 win against Grabner and the Islanders included a continuation of the #RomeForNorris bandwagon and even a David Booth sighting before the Hawks came to town and flexed their power play muscle en route to a 5-1 win.


Through The Looking Glass – Week Five

  Few things get Canucks fans (or hockey fans) happier than beating Chicago, so this week started on a high note with an enjoyable 6-2 beatdown in their barn. Vancouver then swung through California with a brief stop to say ‘allo to Willie Mitchell while outlasting the Kings 3-2 before Cory Perry and crew downed the…


Through The Looking Glass – Week Four

  Courtesy Fuck Yeah, Chris Higgins [Note: this doesn’t include Friday’s game against the Blues] Last week when we chatted the Canucks were running on fumes after two consecutive losses to the Oilers and Blues, the latter being Vancouver’s third depressing shutout of the short season. Since then they blew up for 12 goals in…


Through The Looking Glass – Week Three

  Seeing how the inaugural post mentioned Sturm and Samuelsson in the negative and both now find themselves skating for dinner money in Florida, it leaves me to (correctly) assume I have remarkably perceptive powers. Borderline mind control. Not bad for a basement dwelling blogger with a suspiciously low amount of Hot Pockets. This week…


Through The Looking Glass – Week Two

  A lot can happen during 60 minutes of battle night in and night out, so every week Canucks Army will bring you a quick player assessment: who is are doing well enough that you should slap their names on the back of your $250 jersey, who’s been so bad they should be jettisoned down…


CA Prospect Profiles: Eddie Lack

Considering Roberto Luongo’s absurdly long contract, and the plucky efforts of Cory Schneider, you’ll forgive most Vancouver fans for ignoring the other netminders in their pipeline. Eddie Lack deserves your attention, if for no other reason than he could well be the next goalie to back up #1 should Schneider be dealt for Zach Parise…


Eyeing The Canucks 2010-2011 Offense

Especially with the loss of Christian Ehrhoff, some of the fears expressed by Vancouver fans (or the delights from the now legions of Vancouver haters) is that the league’s highest scoring team last season can’t possibly reclaim that title a second year in a row. Taking a page from On The Forecheck and Blackhawk Up, let’s…


Fun With Capgeek Rosters

I noticed that capgeek.com (ever heard of it?) recently started letting users create & save their own rosters, thereby creating an entirely new source of thoughtful asset management mixed with the sheer lunacy that only a un-moderated message board could love. Since relevant Canucks news is all but dried up at the moment, let’s take a…