Ten Thoughts on Sven Baertschi

There is a very real possibility that Sven Baertschi has played his last game in the NHL. It’s an incredibly sad story because it cuts short the career of a player who was only just starting to find his top gear, who worked very hard to get there, and who is, by all accounts, a…


Tank vs Playoffs: The Answer is No

No. I won’t do this. Not again. I won’t argue with you about which is more valuable: a top 5 draft pick or a taste of playoff experience. I won’t debate with you about whether tanking is something done by the players, the coaches or the General Manager. I will not, under any circumstances, discuss…


Nikolay Goldobin and the Interminable Doghouse

Nikolay Goldobin likes his new city. He told us so in his recent TV commercial for Capilano Audi. From the mountains to the ocean to the pulsing energy of downtown to the practice rink in Surrey to the pressbox at Rogers Arena, Nikolay Goldobin is a happy guy. But he doesn’t like being picked on….


Should Canucks give Reid Boucher another chance?

There are several things I imagined I might be when I grew up. An NHL hockey player. A powerful lawyer delivering a brilliant courtroom speech. Eddie Vedder. Alas, I was never a great skater, law school is too expensive, and I just never had rock star hair. But I have achieved something much greater. As…