Monday Mailbag: Mid-Round Picks, Rookies, and Disney Channel Cartoons

Of the following (more offensive) names, who do you like most? I recall Jeremy being pretty high on Addison. LHD: Tychonick, SandinRHD: Lundkvist, AddisonOr perhaps a safer pick: Alexeyev, Miller, McIsaac, Samuelsson — Tristan A. (@tristan_vncvr) May 13, 2018 First of all, sorry we ran out of time and couldn’t cover this on Saturday afternoon….


CanucksArmy “Midterm” Prospect Profiles #7: Jonah Gadjovich

The 2017 draft class may go down as one of the best in Canucks history. While Kole Lind and Michael DiPietro have received more attention and Petrus Palmu has become the poster boy for the increased emphasis the Canucks’ amateur scouting department has placed on analytics, Jonah Gadjovich was their best value bet of the…


Deep Dive: What Happened to Loui Eriksson?

Loui Eriksson’s back-to-back disappointing seasons should be the type of thing that makes a player the poster boy for bad free-agent contracts. Instead, the market has been stunningly quiet about a player with an AAV of $6 million dollars and another four years left on his deal. I can’t speculate as to why the topic…


Monday Mailbag: Tuesday Edition

What is your favorite type of perogy? — Ogie (@Trolley_Tracks) May 8, 2018 All perogies are good perogies. I’m very partial to cheddar and potato, though. You've answered favorite pierogi toppings, but what is your stance on the sweet pierogi fillings? — moosekayak🌲 (@Moosekayak) May 8, 2018 To be honest, I didn’t know they were…


CanucksArmy Year in Review: Alex Edler

For years now, people in the Vancouver market have said that Alex Edler would be a second-pairing defender on a good team. Edler’s always been a tough player to get a read on, but for most of his career the numbers have suggested he’s a perfectly fine first-pairing defender, even though the offence hasn’t always…


Canucks Army Year In Review: Ben Hutton

Ben Hutton has been one of the most divisive Canucks players over the past two seasons. Having seemingly come out of nowhere in 2016 to lead the Canucks defence in scoring (albeit with only 25 points), Hutton has struggled to live up to the hype since; with his production and ice-time plummeting in his most…