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Minor Canucks news: Why Holtby chose number 49, Gaudette changes his number, and Jay Beagle turns 35

Truly, the original intention wasn’t for this to become a weekly column, but it appears with each passing week, the Vancouver Canucks continue to have minor news pieces come out that don’t warrant an entire breaking news piece on their own, but are certainly things fans will want to be informed about.

So here we are again.

You saw the big headlines from the week, but for the third week in a row, here are three minor pieces of Canucks news that you may have missed.

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Holtby chooses a number

Fans attempting to come up with a rationale for why newly signed goaltender Braden Holtby chose 49 for his new jersey number with the Canucks was quite entertaining.

Some said, “It’s because he’s playing just above the 49th parallel!” While others went through some serious mental gymnastics to try to figure it out.

The real reason was revealed by Holtby’s wife Brandi, who tweeted out the answer to the question on everybody’s mind yesterday:

Why didn’t anybody think of that?

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Gaudette changes his number

This is an interesting saga, and one you may have to try extra hard to keep up with (hopefully not though).

Adam Gaudette wore number 88 for the Canucks last season, while Nate Schmidt did the same for the Golden Knights.

The Canucks traded for Schmidt, and it was revealed that Gaudette was giving 88 to Schmidt. People then assumed that with Chris Tanev departing, Gaudette could wear number 8, the number he wore during his illustrious NCAA career with Northeastern University.

But, on the video game streaming site Twitch, Gaudette revealed he would be giving 8 to another veteran defenceman, Jordie Benn, who wore the number when he was with the Montreal Canadiens.

Instead, Gaudette will be wearing number 96 next season, becoming just the second Canuck to wear the number since Pavel Bure. Gaudette says he chose the number because he was born in 1996.

What do you think Canucks fans?

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Jay Beagle turns 35

And last but certainly not least, Jay Beagle celebrated his 35th birthday on October 16th.

There’s not much else to report that we haven’t already, so there you go! You’re now caught up on everything surrounding your Vancouver Canucks!