Micheal Ferland inks four-year deal with the Canucks

Despite already making an expensive splash on July 1, Jim Benning isn’t finished making additions to the team. Micheal Ferland, who has slipped between the cracks in this free agency period, is reportedly closing in on a deal with the Canucks.

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Ferland is mostly known for his time in Calgary in which he evolved from an energy guy who would drop the gloves into a solid top-six offensive contributor. Last summer, he was a part of the massive, multi-player deal that sent Dougie Hamilton to Carolina and Elias Lindholm and Noah Hanifin to Calgary. He would put up 17 goals and 40 points with the Canes during the regular season, helping the team end their lengthy playoff drought, though he didn’t play much of a role in the team’s surprising playoff run.

At the right price, Ferland can bring a lot of value to the Canucks. He’s only 27 years old and has scored at least 15 goals in each of his past three seasons. Of course, given the rough and physical style of game he plays, you’d ideally like to avoid giving him too many years on a contract.

If you don’t remember Ferland, here’s a refresher:


It looks like four years, $3.5 million annually for Ferland, which is a very solid deal. Benning will have to do a little bit of maneuvering in order to fit what’ll likely be a big Brock Boeser contract under the salary cap.

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  • Hockey Bunker

    How much better do you think Boeser feels today knowing Ferland is on his team, probably his line, and not playing in Calgary or elsewhere in the division as had been rumoured
    How much better does Petey feel knowing Ferland has his back instead of Goldy.
    How much better does Hughes feel.
    How much bigger can Edler now play.
    Guys this is about the team and Benning hit another home run. He can have size and grit on every line along with skill. This team can go places.
    Bottom line teams hate playing against Ferland, Miller, Rousell,….are you starting to get the picture. Watch for wild man Jake to make an appearance. Lookout Pacific Division, Canucks mean business. They won’t lie down any more. They aren’t a door mat to wipe your feet on.

  • Puck N A

    The almost always optimistic Pierre McGuire, just on 1040, says that Ferland’s 0 goals in last 24 games last season (inc. playoffs) aligned with a lack of effort.

  • Alex G

    Benning has some work to do to in moving out some bodies/salary, but there is not much to not like about this signing.

    Ferland is a late bloomer and just hitting his prime. His pts/g has increased every season since joining the NHL. I think the term and structure is good: 1st 2 years MNC, the 3 & 4 years MNTC, so the Canucks have the option to protect him (or not) for the expansion draft. The contract is easy to move for assets starting year 3 as well.

    In his arguably best summer since coming to the Canucks, JB has once again addressed another team need. The Canucks seriously lacked toughness and secondary scoring the past few seasons. Not only can Ferland put up 40-50 points, he likes to hit and is excellent when he drops the mitts. While his ATOI last season was only 14:06, his 2.40 pts/60 mins was only bettered on the Canucks by EP40 and Boeser. HIs 2.6 hits/g last season is only bettered by Motte among Canucks forwards. To boot, last season he was 6-0 in his fights, and add protection for our young stars. Surprisingly, despite the high quantity of hits and fights, he only took 13 minor penalties in 71 games. As a bonus, he has & can play LW or RW, providing more flexibility in shaping the lines. The analytic folks like him too as he is well above average overall. He should fit in real nicely in the top 6.

  • Kanuckhotep

    How about we get to read that Jim Benning has signed Brock Boeser to a long term deal instead. Never would I suggest Ferland would not help the Canucks but how much? Obviously the fans and the public don’t know who will be exiting the Canucks by the time October comes because I’m losing track of how many left wingers they have signed now. Sorry to say but I don’t see Ferland making that much of a difference but pray I am dead wrong on this observation. I want the team to win regardless of who they sign.

    • Bud Poile

      Roussel is on IR and one of Baertschi and/or Eriksson will not be on the club come training camp.
      Ferland makes four LW’s-Pearson,Baertschi,Leivo and Ferland make four.
      Not hard counting to four.

      • Puck N A

        You’re forgetting Miller, who, by much spec right after the trade, it seems the Canucks would use on LW on top line. Then you’re of course adding Roussel back to LW when he’s healthy.

        Not hard counting to six.

          • Puck N A

            Roussel won’t be on IR forever.

            They’re going to accommodate Miller, as a priority, on one of the top 2 lines, but prob on Petterson’s left side. (He, or Bo, won’t be a 3rd line C.)

            Are you writing off Goldobin completely?

            Motte just signed.

            Benning traded for/acquired “small boys” who can’t cut it, so has to bury his mistakes? How many mulligans do you give him?

            Easy to count to four, six, OR nine. Unfortunately, the real problem is Benning can’t count to 81.5 million without blowing up his accountancy play station.

          • Puck N A

            What’s the deal on edits at this site. You deleted (out of shame?) your original “”it’s a big boys game now” ending. I don’t see an edit button.

          • Puck N A

            Don’t expect reasonable replies? On this board? LOL! And from you? I’ve read on this site for a while before posting. I know your game, dude. As far as it’s OK throwing the first punch, all my replies before calling someone a fool were highly critical of Benning, which is totally legit. Then I immediately got slammed and ridiculed from all sorts of bizarre directions, including attributing to me the typical PQW alias ad hominems. You’re right. If the gloves come off first from someone else, I don’t have a problem calling someone a fool or worse. So we agree.

  • kermit

    What Benning is doing has merit. The ‘09-‘10 Blackhawks had a lot of size and sandpaper in the middle to bottom of their lineup, Eager, Brouwer, Bickel, Ladd, Versteeg. Quenneville would move them up and down the lines based on what kind of game they were having. It made all of them play hard to maintain ice time. Our lineup looks like it now has a lot of interchangeable wingers. What we’re missing is a pair of stud defencemen. On the other hand, they won cup that year, whereas our goal next season is more modest, we’re just trying to make the playoffs.

  • Rodeobill

    I think this team will be fun to watch next year. I don’t know about cap space, and that’s not my problem to worry about. I just hope are summer moves have been done without compromising the further future development of the team. JB seems to have drafted for skill and paid for muscle and grit over the last few years, and that I like. If we DO, by chance, get into the play offs, we look well suited to play that style. The team had heart last season, next season looks like it might have even more! This looks a lot like the Rousell contract, and I really liked what he brought to the team last season. This looks a lot better than Lucic in EDM too. Great signing.

    • I am Ted

      Yah,it’ll be fun to watch like the days of tough guy goonery with Brashear, Bert, Walker, Cooke, Brad May, Garth Snow etc but still getting burned and embarrased by superior teams like the Avs. And we all remember how that all ended up right?!

    • Captain Video

      While Jake will likely never live up to his draft position, he does drive play, is generally okay defending (well … the fly-by on Giordano last season excepted) and can back defenders off with his speed. He’s not a bad third liner. It would gall me to lose him just to correct a poor UFA signing by Benning.

      • Puck N A

        Yes, the one thing Benning has to do is hold off on his itch to complete whatever “all in” plans he’s still cooking up. One upcoming 1st rounder is out. Another already-drafted #6 overall, who still shows some promise, can’t be sacrificed. But Benning doesn’t care about the future. He cares about his next contract. When he’s fired during, or after, this season, he’ll get a job with another org in some capacity, and quit caring about the Canucks. Us, as fans, will be left holding the bag.

      • DogBreath

        I like Jake, but the reality is he is what he is (as you describe). There may still be some cache from being a high draft pick that might over-inflate his value in a trade. We need it to get rid of Erickson and he may need to be included. It seems like Ferland covers off what Jake is supposed to do. We’ll see what happens…

    • Killer Marmot

      The Canucks have Boeser, Eriksson (left shot), Ferland (left shot), Virtanen, and sometimes Leivo on the right side.

      Virtanen doesn’t look redundant to me.

    • If anything, Virtanen might pick up on Ferland’s game, in which case we have *two* wrecking balls to ice in addition to Roussel and other big bodies like Miller, Horvat, Pearson, Leivo, etc. In the course of 1 year, we got a heck of a lot heavier, and for the better.

  • j2daff

    in a vacuum this is a good signing, fair value, possibly a year too long due to his play style but only being 27 it could turn out not to be too long. He also adds an element of grit that this team needs. This has also been without a doubt one of JB’s top 2 off seasons but there are still some problems here.

    First spending enough cap space that you either have to low ball one of your top 3 players (Boeser), effecting the long term relationship, or find a way to move some $$ out. Sure they could trade players you really shouldn’t want to move or pay other teams to take the bad contracts that we don’t want and for the same reasons other teams don’t either.

    Second, one of the biggest issues last year was the ability to simply score. You have essentially capped out, traded a 1st and a 3rd and the fourth best offensive player on the roster in both driving play and PPG is still Baertchi, who is a question mark due to his concussion issues last year. Yes we have added some depth but none of the guys we have added are true play drivers and all are essentially complementary guys that are going to be as good as who they play with. None of the guys added are true 1st line players and will also likely have to be shuffled between the 2nd and 3rd lines depending on who’s hot which is not bad but not what should be expected after moving out high picks and spending to the cap. With the cost we should should have expected a lot more. That said without the Miller trade the cost would look a lot more acceptable and we would still have the assets to actually make a respectable offer for a true play driving 1st liner. At this point the scoring will improve from last year but not as much as we should have expected going into the off season.

    Third, the defense is without a doubt better and by a fair bit as well but they are going to have to get lucky to maintain that improvement in future seasons with a lack of high level prospects on the back end. Hughes should impress more and more with each passing season but Tanev will need to be replaced, Myers/Edler will at some point start to regress (Myers 2-4 years?) or need to be replaced (Edler in 2 years). That’s 3/4 of the top 4 and the only players with even a 50% chance to replace them at the same level are Woo and Joulevi neither of which are a sure thing.

    Fourth, we have a GM that has put his future ahead of trying to build a cup contender and owners who seem to be perfectly ok with it. I personally believe winning a cup is the ultimate goal and if it’s not then there is a big problem. Making the playoffs is great but doing so by mortgaging enough of your future that it jeopardizes your ability to become a true competitor is not ok.

    • B_Rad77

      We will get additional scoring from Pettersen/Boeser/Horvat/Pearson
      Pettersen will come to camp in better shape physically and mentally prepared for the long season. His first half assault on the league last year should continue all year
      long. Boeser will start the year healthy and with the additions of Miller and Ferland will get more room to move and create opportunities. Pearson was starting to click with Horvat in the last 20. Will see that continue. Horvat will flourish with upgraded and consistent line-mates. Horvat/Peason will also get the benefit of a big body(miller or Ferland) to create some room. In addition, with 2 tough to play against scoring lines, the 3rd line should be able to kick in points and create room using their speed and energy. And if all else fails, keep it close and win em in ot with our deadly 3 on 3 play.

      • j2daff

        boy that’s a lot of rosy optimism and I hope it’s all true but it’s not likely all to go that way. Yes this is a better team and there is a good chance that Petey, Horvat and Boeser improve on their numbers but there is also a possibility that at least from a PPG metric there could be a slide as well for one or two of them or even numbers essentially the same as last year. Pearson might increase his numbers but it’s just as likely through a regression or someone else taking his role in the top 6 that he fails to meet expectations. Looking at the roster though it’s going to be very hard not to have at least five 20 goal scorers unless we end up with three 20 goal scorers and four to five 15 goal scorers.

        The team as a whole will be harder to play against and better in likely all area’s and it could very well be enough to make the playoffs but it will come at a price in the future that I cannot personally ignore. Although the things that I see as a major blunders this offseason are the Miller trade and the possibility of damaging the relationship between Boeser and the team it is enough to prevent rosy optimism at my end.

    • DJ_44

      First spending enough cap space that you either have to low ball one of your top 3 players (Boeser), effecting the long term relationship,

      Just how much money do you think Boeser will get in his contract? What would you consider a low ball offer? I mean Boeser should come in between $7M-$7.5M with term (6yrs +) or less on a bridge. The Canucks can make that space with a couple of roster moves, let alone have the need to trade someone.

      You second paragraph, I think you are basically saying all would be good without the Miller trade because……you think Miller is a depth player? Miller, when looking at all stats, is a lower echelon first line / upper echelon second line player on any team in the league. He is a puck possession, play-driving beast. My only conclusion is you have not seen him play. He is a 20 goal/50+ point a year guy on a weak Ranger team and the same on the best regular season team the league has seen in the cap era. He is a playmaker. He should play with Bo and Beartschi/Pearson. He will drive play, keep the puck and play-make for the other two. Ferland is a natural fit on the left wing with Pettersson and Boeser. He has proven he can play with elite talent (Gaudreau, Aho, etc) will create space, tough to move off the puck, and has a very, very good set of hands to score goals.

      You really have not point in your third paragraph. Seriously, you are worried about replacing Edler in two years?

      To suggest Benning has some how mortgaged the future by adding solid top six/top 4 pieces to the lineup around an excellent core he has drafted and/or developed (Horvat/Boeser/Pettersson/Hughes) … with a solid prospect pipeline ready to step in starting this year is beyond belief. Trading a first round pick for a top_six_on_any_team_in_the_league player is not mortgaging anything. They can recoup what they paid for Miller and more at a TDL in the future if they want to.

      Take a breath and then a take couple steps back from the ledge.

      • j2daff

        not near a ledge, not having a rosy outlook of a team that has been bad for over half a decade that again is essentially retooling because they are not patient enough to see proper rebuild through is basic simple logical. I would call having a GM’s back that has constantly failed and made mistakes the opposite. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

        JB has never been able to recoup draft picks, let alone a 1st so that statement in no more than a wet dream. Heck he is probably the only GM in the league that can’t and even if he could what would you move that would actually be worth a 1st round pick?

        Does the team currently truly have 7-7.5 in cap space? They have around $7M and if I’m Boeser I’m not signing for that seeing what lesser players around the league have gotten. Maybe he’s talked down to 7.5M but his camp drawing a line at 8M is not out of the question either. That $7M is also ignoring the potential for performance bonuses which are relevant as they cannot afford an additional cap hit next year due to going over with bonuses this year. They will not be able to move Sutter or LE without taking another hit to the future by moving picks/prospects. Put it this way, if you are Boeser and the team comes to you and says sorry the most I can pay you is X because we spent the rest of our cap space and that’s all we have are you going to just be okay with it? Obviously the team is using this as leverage which we are seeing with many teams and their RFA’s but that does not mean the players will forget, I sure would keep it in my mind for the rest of my tenure with the organization.

        Miller is going to have to hit those numbers in pretty much every year to justify the price paid. Personally I don’t see it happening but we will simply have to wait and see at this point.

        Ferland could very well be a good fit and I like the signing on it’s own as I stated. Can I find reasons to question how he will do here in VCR, sure I can; health issues, some inconsistency through his career, has shown signs of decline already, attitude/effort issues/etc. That said I think he will be a good player for this team for at least 3/4 seasons even if it’s not in an offensive role.

        And yes I am worried about replacing Edler and more specifically keeping the our D at a high level. the truth is the D is better but old by league standards. We have only 2 legit D prospects and it’s likely that no more one of them becomes a top 4 by simple statistics. Not that we should chase UFA’s but we simply are not going to have the cap space to do so anyway. This team has 3(including Boeser as he is not signed) of it’s top 4 players on ELC, a cheap starting goalie and are up against the cap. While that can be managed, the only realistic place they are going to find upgrades they can afford after paying the top players is the prospect pool. We are okay there upfront but not so much on D.

        • DJ_44

          You talk in circles. You make no sense. Here is an example.

          Does the team currently truly have 7-7.5 in cap space? They have around $7M and if I’m Boeser I’m not signing for that seeing what lesser players around the league have gotten. Maybe he’s talked down to 7.5M but his camp drawing a line at 8M is not out of the question either.

          The value of Boeser’s deal will depend on term. If they bridge, it will be around $6M for three years or 4 years. If he wants term (6 or 7 years) it will be $7-$7.5M. They can ask all they want, but there are no comparable to Boeser that are above that number. Aho signed for 5 years at $8.5 after putting up 65 and 85 point seasons ( with 30G in each).

          Meier signed for $6M x 4 after posting 30-36-66. Horvat ($5.5M x 6) . Larkin ($6.1M x 5)Gaudreau ($6.75Mx6) , Barkov, even Nylander.

          It is not a question of saying “sorry, that’s all we have”, it is saying show us a reason why you should get more money than any other player with your stats or bargaining position in the league.

          Any offer that starts at $6M is not a low-ball. An ask above $7.5M is wildly optimistic.

          • j2daff

            might wanna multiply some of those contracts by the % the cap has gone up since they were signed, you know his agent would to reflect today’s value. Meier/nylander are the only recent signing and I’d value Boeser a higher personally.

            lets look at UFA’s even though it’s apples and oranges
            Hayes @ 7.14
            Skinner @ 9
            lee @ 7
            Nelson @ 6
            Pavelski @ 7

            when you consider age and what the last few years of production on these deals will look like, again taking Boeser but not really relevant due to UFA/RFA.

            Maybe we can look at the Canucks themselves? Horvat current converted value 6M for 20g 52p, again Boeser has better stats, likely a higher ceiling but maybe the C positions plays into it though. There are no other comparable forward contracts but if I’m Boeser, I feel I’m worth more than Edler or Myers both signing for 6M but again UFA vs. RFA.

            The only thing that brings Boeser below 7M on any deal is if he can be convinced that he has to prove he can stay healthy, again not something you really want to tell a core player.

            Regardless, even if he signs for as low as 5M the team will still be over the cap at the end of the year if our young players(Hughes, Petey, Gaudete, etc.) do well and get their bonuses. They would literally have to move out $$$ to avoid it. I’d hope they can but when all I here is Sutter/LE, which is not going to happen at a cost you want or Tanev who would need to be replaced if playoffs are the goal this year. Baertchi is not going to retire, LTIR might be possible though but I doubt it will happen either. So who else do you move?

          • DJ_44

            Talking in circles again, j2daff.

            Even with all your hand-wringing, you still have not disputed the facts that suggest Boeser should come in between $6M and $7.5M depending on term.

            The Canucks can, with little difficulty, sign him by roster manipulation.

            As far as paying for potential bonuses, the Canucks have the flexibility to move a bunch of players that will return assets (provided they stay healthy) including Sutter, Baertschi, and Pearson.

          • j2daff

            you not being able to follow basic logic that an elementary student should get is not talking in circles. As for not disputing the possibility that Boeser may come in between 6-7.5, well I disputed just as much as you have shown. You posted a bunch of contract values only 2 (should have been 3 with Aho) of which were even comparable with the cap hits you posted. I pointed out that the other players needed to have the values of there contract converted to today’s value but apparently that’s too complicated for you. High school math maybe? Sorry for expecting too much from you. As for the two actual comparables, Nylander/Meier, our views of those players are likely different. I wouldn’t move Boeser for either even if I got a 2nd round pick as well, while you seemingly would add value to get it done. Are you JB in disguise hoping you can add a second rounder again?

            as for the low end at 6M (or anything less than 7M), a deal would already be signed if Boeser was willing to sign for that. As I said 7.5 could happen but I’d be surprised if that’s what his camp is currently pushing for. He’s shown he can score at over a 35 goal pace at 21/22. All the comparables offensively are at the very least borderline elite offensive players. Meier has one season with 30 goals he’s a step down. Both Horvat and Larkin were not close to the same level when their contracts were signed. To not confuse you…when they were signed… not today… The offensive comparables you listed on Boesers level at the time of signing are Gaudreau, Aho and Barkov. Both Gaudreau and Barkov sit at 7.5+ when you do the math and convert the signing to today’s salary cap value. I would take Aho for Boeser but the stats are comparable the ppg and gpg (Boeser is actually higher) averaged over the last 2 season are almost identical. Lets not also forget JB and typically over paying. The fact is he has added an extra million to a lot of contracts of his tenure.

            How in the world do you think Sutter is able to get you assets at this point? A guy who is over paid at his best, has become a black for offense, is only average defensively and cannot stay healthy. If that is an argument you are truly making why bother comment again? It would be a great case if he could be you something but someone actually thinking so truly scary assessment.

            Pearson might not cost you something to move but won’t bring any real return at this point. A hot start could change that but a hot start would also cause the team to take him off the market.

            trading Baertchi at this point would be piss poor management. His value has never been lower and it’s likely to the point that very few teams if any would be willing to give up any asset or worth before he shows his concussion problems are behind him.

            Hey maybe you are right though now might be the time to lose some more trades to free up cap space.

            As for the possible roster manipulation to fit in Boeser, sure they can manipulate the roster and only carry 21-22 player rather than 23. They could probably play games with less that 18 skaters too but that’s typically avoided for good reason.

    • KGR

      j2daff. If you want to look at negatives all day..fine. Every team has them. What if McDavid gets hurt, or Mathews or who ever is next in line for a big pay raise caps out your team. There are always negatives. I have some doubts about Ferland; but have not watched him play in Carolina. The price and term seem to be in line with a 40 to 50 point producer so hopefully it will work out. I also think Green is a good coach – give him the pieces and he is going to succeed. The team is a hell of a lot better than they were three weeks ago. All the ufas signed cost nothing but money (cap space). Gained assets. The team can trade a few players without a great return and still be far further ahead than they were and regain some cap control. There are a lot more positives than negatives with the team, in my opinion. Don’t let the writers of this site or the trolls sell you “the sky is falling”. it is not.

      • j2daff

        I stated a number or positives as well as well as negatives, objectively seeing both sides. There are moves I like that have been made and the team is better both of which I already stated but the current long term position is not great, some really nice pieces but not great. The team made a bad trade for Miller and then signed Ferland who although not a quite the same level isn’t a huge downgrade either. They’ve left their most important signing to last, and the fact that Baertchi still has the 4th most offensive potential shows that although they have improved depth they have not improved there top end which would be okay if they were not going all in like they are.

        just because the facts are more negative than positive does not mean I am not being objective.

        • KGR

          Good. To many here seem to think the sky is falling. I see far more positives than negatives. Drafting high year after year does not automatically mean success, (actually it indicates a lack of success). One can argue over the quality of the signings and their contract value; but, that does not take away the fact that this team is far better than it was a couple of weeks ago. Without using the cap in some way, the canucks would have been four or five years out from any kind of “window”; now (IMO) they have reduced that by a couple of years (with good management – I believe Benning is far more capable than the writers here at CA do). The counter argument many here make is that the Canucks do not have good management. If that is the case then why worry about 2,3, or 4 years out..it doesn’t matter. There is a lot parity in the league and the cap pulls down the best teams year after year. I am all for throwing some cards in and seeing where this team ends up next year. Hopefully fighting for a playoff spot! The year after..I think the fun begins. The main weakness I see is the defense, that’s it.

          • j2daff

            I will give you credit for the optimism, and can agree that drafting high does not guarantee success but it’s helps (more than finishing at the bottom and not picking high for sure) and more so now than even 5 years ago as the scouting has improved. At some point in every rebuild every team needs to flip the switch, start spending, but I personally believe that was a year away, specially if your goal is a cup not just the playoffs. It likely would have been a year away too if it was not for Bennings contract situation.

            Going into this offseason this roster was missing 2 key pieces to its core that in reality they do need if a cup is in the future; 1. a top line winger and 2. a true future number one dman or an asset they can move for one. Podz could very easily be that forward or possibly have been moved for the D if a better prospect ended up being picked next draft, which is touted as possible the best draft in the last 20 years, defiantly top 3 in that period. Pushing the chips in now (and moving the 1st rounder) reduces the chance of getting that last piece even if it is outside the top 15 or in 2021.

            Personally I wouldn’t have made the Miller trade or at least played hard ball and refused to give up more than a 2nd. I would have pursued a cheaper option then either Myers or Edler, maybe Ceci, C. Milller, possibly Gardiner, etc. not to say I’d of landed them though. I would have been after that 1st that TO gave up to get rid or Marleau and seeing the different conference it would have been likely. I would have given myself lots of time to try to move Sutter/tanev over the next year, likely around the TDL getting assets back and LE(likely in summer 2020) if I could do it without giving up more than a 4th. Benn and Ferland and their prices would have still been a thing.

            The move would be going into the draft next year, with 2 first round picks trying to land a true #1 D and then after signing Stecher and Marky flip that switch and start going for it.

            Yes I realize ARMCHAIRING but nothing in my vision was unrealistic.

            As for faith in Benning/Management, I can only judge on what they have done. They were not left in as bad a place as some people would say although I don’t think Gillis was a good GM. with the Current management above average drafting is the only true positive even though they have been burned just as much with their high picks as they’ve won when going against the grain. They have won some minor trades but lost all the bigger ones to the point where it has painted a picture that the rest of the league likely sees him as someone they can get the advantage over. Not all contracts have been bad but overall they are not much better than his trades, some of that may be due to what seems to be poor pro scouting. The Management seems too old school to think out side the box, the Marleau deal is something they would never have considered and this is a disadvantage in today’s NHL.

            Overall I do not have faith in JB based on the moves he has made and what he has accomplished in a half decade. There were numerous choices along the way where he chose the wrong rode, and since you brought CA writers into it, they were right about most of them, specially when they were negative. There are times when CA articles have been negative simply for the sake of it without true reason and that’s not right but there have been many times when they were negative simply because it was true.

            Has this management learned from there experience? Well I’d question how they get dressed in the morning if they have not but I do not think they have enough. Do I think there is a better option out there? At some point there will be but that’s likely not today.

          • KGR

            They may still be a year away from competing. The cap has changed the NHL in the last few years. It has put a lot of pressure on good drafting; but, the problem is once you draft good players one has to be able to afford them under the cap. Winnipeg is such an example. it’s a shame to see such a strong organization penalized because they had to many good players. It made me realize a contender can only afford 3 or 4 outstanding players on the roster after their ELCs run out. The Canucks already have those four (putting Hughes in a little early maybe). The rest of the roster will be made up of good supporting players at around 3-4 million each then a bunch of role players. Good players on ELC are a bonus. Juoelevi is the only draft pick they have that can have an impact in the next two years. Why not put some cards in…if we don’t it is at least two more years until the team is playoff competitive at best. Personally I think the Canucks as now constructed are only 2 good defensemen away from being a very good team. Optimism: I know.

  • Kootenaydude

    Looks like Benning can now throw in a couple sweeteners to move Eriksson and Sutter. Move Eriksson and throw in Virtanen. Move Sutter and throw in Goldobin. Hopefully get back some draft picks. Don’t really need them with Benning recent acquisitions.

    • j2daff

      I’m not sure that is even enough and it’s also most likely that the small handful of teams that might still be willing/able to take on $$ are after picks and prospects so think more Joulevi, Woo, Lind, Madden, etc or 1-4th round picks which is scary. The league has changed this off season(or leading up to it), heck Arizona is at the cap ceiling. There are at the very least 5 other teams still trying to move out $$$ as well so you are bidding against them.

      It may end up being possible to move Sutter at some point but you are not only relying on him to play up to a level to prove it but also betting he gets the ice time and out plays other players on the team. Would you make that bet?

      • j2daff

        Virtanen is a guy I’ve always looked at as being capable of more than he has shown and thus his value in my eyes has always been higher than his likely trade value. While that is still the case, with the additions that play a similar role it might not take more than a season or 2 for my opinion to change. He needs to start stepping up, he may need offensive line mates to do it though so lets hope for that.

  • Hockey Bunker

    Can’t see Canucks dealing Jake just to get someone to take Luoi’s contract. The money issue isn’t at a critical level yet so team could end up keeping Loui for another year. If they package anyone it’ll be Goldy.
    With the playoffs looking more possible, Jake is the guy you need. He can be a game breaker when things get tough and top players cancel each other out