Photo Credit: Sportsnet 650 / Twitter

Report: New Canucks jerseys have leaked

The expected new jersey for the Canucks has been leaked on Twitter.

It was first tweeted by @silverwinger77 in reply to a jersey design from S7 Design, and then was later confirmed by Chris Creamer with Sportslogo.net to in fact be the new Canucks threads.

The new home jersey is below:

The most obvious and expected change is the removal of “VANCOUVER” from above the whale logo. At first glance, it looks a little odd, mostly because the wordmark has been part of the logo since 2007 but it does create an overall cleaner look to the jersey. The other change is the shoulder logos, which create a more modernized look of the classic stick-in-rink logo.

The away jersey hasn’t been leaked yet but it’s expected the will be the exact same design but probably with the stick-in-rink logo being blue themed.

The Canucks will wear four different jerseys next season as they celebrate their 50th year in the NHL. The first two were the home and away with changes, which has now come to life, a throwback skate jersey, and then a brand new third jersey. At this time, there have been no leaks on what that third jersey will be.

It’s expected that the organization will formally release the new home and away jerseys prior to the 2019 NHL Entry Draft.

  • Bud Poile

    Why it has taken 13 years to remove the name of the city from the logo is puzzling.
    Everyone in hockey knew which city they were playing in and for.
    The sweater will look so much cleaner.

  • North Van Halen

    As a grumpy old man, I’m just going to say, I hate ‘free Willy’. Hate it. Always have, always will. We’re not the Orca’s or the Killer Whales and it’s still representative of a company that long ago sold the team.
    As an old guy, give me the original stick & rink logo full time with the spaghetti plate as a 3rd. Burn all evidence of the ‘flying V’ and move on from Willy.

    • Bud Poile

      I’m just as grumpy and into my sixties I’m not young any longer.
      I like the Orca. Whales represent the Pacific region and this area in particular.
      Without the name of the city on the jersey the jersey looks clean and acceptable.
      Never fan of stick in rink? and the halloween skate.

      • North Van Halen

        Bud, you’re not a grumpy old man if you accept change from the way things used to be.
        As in: ‘When we were kids the logo was nuthin but a stick and puck. And we liked it! We didn’t need these fancy shmansy Whales or flying skates!! No Sireee!!
        Now thats a grumpy old man, you’re like a modern man with your fancy designs clean looks.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Oh Boy. Another new Canucks jersey. Too much of a traditionalist here to be enthusiastic about yet another cash grab. Though I hardly love them how much do the Habs, Wings and Blackhawks change their basic uniforms that much? The NY Yankees and LA Dodgers in baseball don’t either. but winning teams never seem to though 3rd jerseys/shirts are acceptable. How long will it be until they get rid of the stupid fish and have something else that isn’t a Canuck? Next.

    • Every team has made changes to their uniforms since 2007, including Montreal, Detroit and Chicago. Reebok implemented a new system in 2007 and then Adidas took over in 2017. We’ve actually been one of the most stable clubs, making only minor tweaks to band widths during the Adidas switch-over. Teams like Edmonton, Toronto, and even Montreal were the worst with 3 tweaks to their home and away jerseys (not including 3rd jerseys). You can learn more about uniform histories at the “Unofficial NHL Uniform Database”.

  • Mike Bossy

    Removing the “Vancouver” wordmark is a HUGE step in the right direction. Personally, I was hoping for the stylised stick in rink to be more prominent and the orca relegated to becoming a secondary logo but if this is the way it is, I’ll accept it. Hopefully for the 3rd jersey, they really try something different.