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Report: Despite rumours, Nikolay Goldobin not signing in KHL

Over the weekend, it was reported by some Russian reporters that there was a possibility that Nikolay Goldobin could be on the move to CSKA Moscow in the KHL

Rumour: Nikolay Goldobin heading to the KHL

The report from Vorky and Igor Eronko didn’t say specifically that it was going to happen but that it was merely a possibility and that point was something that was stressed in the above news hit.

Eronko specifically is a well-regarded reporter for the KHL, so this rumour wasn’t something that was set in stone but merely something that

Interestingly enough, earlier this morning it was reported by Sportsnet 650 Rick Dhaliwal that Goldobin would be, or already, changing agents

That was confirmed later on in the day:

His new representation was quick to squash those rumours.

The intrepid Patrick Johnston from the Province followed up with Canucks management and they will be reviewing their plans for next season in the coming weeks.

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So basically, there was some speculation that Goldobin could be heading to the KHL and it resulted in everyone finding out that he had changed representation to Newport Sports. They were quick to extinguish any suggestions that Goldobin would be heading to the KHL.

It will be interesting to see how the summer shakes out for the Canucks and Goldobin because if they are bringing back, it’s hard to envision him earning ice time right out of the gate. He will need to prove that his few games of responsible play can be something that can be sustained for a long period of time and still show that he can produce offensively.

This time of year can see a lot of transfer rumours pop up as some players look to try to find opportunities in Europe or simply trying to leverage that possibility in hopes of securing a deal here. Most don’t materialize, but it’s always good to keep tabs on what’s going on.

At the very least, it appears that for the time being that Goldobin isn’t going anywhere. But there is a lot of time between now and puck drop in October.

  • DogBreath

    He’s got to figure out who he is. He’s either an offensive guy who puts enough points on the board in the top two lines, that his defensive misgivings are overlooked. Or, he’s a softer two way player who can put up 40-50 points. There’s probably room on the team if he fits either of those groups. Canucks should cut bait early next season if he continues to perform the way he has.

  • Me

    I hope they aggressively explore the trade market on him this summer. The Canucks may not be a playoff team, but they are developing a solid work ethic that gives them a chance to be in nearly every game. Goldy is not that kind of player. He only works hard when he’s in a position to score. Even entering the offensive zone he’s lazy as hell.
    But what pisses me off the most, is it’s not even physical laziness. It’s just a lack of focus. I wonder if he has ADHD or something. Is Ritalin banned by the NHL?

  • Cageyvet

    We don’t have enough skill in the offensive zone, so my position on Goldy hasn’t changed. Sure, trade him if you get the right return, otherwise give him another chance and make the decision if he hasn’t progressed.

    I understand those who question his work ethic, his suitability for playoff hockey, and all the other knocks against him. What I don’t understand is those who feel like we should walk away, or dump him for basically anything.

    There is always a GM who will take a flyer on a player like this and give you something back. The key is to trade when you don’t have a gun to your head. If nothing else, build him up as much as possible, showcase him, ease the negativity around him and make a solid move.

    We have a number of players who people seem to feel have little to no value. Maybe on an individual basis, that’s true, but get creative and swing a multi-player deal that involves these players instead of draft picks. Not some crazy idea that 4 mediocre players will get you one really good one, just a deal with another team where the pieces exchanged fit each team’s needs a little better and doesn’t just toss them on the junk pile.

    • jaybird43

      Absolutely Cagey, these players, especially Goldy, still have value. He’s got upside too, and another GM can see that and he’s worth something. Can’t just have these assets walk for nothing. I’d favour seeing what plays out up to about a month before the trade deadline, then make a decision. Keep or trade.