Introducing the Newest Member of the CanucksArmy Team

What is happening everyone! I’m glad to be here and bring some new content to CanucksArmy. For those of you that don’t know my story, I created a podcast back in November with the idea of giving the opportunity for Canucks fans to have their opinions heard instead of just being read.

Was it a good idea to open the podcast to anyone and everyone on Canucks twitter?

Probably not.

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But it’s been a blast creating this podcast every single week, I’ve had the opportunity to have conversations with many different fans from many different parts of the Canucks ecosystem.

Every few episodes I like to feature some of my friends from the media side, we’ve had local radio producers like Justin Morissette and Curt Appleby, we have been able to chat with TSN employees like Jeff Paterson, Karen Surman and Blake Price, Sportsnet employees like Dan Murphy, Mira Laurence and Randip Janda and even some writers from CanucksArmy and The Athletic like Harman Dayal, Jason Botchford, Jackson McDonald and “Comets” Cory Hergott.

These folks are a lot of fun to talk to, but at the same time the idea of this show was to get a variety of opinions from all Canucks fans. The thing that I have said multiple times on the show is that only so much can be said in a tweet or a comment, there is a different feel when you can hear the tone of someone’s voice when they are making a point or stating their opinion. Anyone who’s attempted to incorporate sarcasm through texting or twitter has learned this lesson.

Similar to why we like to listen to sports talk radio or enjoy chatting with friends about this team, it’s a lot more fun to have a conversation about the team that we love instead of just typing out your thoughts. The podcast is called the “Canucks Conversation” and it is basically just that, I don’t prepare questions going into any of these conversations, we chat about whatever comes up. Whether that be the #FreeGoldy movement, the poor attempt to get #BIGMACZACK trending every time Zack MacEwen scores a goal or how Bo Horvat should definitely be playing with Antoine Roussel.

I feel that the show has added a  adifferent voice to the market and it’s been incredibly fun over the past four months seeing where some of these conversations have gone. So I was obviously very excited when I was asked to join the CanucksArmy team and bring my podcast with me. Basically the show is open to anyone who is passionate about this team and would like to get their voice heard in a podcast, so I am opening up the door to  CanucksArmy.

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Anyone who would love to come on the podcast for a chat I’d love to get in contact with you, send the show a direct message on Twitter @CanucksConvo or send an email to the show at [email protected] .

Hope to hear from you guys and I will have some articles and podcast episodes coming out weekly. I’m excited to get to work for CanucksArmy and hope to get involved with you guys through podcast form or on twitter as well.

Podcast available below.

iPhone users

Non-iPhone users

We are also available on Spotify, just search “Canucks Conversation” and we can be heard on you Google Home device as well, just say “Hey Google, play Canucks Conversation Podcast”.

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Chat soon!