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Report: Uptick in interest around Alex Edler

With the Monday NHL Trade Deadline just days away, things are picking up on the Alex Edler trade front.

Per The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun (subscription required), calls on Alex Edler have started to come in more frequently of late.

Edler, of course, is a pending UFA at the end of the season and possesses a full no-trade clause. Any trade would have to go through the blueliner first.

LeBrun believes that soon GM Jim Benning will go to Edler and present a couple trade scenarios.

At the same time, contract extension talks between the Canucks and Edler continue to be ongoing.

LeBrun ultimately believes it will come down to what kind of trade offers Benning gets in the next few days and how Edler reacts to them.

With the Canucks battling for playoff position in the Western Conference, you’d have to think it would need to be a solid return for Benning to make the move.

Edler is currently dealing with a concussion and still leads all Vancouver blueliners in scoring with 20 points in 38 games.

Benning has gone on record saying it is a priority to work out a contract extension for Edler.

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The 32-year-old blueliner has spent his entire 13-year NHL career in Vancouver and has stated his desire to stay. His six-year, $30-million contract expires at the end of this season.

Edler is the longest-tenured Canuck and it’s hard to see him waiving his no-trade clause. Even if it was to a legit contender, the Swedish rearguard seems very happy where he is in Vancouver.

It will be interesting to see if Benning can get any assets for him. There also the possibly that Vancouver could loan him to a contending team for playoff run and then bring him back July 1st in free agency. Of course, that is thinking outside the box and could be a risky move, but there are certainly some intriguing potential scenarios.

With Ben Hutton playing more minutes and Quinn Hughes arriving soon, it’s debatable whether the Canucks can afford to give up Edler right now.

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An Edler trade is a possibility, but it’s more than likely that this will be a rather quiet trade deadline for the Canucks.

  • North Van Halen

    Here’s the thing, if you do ‘hit the home run’ and convince Edler accept a trade then comeback in the summer, you only get away with that once. In other words, if you’re Edler and Vancouver comes to you with this plan, you would A) state never again the next contract is my retirement contract and B) there will be no short contract or ‘hometown discount.

    So the choice becomes can you get Edler to agree to stay for 2 years/$5mil with perhaps some limited trade protection or convince him of the sign and trade and when he comes back he’s more likely to ask for a minimum 3, perhaps 4 years with Full NTC and $5mil is the starting point.

    This team either needs Edler or a reasonable replacement next year and moving forward. I don’t mind trading him, just be careful what you wish for cuz this team is still much better with him than without him and will be for a couple of years.

    • I don’t think this follows. It’s really the Canucks that hold the cards here if Edler really wants to stay in Vancouver so badly. If it comes down to it, they can play hardball and tell Edler they’re not going to re-sign him unless he accepts a deadline trade. If it’s Edler’s prerogative to stay in Vancouver, he’d have to agree to that, or he’ll be leaving Vancouver at the end of the year.

  • Fred-65

    If I wa Edlers agent I’d go for an extension and forget the trade, Remembe this is not about what’s good for Vcr it’s all about what’s good for Edler. Should he be traded and takes serious injury would the Canucks offer to resign him in the summer still hold good, I doubt it, they’d kick his butt out the door pretty darn quick. This contract is the end of his future wealth, that’s it for life. Unemployed from that moment onward

    • truthseeker

      Yep. Edler would be absolutely stupid to do any agreement with any management team, that’s not in writing. The suggestions of these scenarios are childish video game thinking.

  • rediiis

    Edler is still an asset when healthy. His love for the team should be respected. I just wonder what his agent is asking both in term and $. Since he hasn’t started practicing, it would be fair to assume he will be out another couple of weeks. I would prefer he is kept at a 4 Mil X 3 year contract. He will earn it. Consummate professional.

    • LTFan

      rediiis – Agree. So many on here want to trade Edler for a prospect. It has been suggested that JB is not good at trades but he is not going to trade his best D.man for a prospect. IMO the best move for JB is to sign Edler to a 2 or 3 year extension. We will see what happens to the development of Hughes, Sautner, McEneny, Woo, Juolevi etc. These guys are prospects and hopefully 1 or 2 of them become NHL regulars.

  • Rodeobill

    Picks for this year’s draft would be really nice, and him willing, he is one of our best chips to get some. Having a real chance at a cup would be really nice for him too. A loaner deal makes both him and the family stability happy if he goes and comes back. Of course JB is willing to resign him again when he returns, it will all be up to Edler. Heck, if he wins a cup, or even really helps a team out on a good run, it might increase the value of his next contract. I’m good either way, but this scenario would sure be nice.

  • Burnabybob

    28 points in 38 games. Pretty damn good for a 32 year old.

    I would love the Canucks to get assets for him. As good as Edler is, this team is all about the future. And it may be possible that the Canucks further solidify their LHD if they are in a position to draft Bowen Byram


  • Benning said in a Feb 1 TSN radio interview that he doesn’t think rent and re-sign is very successful. His fear is that if he trades Edler, he won’t want to come back after relocating his family. Sounds like Benning wants to keep Edler anyways. Unlike Burrows or Hansen, Edler is still a valuable LHD who is playing some his best hockey in nearly 7 years.

    That being said, I think the ideal situation is to rent him and make it up to him on a retirement contract in the summer (assuming the retirement contract isn’t a crippler a la Seabrook).

  • Captain Video

    I don’t expect any serious offers for Edler, given the concussion. But if one comes along, Benning absolutely needs to press Edler to waive his NTC. This team is still in rebuilding mode and needs all the picks and prospects it can get. The club can then try to re-sign Edler over the summer – after he’s won the Cup.

    • rediiis

      His points are a tick up because he has been on the PP. This is the last year of that experiment. He is a pass first defenseman, he is good at it. He does not create or put dents in a goaler. He is what he is. A very solid 3-4 D-man for another 3 years.

  • Kanuckhotep

    I guess when February 25th passes and Edler neither waives his NTC nor is he traded will people finally realize he was going nowhere else this year to begin with…and never was. Why it gets endlessly bandied about is nearly as puzzling as visualizing Tryamkin coming back from Siberia to play here. There is little blue line depth so prepare to have Edler AND Tanev back here next year unless Benning can replace their experience as bonafide, if not aging, NHL defencemen.

  • Freud

    Jezzus. For Benning to be worried there’s a chance Edler might not re-sign in July if he’s traded on Monday is somewhere between idiocy and lunacy.

    The team has a better scoring chance differential without Edler than with him this season. And both differentials are 30th in the league. Hughes will take the power play time next season.

    This team badly needs youth and futures, not loyalty to veteran stiffs that have led this team to the 2nd worst record over the past 3 seasons.

  • Tedchinook

    “LeBrun ultimately believes it will come down to what kind of trade offers Benning gets in the next few days and how Edler reacts to them.” There’s some first class reporting – there will be a trade if Benning gets a great offer and Edler agrees to it. Boy is that ever a news flash.

  • Holmes

    Bowey and a second for Jenssen and a fifth frames the market for Edler. I think you could rightly argue that Edler is a better player than Jennsen and that delta would justify the Canucks asking for a late first and B-grade prospect for Eddy.