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Why Bo Horvat Deserves Your Vote For Captain Of The Pacific Division All-Stars

The 2019 National Hockey League All-Star Game will be held on January 26 in San Jose, home of the Sharks. The format will be nearly identical to that of the past few years—with the notable exception of a Friday/Saturday schedule instead of a Saturday/Sunday—and that means the selection of an All-Star team for each division. The Skills Competition will take place on Friday, January 25 and then these four teams will faceoff in a three-game single-elimination tournament of three-on-three hockey the next day.

Fan voting is already open for the captains of each divisional All-Star Team at NHL.com. This time around, the league has pre-selected a handful of candidates from each team, though write-in selections are still available. Fans are allowed to vote a maximum of ten times every 24 hours, but that means that Vancouver Canucks supporters only have one voting period left to push for their favourite candidates’ selection as voting closes at midnight on December 23.

This year, we encourage Canucks fans to throw their support behind Bo Horvat for the captaincy of the Pacific Division All-Stars. We’ll get to the reasons in a moment, but first we’ll take a look at the other worthy candidates.

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Other Candidates Worthy Of Your Vote

Elias Pettersson

In a contextless vacuum, Pettersson is clearly the Canuck most worthy of a trip to the All-Star Game this year. He’s not only the team’s leading scorer—and the top-scoring rookie in the league by a big country mile—but he’s also a legitimate contender for the title of “Most Exciting Player in the NHL.” Pettersson is the seventh-highest scorer in the Pacific Division this season, but his points-per-game rate trails just Connor McDavid, Johnny Gaudreau, Leon Draisaitl, and Matthew Tkachuk.

With all that being said, however, there’s little doubt that Pettersson will be selected for the Pacific Division All-Star Team whether the fans vote him in or not. That allows Vancouver fans to make a more strategic choice when voting, and they can feel confident that at least one Canuck will be headed to San Jose.


Brock Boeser 

Boeser really seems to personify the concept of an All-Star—just look at the guy!—but it’s arguable that he hasn’t earned a spot on the Pacific Division Team in his sophomore season. Though his scoring has dramatically picked up in recent weeks, he’s still playing under a point-per-game pace—something that nine other players in the Pacific Division are maintaining thus far.

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Boeser’s slow and interrupted start to the season can definitely be blamed on his injury woes, but his health is also the main reason why Vancouver fans should want him to avoid the All-Star Game. Boeser is finally at full strength and his play is reflecting that, but it’s probably still a good idea for him to take the weekend off.


Jake Virtanen 

Virtanen was not selected by the NHL as a pre-approved candidate for All-Star voting, which makes him a write-in candidate—and a longshot at best. While it would be fun for Canucks fans to run a #ShotgunJakeForAllStar campaign, it’s too late in the game for that. Maybe next year.


Joe Thornton

If Vancouver fans are going to vote for a non-Canuck to be captain of the Pacific Division All-Stars, it should probably be Joe Thornton. The formerly-bearded Big Joe has long been a popular character around the league, even in Vancouver—despite the fact he once put his finger in Henrik Sedin’s face. 

With the All-Star Game in San Jose and Thornton likely in the midst of his final season, he’s definitely the sentimental choice for Pacific Division captain.

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Connor McDavid 

McDavid is the top scorer and the best player in the Pacific Division, and he’ll probably serve as captain of the Pacific Division All-Stars multiple times throughout his career. But the guy gets enough accolades as it is, so there’s no reason whatsoever for fans of the Vancouver Canucks to vote for him this time around—especially with multiple Canucks also deserving of a trip to San Jose.


Does Horvat Deserve It? 

From a purely statistical point-of-view, Horvat probably doesn’t deserve a spot on the Pacific Division All-Stars. Though he is tied for tenth among division scorers with 34 points, his point-per-game rate ranks significantly lower—and he’s not even the leading scorer on his own team. With only nine skaters selected to each All-Star Team, there’s really no stat that justifies Horvat making the cut.

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That being said, it’s hard to argue that any other player in the Pacific Division has been as important to their team as Horvat has been to Vancouver this year—with the obvious exception of Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Connor McDavids.

Mark Giordano is in the midst of an MVP-worthy season in Calgary, but he’s surrounded by a bunch of other players having career years. Horvat carried the Canucks through a period in which both Pettersson and Boeser were injured, and he did so with aplomb. Since the dynamic duo have returned, they’ve been blessed with generous offensive zone starts and a perfect complement in Josh Leivo—while Horvat toils in the D-zone with less-than-ideal wingers. Elias and Brock have lit it up on the powerplay, but Horvat has also been a big part of that special teams success.

In other words, just about every positive thing about the Vancouver Canucks in 2018/19 leads back to one player—Bo Horvat. And that’s why he deserves to go to the All-Star Game.


The Captaincy Question 

Voting Bo Horvat in as captain of the Pacific Division All-Star Team would also allow the Vancouver fanbase to send a powerful message to the organization about their opinion of Horvat’s captaincy qualifications. What Horvat has done so far this season has convinced nearly everyone that he’s ready to wear the “C” in Vancouver, and a lot of fans don’t see any reason why the announcement should have to wait until next year.

Bo Horvat should be the captain of the Pacific Division All-Stars in 2019, and he should also be the captain of the Vancouver Canucks. #VoteForBo if you agree.

  • truthseeker

    That “finger in the face” is exactly the kind of classless thing, from a supposedly “classy” guy that kinda makes me hope old Joe gets a career ending injury sometime soon. Thornton is a scumbag. Always has been.

    • wojohowitz

      I completely agree. Thornton went into Boston as an 18 year rookie mouthing off to everybody to the point where they started shopping him almost immediately. He had no respect for people then and no respect for people now. The Leafs ought to sign him.

  • Bud Poile

    “In other words, just about every positive thing about the Vancouver Canucks in 2018/19 leads back to one player—Bo Horvat. And that’s why he deserves to go to the All-Star Game.”

    I disagree. Petey is the team’s all-star and it’s not even a contest.

      • Bud Poile

        Elias Pettersson’s 19-20 year old rookie season:
        33 Games Played
        1.125 PPG 5 GWG 25.8 S%
        Leads team in goals ,assists and points scored.
        Canada is not his country.English is not his language.Suffered a concussion six games into his rookie campaign.

        Bo Horvat’s 5th NHL season:
        39 Games Played
        .87 PPG 2 GWG 15.9% S%
        Bo Horvat’s 19-20 year old rookie season:
        68 Games Played
        .36 PPG 1 GWG 14. S%


      My example would be the old Red Wings. Stevie Y was not the ” best” player with Federov and Lindstrom, BUT he was the leader that did all the little things and commanded respect. Bo is that “type” of player… AGAIN for trolls Bo isn’t Stevie Y, but that type.

      • Bud Poile

        Yzerman scored 39 goals as an 18/9 year old rookie.48 assists.87 pts.
        In Yzerman’s fifth NHL season(as this is now Bo’s fifth) he scored 50 goals/52 assists/102 pts. in 64 games.
        Yzerman is a HHOF’er.
        Bo is a talented foot soldier.


    It would be nice to see Bo get the recognition he deserves, but this is a popularity contest. It was great Bo got the nod as a rookie and Brock last year and this year EP surely will be there. Most importantly is Bo getting the C for the team. The Capt sets the tone in the room and no-one works harder to improve than Bo. Brock is of the same drive as well as EP. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jake has steadily improved since he has the example in front of him. It’s a good thing to try and get usually stayed Canucks fans to start to represent, but wins will do that.
    And Yes a recap of the Nucks Jets game would have been #1 on the to do list. Canucks are battling the top teams toe to toe. They aren’t there yet, but are ALOT better than anyone thought in preseason.

    • El Cid

      To my dismay I have to admit the Knuckleheads are over achieving and thats for sure but does anyone run this site? I mean a post game is only second to the pre game. How do they let them keep this site?

  • Kanuckhotep

    While I don’t see Bo being the Pacific Division all star captain, assuming he’d get selected over Petey which he probably wouldn’t IMO, Bo should become the de facto Canucks captain starting next season. Horvat is the pinnacle warrior/leader on this club who does all that is asked of him by the coaching staff. But I do agree Connor McDavid should be the Pac Div all star captain…and he’s an Oiler.