Photo Credit: kiekkoareena.fi

Petrus Palmu heading back to Finland

A Canucks prospect is returning home after struggling to get into the Comets lineup on a regular basis.

Petrus Palmu has signed with TPS Turku for the remainder of the season and by all accounts will head back over there very soon:

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Palmu appeared in twelve regular season games for the Utica Comets, registering one lone assist in that time.

The diminutive winger played for TPS last season, posting seventeen goals and nineteen assists in 59 games en route to winning Rookie of the Year.

It is unfortunate that Palmu was unable to find a regular spot in the Comets lineup as he looked ready to make an impact in the AHL after such a successful year in Liiga last season, but the management staff felt that he needed to work on some things to adjust his game to professional hockey in North America. At the very least, the move back to Finland will allow him to get some regular playing time and ideally with 2019 top prospect Kaapo Kakko.

At the very least, it opens up a spot with the Comets to allow another prospect to play more regularly, unfortunately, it’s at the cost of Palmu leaving to Finland for the season.

Palmu is in the first year of his entry-level contract and I would expect he will be back with the Comets for next season.

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  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    Good to see that at least Trent Cull and his team are largely on the same page as Green and his team in terms of their choices of constantly benching young kids in favour of AHL lifers and older ‘vets’.

    Don’t ever look at the big picture Canucks org….just keep trying to win for the present. Aren’t Gadjovich and Lind largely facing the same issues down in Utica? Getting benched for older players…

    Its like the Goldy benching after 5-1 last week…that’s how you teach a guy Green….bench him. Cull & Green…both cut from the same cloth…both graduates of the Willie Desjardins school of coaching to lose 2-1.

    Hey kid, go ‘work on your game’ in practise and at home cause apparently the AHL is not for development.

    • Freud

      Dumpster, you sound surprised. Its the 6th season of the Comets. You’ll remember the team was moved from Chicago because the team didn’t have control over the development of the younger players in Chicago.

      In 6 seasons you can’t name one player that was placed in Utica, developed and is currently contributing in Vancouver at a value that exceeds their original expectations. Not one.

      We don’t have to mention the numerous players who have simply left the organization mid-season over the past number of years.

      But, let’s defer the the hockey men running the team. Lazy narratives of “earning it” makes us all feel warm and fuzzy at night. All is well.

      • DJ_44

        But, let’s defer the the hockey men running the team. Lazy narratives of “earning it” makes us all feel warm and fuzzy at night.

        I have not heard the Canucks refer to “earning it”. This is the FUD spread by your ilk. Developing players is a process. The AHL practices more than the NHL. Working on all aspects of the game to make an NHL players out of prospects is process.

        That and maybe at least watch the games if you choose to chirp.

        As for the “who has Utica developed” argument — Virtanen is a prime example. Goldobin is benefiting from the experience in Utica last season where he played in all facets of the game. Sautner is another who excelled when put on an NHL stage last year. You should also watch out for Dahlen, MacEwen, Demko, Briesbois and Juolevi in the near future. Jasek is somewhere in between. Lind and Gadjovich appear to be starting to adjust to the professional game, but will need all season to continue to develop.

        I get how you want to paint the picture however the development pipeline was filled and now the development takes place. If you question was why did Utica not produce NHL’ers from the Gillis draft picks, the answer is rather obvious, although Gaunce developed, and probably exceeded expectations.

    • Puck Viking

      Another thing that is missed is.. how will this help them sign CHL,European and NCAA free agents?

      It wont, this could hinder them signing future young players if they know that they will not be given the proper chance to play. Similar to what happened to Holm last season and never getting a chance to play on the Canucks.

      • DJ_44

        This is complete FUD (or just misguided foolishness, take your pick).

        It is disappointing to see Palmu go back to Finland this year, but he will be back. As for signing free agents, it looks like Zack MacEwen, Evan McEnemy, Ashton Sautner and Michael Carconne all have excelled in Utica, and were all CHL free agent signings.

        I have watch probably 80% of Utica games this year. Palmu was not overly noticeable in games he played, which kind of surprised me since I liked his game at the prospects camp.

        • North Van Halen

          I posted essentially this in the Utica game thread where the same sentiments were expressed. If he’s not good enough and clearly is over-matched, should they play him just for our approval?
          Coaches put him in 12 games, he got 1 point and coaches deemed he just wasn’t good enough for this league yet. He may never be good enough for the AHL, let alone the NHL.
          But some think they should play him regardless of his actual ability to play at that level. So the theory is throw guys in the deep end and when they can’t swim, tell them to stay there until they learn? Some might learn to swim. A lot more will drown and die.

        • Missing Burr

          “But he will be back”… oh dear, another kiss of death ‘prediction’ from the same doom merchant who told us…

          “Leipsic is a decent playmaker/passer. Something needed.” – DJ_44
          “The Canucks have averaged 4 quality prospects per draft since 2014” – DJ_44

          Palmu the BUST, soon to be 22, couldn’t cut it in the AHL but like Arnie, “he’ll be back” mmhmm Nextttttt

          • Ser Jaime Lannister

            Hows your Casey Mittelstadt prediction going Burr….not even a consideration for the Calder… Pettersson aint looking to bad though is he….Nextttttt

          • DJ_44

            PQW …. look at the quotes you pull up. I have posted here for 4 years, and I stand by what I have said. I will happily take an “Hutton has proved me wrong — or at least turned it around” but seriously…. Leipsic is a decent playmaker ……. Pettersson just happens to be an exceptional playmaker.

            The Canucks HAVE averaged 4 quality prospects per draft. Palmu’s draft class included the steal of the draft at #5 in Pettersson (wasn’t your boy picked #6?) , Lind, Gadjovich, DiPietro, and Rathbone, along with Palmu … along with Gunnersson and Brassard. So that class had six quality prospects, including Palmu.

  • Defenceman Factory

    This is a good move for Petrus and the organization. He was always a long shot and needs to continue developing. If he isn’t ready, he isn’t ready. Hoping for more and ridiculing the decision to not play him won’t make him ready.

    The league in Finland is a better environment than the ECHL for Palmu to develop further.

    Everyone had high expectations for Lind and Gadjovich this year who have also struggled. I suspect Johan’s skating is holding him back. I watched Lind through his junior years and expected he would take awhile to make an impact in the pros. Some injury troubles haven’t helped.

    • tyhee

      The Liga is overall a better league than the ECHL, but Palmu was rookie of the year in that league last season so has already enjoyed success there. I’m wondering if the problem is adjusting to the North American game, in which case the ECHL is a better spot for him as well as being a place he can be called back up from if his play improves markedly.

      I had thought he should have been in the ECHL early in the season and have trouble seeing this as anything other than discouraging about his future as an NHL prospect.

      • KekeMortson#12

        Can someone explain to me why I always hear “they need to adjust to the North American game” (Palmu & Juolevi) They both played in the OHL, right?

        • Alex G

          Agreed. Plus I don’t get this:
          “but the management staff felt that he needed to work on some things to adjust his game to professional hockey in North America”. So they send him to Europe to learn professional hockey in North America? LOL. Did management actually say that or was that some sort of assumption that makes no sense?

          • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

            To be fair to Canucks mgmt, they didn’t “send him” back to Europe. He elected to leave of his own accord due to a serious lack of playing time and development.

            But fear not….because “its a process” (whatever the hell that overly used ambiguous statement means???)

        • Defenceman Factory

          The statement is professional hockey in N America. Not sure if you actually want an explanation or are just being critical. Assuming it’s the former here is my take on what that means.

          Although some Europeans struggle with the ice size I agree Palmu and Joulevi have experience here so knew what to expect. If memory serves I also think the Liiga ice surface is half way between other European leagues and NHL.

          Palmu (Lind and Gadjovich too) is struggling with the speed of the game and strength of the players. The AHL is a large step up from Liiga. Adjusting to a higher league is mostly about learning to think the game faster. Players adapt at different rates and many never do. Players that can’t think the game at the pace it is moving tend to float and just try not to make mistakes thereby having little, if any, positive impact.

  • Missing Burr

    Benning bust – AGAIN! but wait… the usual deluded suspects told us he was the next Cliffy Ronning, Theo Fleury, Paul Kariya, Marty St Louis…

    “Agreed, I like this pick (Palmu) a lot” – Cageyvet

    “Palmu/Gadjovich are the new Stockton/Malone” – Forever 1915

    “Lots of skill. Awesome pick for 181st” – TD

    “The clips of this kid sure do show a strong skill set.Good vision, lots of speed, hell of a shot. It would be interesting to see Palmu in Utica this year.” -Defenceman Factory
    and of course king of clowns, DUD….

    “5’7″ and unafraid to make a living down below the hash marks.
    Many skilled players five-eight inches and taller might draw inspiration just by watching him play. He will be another Ronning or Lupul” – Bud Poile

    Yvan Cournoyer HHOF
    Martin St. Lois-future HHOF
    Paul Kariya-HHOF
    Theo Fleury-HHOF…………… BUD POILE

    Guys, you just couldn’t make it up could you!!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with these dreamers… Palmu – Benning BUST!

    • TD

      You are an idiot Missing Burr. Just because lots of us liked the pick doesn’t mean the 181st pick was a sure fire bet to make the NHL. I still like the pick and hope it works out, but any pick in that range was and always will be a long shot to make the NHL, let alone become an impact player.

      But please enlighten us. Who would have been a better pick at 181?

      • Missing Burr

        LOL ”liked” TD… you said it was an **AWESOME** pick pal! Show some humility, man up, and admit you are a total laugher here!

        TD, this dwarf is a BUST, he’s almost 22 and couldn’t even cut it in the AHL… epic fail… you said he was awesome… apologise, NOW.

        • TD

          Check the quote, “Awesome pick for 181st”. And I still stand by it and like the pick. IF he does develop, he could be an impact player, but its a long shot. Are you one of the guys that thinks everyone of Dahlen, Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek, Lockwood, Madden etc have to play in the NHL for the team to have drafted well? Statistically they will have done well if 1/3 or even 1/4 of the players outside of the first round make it to the NHL.

          • Missing Burr

            Yeah TD, and *IF* i sprout wings i *COULD* fly to the moon… does your arrogance and ignorance know no bounds kid?

            What part of turning 22, couldn’t make it in the AHL so has turned tail BACK to Finland don’t you understand fella?! Not ‘awesome’ but legit BUST!

            But what else can we expect from the pompous know-it-all who told us…

            “A lighter work load may also give the twins fresher legs. AND give them someone of quality to play with. The stats show Eriksson is the guy.” – TD ……………. How did that work out for ya?

            Calling you out TD… sh*t talker you cannot admit he is wrong even when the evidence against him is OVERWHELMING!

            Case dismissed, TD guilty as charged. We await an apology, asap.

          • TD

            Where do you find time to look up these quotes? The quotes makes it obvious its you PDQ. Are the posters who think you are related to the site correct? Who else would have time to look at old quotes, although some are very inaccurate.

            Another site put a ignore button in the comments section where you could hit the button and not see that person’s posts in the future. With PDQ, you would need to hit the button daily as he creates new accounts, but it would be nice.

    • Green Bastard

      I wish Bud would just let you (Missing Burr, PQW etc) service him as you desire, then you may stop your obsessive infatuation, then again… sorry you’re still “waiting”

    • Killer Marmot

      How pathetic is it that you spend your time reviewing other commenters ancient posts to try catch them out? Honest to gawd, that’s not how well-functioning human beings spend their days.

  • Smyl and Snepsts

    Only the haters could get mad when a low round draft pick (5th)? Cant make it and goes home. Just an excuse to rant and rave for no reason. Go back to the Oilers site.

  • myshkin

    the canucks pr machine always makes us think that benning is a genius when it comes to drafting but then reality happens, other than the high first round picks, the draft is a crap shoot. i don’t think any gm has ever consistently drafted winners after the first round. in fact none of them consistently draft winners in the first round.

    • Killer Marmot

      What is the Canucks “pr machine”? Is it an entity in the Canucks organization? Can I see a sampling of their work?

      I don’t think Benning is a “drafting genius”, but he’s heads and shoulders above Canuck drafting between the 2005 and 2011, which was atrocious.

  • Kanuckhotep

    It’s unclear as to what fans’ expectations of a 5’7” guy picked 181st overall truly are. It’s certainly not over for Palmu and going back to Europe would be best for his development, if he ever does crack the NHL. Maybe the “A” was the wrong step for him but mgt had to try this step IMO.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    Question to debate: Is the AHL the primary development league for the NHL?

    If it is, then why are young players not being given the opportunity to learn, fail, and hopefully eventually succeed (at least pertaining to the Canucks org specifically)? Why are young players bolting back to Europe and leaving the org?

    If it is not, then I have no issue.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Furthermore, why do the Canucks keep signing European players to come over to NA only to sit them night after night on the farm or the big club? Is it just me or do these decisions not add up cumulatively in painting a bleak and negative image of the organization as a whole to European players moving forward?

      • Beer Can Boyd

        They may be sitting for games, but Utica practices at least 3 times per week. Pretty obvious that Cull wasn’t seeing enough from Palmu in practice to warrant playing him in the games. 5th round pick that looks like it won’t work out. No big deal. By my count, that makes a grand total of 2(two) young players who have “bolted back to Europe”. Palmu and Tryamkin. If either ever amount to anything, well, the Canucks still hold their rights. Tempest in a teacup here.

        • Bud Poile

          The kid is 21 and is under a three-year Canucks contract.
          If Cull isn’t using him then he has to play to develop.
          Finnish kid going home to play for the team he won ‘Rookie of the Year’ in the Liga at ages 20/21.
          Kid has balls to request to play where he is best suited at this stage of his development.

    • TD

      The AHL is a development league and I am disappointed it didn’t work out right now with Palmu, but they need to develop with some structure. Putting three struggling rookies together will not help any of them develop. If none of our top AHL prospects, Dahlen, Lind, Godjovich, Jasek, Juolevi, MacEwan etc, develop into NHL players than I will completely agree they have f’ed it up in Utica. A little more patience is needed. At the same time, the Canucks would be lucky to have even three of those prospects become regular NHL players, probably having two make the show would be good development.

      • Missing Burr

        More patience TD????? Utter nonsense – Wilkes Barrie developed Matt Murray, Sheary, Dumoulin, Rust, Kuhnhackl, Rowney, Maatta, Guentzel, Archibald and Wilson who ALL won Stanley Cups with the parent club Pens. That’s TEN players from the farm club, not the three you are happy with!

        Vets Fleury, Letang, Orpik, Scuderi, Satan, Goligoski and coaches Mike Sullivan and Dan Bylsma also won cups in Pitts after spending time in Wilkes/Barrie… THAT’S how you build a winner. Got it?

        • petey 40

          that’s a pretty impressive list, and shows what a well run franchise can achieve throught the ranks. It sure doen’t hurt when teams like Hershey (Caps), the Marlies (Leafs) and Manchester (Kings) are winning Calder Cups at the AHL level.