Darren Archibald clears waivers and assign him to Utica

The Canucks had placed forward Darren Archibald on waivers yesterday and he cleared waivers this morning

Although not announced today, Archibald will be immediately assigned to the Utica Comets.

The Canucks were able to exceed the 23 man roster temporarily on Saturday night to activate Alex Edler and have him dress, by exercising Article 16.12b in the NHL/NHLPA CBA

In order for the Canucks to have been under the limit prior to the 2 pm PT roster deadline on Saturday, they would’ve had to place a player on waivers on Fridays, have them clear, and then activate Alex Edler off IR. That is a long time between the first move and puck drop on Saturday and it ultimately could’ve backfired. They also didn’t have to send down a player like Adam Gaudette or Reid Boucher to make room for Edler either. It was a way for the organization to maximize their roster, limit their exposure to the waiver wire, and give Edler more time to ensure there weren’t any setbacks.

By going that way, the Canucks have to assign Archibald to the Comets, they can’t keep him on the roster or send another player down.

Archibald appeared in nine games with the games scoring one goal and one assist.

  • I think your brain might have skipped tracks in the middle of writing that headline.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Archibald, but he definitely makes the most sense to send down with players coming off the IR.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      LOL. Problem with Archibald is that he seems incapable of bringing NHL intensity to the rink every night. One good game, two invisible games. But thats ok, he’s the Mayor of Utica, and they will be happy to have him back.

      • Archibald, like Biega, is a good player to have in Utica. Both had to work hard for their NHL opportunities and are viable AHL call-ups. They’d be good role models for prospects who need more development in Utica.

        • I am Ted

          I think Biega is fine as a #7 NHL D man. Spot him here and there and he is a spark plug. I’ve always liked Archi but he becomes a non-factor more often than not. He doesn’t hit often, doesn’t fight much, doesn’t score much…his asset is energy, crash and bang but he doesn’t do it enough when he gets called up. I don’t think he has the cardio or wheels to be a regular NHL player.

      • Nuck16

        He was much more noticeable last season. But really, our focus at this point in the rebuild should be developing offensive players…which means giving opportunities to guys like Leipsic over guys like Archibald.

  • Kanuckhotep

    In terms of Archibald’s ability there are just better players on the depth chart who do what Darren does for the organization. He can help the Comets far better. Just don’t see him here in the long run. And what’s up with Alzheimer’s?

      • wojohowitz

        During the recent losing streak I thought the Canuck defence was badly exposed as not good enough, in particular the bottom three (Gudbranson, Del Zotto and Pouliot) and even one or two of the Utica D-men would be an upgrade. These three are a disaster on most nights and nearly anybody would be an improvement. As for Alzner; If he`s Luke Schenn slow then yeah there`s no point but Montreal signed him to a five year contract for $4.5 m per so they thought he had game. I don`t really know as I have not seen enough of him but it is still not a hard decision to claim him as an upgrade on what`s there already.

        • I haven’t really watched Alzner play either but when he was signed last year, all I remember was all of the media saying it was a terrible signing. Lo and behold, he’s on waivers only 1 year later. Alzner doesn’t score much (~0.19 PPG) but at least he’s never injured. I think he hasn’t missed a regular season game in nearly a decade, averaging around 20 mins TOI. His Corsi and Fenwick tend to hover around 50%, usually less (46%-51%) but that was mostly on a strong Washington Capitals team.

          • His relative numbers are pretty bad – negative relative possession his entire career, -6.1 this year and -7.9 relative corsi in his final year with Washington. That’s brutally bad.

            If Alzner was signed to one more year after this one, it’d be a smart move to see if Montreal wanted to pay the Canucks to take him off their hands. But he’s signed for several more years – you don’t want another boat anchor contract weighing the team down when they should be getting competitive.

    • Chris the Curmudgeon

      Boat anchor. Bad signing the second the ink was dry. They’d have to give up a lot to get me to take that deal off their hands. At least if we were to take picks etc to eat Brent Seabrook’s contract, we’d be getting a guy with some demonstrated ability to provide offence and play a solid game, albeit at a much reduced level now than at his peak.

  • rediiis

    This move is just a precursor to Boeser being activated. I just got home and gotta read some Phlyer news. I thought they would fire Gritty and Hextall goes. Archibald is not Canuck material, although I like the guy, his skillset is lacking. He will continue to do well in the AHL or Europe.