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Canucks Army Game Day 23 – Canucks vs. Jets (Need Gagner To Win Edition)


Tonight is the Canucks turn to host Hockey Fights Cancer. There will be purple rink boards, purple warm-up jerseys, and a moment to recognize who everyone is helping fight Cancer with. Once the hockey begins, Vancouver will try desperately to get back in the win column after losing four straight. There have been a few close calls where this could have been turned around but those were against teams either below them in the standings or on par with them.

The Jets are not one of those teams. Winnipeg is two points ahead of Vancouver with four games in hand. It will be an uphill climb all night but the Canucks have fought through injuries and bad breaks so this will be nothing new to them.

Let’s Do This!™


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This might be the best explanation. A full update on anyone and everyone that is banged up. Oh, and Sam Gagner was recalled yesterday. Many of us thought he was exiled to the AHL never to return but we should have known better; the Canucks are always injured and even Sam Gagner has a place on this team still.

Jacob Markstrom should see the start tonight.

Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

LW C RW Forwards
Tim Schaller

Rating: 69.6#127 LW

Bo Horvat

Rating: 76.5#37 C

Markus Granlund

Rating: 71.7#80 RW

FL1 Rating
Rating: 72.59#31 FL1
Nikolay Goldobin

Rating: 70.4#106 LW

Elias Pettersson

Rating: 75.1#48 C

Loui Eriksson

Rating: 73.3#56 RW

FL2 Rating
Rating: 72.92#24 FL2
Antoine Roussel

Rating: 70.9#94 LW

Adam Gaudette

Rating: 71.8#119 C

Jake Virtanen

Rating: 71.5#82 RW

FL3 Rating
Rating: 71.40#22 FL3
Brendan Leipsic

Rating: 71.7#84 LW

Brendan Gaunce

Rating: 71.7#120 C

Tyler Motte

Rating: 68.7#114 RW

FL4 Rating
Rating: 70.70#13 FL4
Derrick Pouliot

Rating: 70.1#119 LD

Chris Tanev

Rating: 70.5#89 RD

DL1 Rating
Rating: 70.29#31 DL1
Ben Hutton

Rating: 70.4#109 LD

Erik Gudbranson

Rating: 69.9#95 RD

DL2 Rating
Rating: 70.13#31 DL2
Michael Del Zotto

Rating: 71.9#76 LD

Troy Stecher

Rating: 71.7#66 RD

DL3 Rating
Rating: 71.80#17 DL3


Dmitry Kulikov is currently on IR with an upper-body injury. Kristian Vesalainen has been recalled from the Manitoba Moose.

Connor Hellebuyck will be the likely starter.

Jets lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

LW C RW Forwards
Nikolaj Ehlers

Rating: 76.1#28 LW

Mark Scheifele

Rating: 85.0#5 C

Blake Wheeler

Rating: 82.3#2 RW

FL1 Rating
Rating: 81.13#2 FL1
Kyle Connor

Rating: 77.3#21 LW

Bryan Little

Rating: 73.4#71 C

Patrik Laine

Rating: 81.4#4 RW

FL2 Rating
Rating: 77.37#2 FL2
Andrew Copp

Rating: 71.1#91 LW

Adam Lowry

Rating: 72.5#94 C

Brandon Tanev

Rating: 70.2#100 RW

FL3 Rating
Rating: 71.25#25 FL3
Nicolas Petan

Rating: 67.9#137 LW

Jack Roslovic

Rating: 71.1#134 C

Mathieu Perreault

Rating: 73.9#45 RW

FL4 Rating
Rating: 70.97#10 FL4
Josh Morrissey

Rating: 74.4#32 LD

Jacob Trouba

Rating: 77.3#19 RD

DL1 Rating
Rating: 75.90#12 DL1
Ben Chiarot

Rating: 72.5#58 LD

Dustin Byfuglien

Rating: 81.9#2 RD

DL2 Rating
Rating: 77.20#2 DL2
Joe Morrow

Rating: 70.3#111 LD

Tyler Myers

Rating: 74.2#36 RD

DL3 Rating
Rating: 72.26#8 DL3



  • Elias Pettersson has returned to the scoresheet and his latest against the Canadiens is proof he puts everything he has into his shots. No doubt, he has to feel good after returning to his scoring ways and after missing the first meeting against the Jets, he will want the fans to cheer him on once again after the puck leaves his stick. When that shot is open, there can’t be too many goalies that can stop it.
  • Vancouver has put up 66 goals so far this season while Winnipeg has 55. With the four games in hand, the Jets are still ahead in GF/GP with a 3.06 to 3.00 edge. Winnipeg is also allowing one goal less per game than the Canucks. Stats don’t lie.
  • Special teams were focused on last game even though Montreal and Vancouver were not all that special. However, the Jets are the complete opposite. Winnipeg boasts the top power-play unit in the NHL. They burnt the Canucks for two goals last month and if Vancouver isn’t disciplined, expect more of the same.
  • Sam Gagner has returned and he has to be happy he’s getting another shot in the NHL. He most likely will make his season debut for the Canucks and any kind of positive game will not only be good news for Gagner, but the Canucks as well if they hope to include him in a trade this season.
  • Nikolay Goldobin has a goal and an assist in his last five games but he’s trending upwards. His passing game has improved and he’s making strides with Pettersson. Don’t check out on this guy yet, there’s more to come!


The Jets owned the Canucks back in October. Their power play looked deadly and aside from the Bo Horvat goal, the Canucks couldn’t find the back of the net again. Vancouver had a decent outing against the Canadiens on the weekend but once again failed to close the door late. It’s nice to see goals getting scored but they’re giving them up just as easy when the pressure’s on.

Don’t expect the Canucks to wow in this one until they can prove they’re past the bump in the road.


  • Glad to see Gagner back in the lineup and curious where he’ll slot in. Ludicrous suggestion: play him in the top six, give him soft minutes, try to pump his numbers as much as possible, then send him to Edmonton on a retained salary deal as they badly need top-six wingers, and he can give them a boost on the power play. Take back a bad contract (NOT LUCIC – Kris Russell maybe) and a high pick.

    Canucks are probably getting pounded tonight, but here’s hoping for another good showing by Pettersson.

    • Reality Man

      “Glad to see Gagner back…” Goon

      couple months back…
      “Any chance the Canucks can send Gagner back to the Jackets in a retained-salary transaction? Sam Gagner at full price just gets you another mediocre player the Canucks don’t need back.” – Goon

      More faces than Fu Man Chu!!!!!! Wow, just wow.

      • These are in no way contradictory.

        I have always held the position that Gagner should be on the team rather than in the minors, and I have always held the position that the Canucks should seek to move Gagner in a salary-retained deal that returns them a decent pick or prospect. That’s exactly what I said in this post, and the post you’re quoting.


        • Reality Man

          Nonsense… you wanted him gone, now you are GLAD to have him back. Hypocrite!

          Here’s another laugher from you…

          “The Canucks are not sending down Gagner, a 29-year-old who averages 40 points a season and had 31 points last year, and who is paid over $3 million per, full stop. It’s not happening.” – Goon

          Guess what – it happened.

          Now, apologise to the group for your ignorance and arrogance and less of the personal attacks too.

          • Locust

            What kind of roided up redbulled troll are you to go back months and months in the article history searching to find quotes from one specific commenter and then you try and make an argument using that against a point they raised today ….?
            Unless, you might have access to searches that we might not have, ‘cuz, ummm, (cough, cough) you might be a troll of the state sponsored variety……
            Really, what kind of loser has time to do that?

          • Reality Man

            Psst – speaking of multi account trolls…

            “page hits over integrity. time to pick one” – Locust
            “page hits over integrity. way to go jackson – Canuck4life20

            ‘Your douchebaggery isn’t fooling…’ – Green Bastard
            ‘Second paragraph douchebaggery’ – Locust

            ALL the same troll. Don’t comment on what you don’t understand kid… Way above your pay grade.

    • Dirty30

      Not going to get much for Gagner and Edmonton might be in cap trouble soon and can’t afford a $3 mil cap hit. More likely GGs gets played until he’s waiver eligible and gets sent down again.

      Could probably pry Kaddish out of Edmonton for future considerations just to allow them to get rid of his salary.

      • That’s why I suggested they both retain salary and take back a bad contract from Edmonton. If you take $4 mil back and send $2 mil their way, that’s +$2 mil for Edmonton, and they’re in such cap hell they’ll pay a premium for that.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      I just hope Petey doesnt get crushed out there by those huge Jets players (both on D and F). Hopefully Shaller, Roussel, and the rest of our boys got his back (this time).

  • Here’s the problem: Canucks are second to last in goals against with 78. Ottawa is last with 81. Flyers third to last with 71.
    Canucks need more saves. Canucks defensemen need to do more defending.

    On the positive side, Canucks are in the top eight in the league with 67 goals for. That’s pretty good for any team, especially for us in a Sedinless era.

    So, scoring goals in not the devil many predicted, but keeping the puck out of Canucks net is. That problem should be easier to fix, than the other way around.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Why would you use GF and GA instead of GF/GP and GA/GP? Paints a much clearer picture as it takes the fact they’ve played many more games than almost the entire league so as not to skew the results.

      Canucks are 18th in GF/GP at 3.00
      Canucks are 29th in GA/GP at 3.45

      So no, the Canucks are not really so offensively gifted as you make them out to be. I am however pleasantly surprised that they’re even 18th at the moment (figured 25-31).

      Keep plugging away, keep your heads up, and keep learning and having fun. Fingers crossed we dont have to witness a classic Goldy forced pass/turnover cross ice on the PP, Pouliot pizza turnover leading directly to a goal, or another DJ MDZ brain fart moment. Go Canucks Go.

  • Kanuckhotep

    As the hardest working team in the NHL the Canucks can’t do much more than play the style of game they’ve been playing this season. It’ll be interesting to see where Green slots Gagner in. Probably one of the PP units no doubt. The Jets have a lot of weapons certainly but at least Vancouver competes hard and have made it hard for other clubs to beat them. That’s all you can ask of them.

    • Reality Man

      “It’ll be interesting to see where Green slots Gagner in” – Kanuckhotep

      meanwhile back at the ranch

      “Sorry, Canucks fans. Gagner’s a dead issue.” – Kanuckhotep

      Another two-faced backstabber outted. Fun times! :-p

      • gnam

        Give it a rest Reality (or pqw or whatever?) … Why should anyone care that some fans thought Gagner was done with the nucks?

        In the absence of a decidedly serious rash of injuries he very well might have been through here.

        I’m hardly a Gagner fan, but with the injuries to Boeser and Beartchi I’m glad he’s still in the system – he has offensive skill regardless of whether I like watching him play here or whether think someone else might be better in his place.

        Moreover, if we can salvage something out of all the bad injury luck and get something for gags in trade (if he shows well over the next few games), so much the better.

        But acting like you’ve uncovered some big scandal because some folks change their tune on a player is a boring waste of everyone’s time.

          • gnam

            People aren’t hypocrites and liars because they’re ambivalent about a player who has skill but often disappoints on the ice.

            So you’re not really calling anyone out for anything. Rather, you’re acting like a blow hard who is more interested in sounding right than in contributing to a discussion.

            You waste everyone’s time by demanding “accountability” from fans who speculate about the usefulness of a hit and miss player – exactly where accountability is least appropriate, interesting, or required. In other words, you lean on you arguments like a drunk on a lamp post, as the saying goes, more for support than illumination.

      • Bud Poile

        Took my cancer stricken cat to two vets.
        Both suggested chemotherapy.
        His stomach was covered with bleeding, open sores.
        Both of these doctors took out all the malignant tissue yet the open open wounds never ceased.
        Went to an alternative vet and put him on a regime of herbal meds.
        Months later he was cured and is still very much alive at six years of age.
        Had we gone the traditional route of expensive chemo treatments his life expectation was five years.

  • “Tonight is the Canucks turn to host hockey fights cancer”

    Where is the cure for this dreaded disease? Year after year, Millions upon Millions has been donated to our medical community to find the cure, yet here we are, still no cure. It hasn’t changed in over 20 years.
    In hockey, or any other business, incompetence is dealt with in a predictable way. When will our medical community be held accountable?

      • gnam

        Further to what goon was saying … Don’t be a jerk Bob. My brother survived cancer treatment procedures very similar to the ones my uncle didn’t, in part because of advances in treatment research. You should probably get informed on this stuff before you go ahead and voice opinions that are clearly ideological (yes that is the word I’m looking for), with little or no grounding in reality.

        • pheenster01

          Agreed. This ridiculous, ill-informed post needs to be removed. This type of clueless inflammatory non-hockey ignorance crosses the line big time! Worst post i have ever seen on here. Truly shocked.

      • Geoget

        I’m with Backup Bob on this one. Cancer is big business, a cure cancels billions upon billions already allotted to find the cure. Can’t do that when a gullible public is willing to throw money in the pit with no apparent results. Kind of like bringing Gagner back, who has “lit it up” in the minors. I’m not expecting any return upon this return. McEwen is huge and healthy, he should get the shot.

    • Geoget

      To put it mildly, cancer is a business, much like fossil fuel lords and life insurance sheikdoms, and to find a cure would cause a domino effect that we haven’t yet experienced these last few laps around the sun. If we all keep our head in the sand nothing will ever change. Let’s all kumbaya and do one thing for change per day…it couldn’t hurt.

        • gnam

          Seriously? … Read my comments to “reality” above. The same thing applies to you in this instance.

          No one thinks charitable donations, corporately sanctioned and supported awareness days, or singing Kumbaya is going to fix the medical research industry or the class system that supports it.

          But keeping your head in the clouds is no better … And probably worse than keeping it in the sand (your metaphor).

          In the one case people work at least some of the time to help others stricken with a pretty awful illness while ignoring some of the broader social structures that tend to privilege a few and simultaneously create structural barriers to medical progress and treatment options for the less privileged (desert dwellers in your metaphor).

          Then there are those who make a big Show of their adeptness in matters of critique. Congrats on getting wise to corporate exploration … Though I have to say, you’re a bit late to the party. Welcome all the same.

          At any rate, the effect of your arrogant, self absorbed and didactic grandstanding send to be to make clear, I suspect for yourself more than anyone, that you’re really sharp and nobody’s fool.

          But your grandstanding helps noone, and the medical research industry sometimes helps some people … So… Maybe put away the tinfoil hat and get a clue on this topic, huh?

    • FinkFast

      Anyone that thinks that the field of cancer treatment hasn’t changed in over 20 years is obviously so poorly educated on the issue that it is hardly worth having the conversation. But for what it is worth:

      Third generation Chemo drugs are miles ahead of the historical versions, which were horrific
      SBRT and IMRT image guided radiation are allowing us to make leaps and bounds for targeting treatment
      Recent breakthroughs in immunotherapy have been groundbreaking (and just won the nobel prize)

      Survival rates are climbing, and death rates are dropping for almost all cancer types. Despite cancer incidence rates climbing. Some of us are working damn hard at it daily. I can tell you personally, I haven’t been getting any of that “shady conspiracy” money sent to convince me to be worse at my job.

      Please do at least a basic level of research before you accuse thousands of hospital workers, researchers, and students of not trying hard enough to fight cancer. A disease that many of them have dedicated their lives to fighting.

      • truthseeker

        Maybe we could develop a strain of cancer that would only target the anti PC backlash c….ts. The moronic conspiracy theory idiots. 911 nuts. Anti Vaxers. These idiots. Global warming deniers. round them all up and inject them. Time is way to valuable to be waiting for these f…king idiots to catch up.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Accountability issues got you down?
      Sounds like a job for Reality Man! He’ll whip big pharma into shape all with one gigantic Mutombo finger wag of disapproval!

    • Cancer is just a blanket term for a wide range of abnormal cell growth. I have friends and family that developed cancer and received treatment that eradicated it. I am very thankful for organizations that raise funds and for the medical researchers that could “cures” in the form of surgery, chemotherapy and even antibiotics which eliminated bacteria that caused cancer.

    • Me

      Wow… well you go see your acupuncturist when it strikes you, if you want.

      Other than Pancreatic Cancer, survival rates have jumped 30-50% for cancer patients since the 70’s. Saying the money hasn’t improved anything is like saying the space program isn’t going anywhere because we haven’t colonized other solar systems yet.

  • Me

    “Nikolay Goldobin has a goal and an assist in his last five games but he’s trending upwards. His passing game has improved…”

    Could it get any worse? I mean just randomly throwing the puck in whichever direction the bottle spin lands would yield better results than he’s had some games.

    • Nuck16

      In generally pro Goldy and feel TG needs to keep giving him opportunities as he does a lot of things well, but yeah, he makes a lot of unforced giveaways on offensive zone passes where he really had no business trying the pass in the first place…the Nucks in general have been bad at that, especially 1st unit PP…just handing the puck away on stupid passes that never had a chance.

    • Gino's 3rd Cousin

      I’ve sworn at the TV or in the stands numerous times when he’s tried to force a cross ice pass only to have it softly land on the enemy’s stick. He’s a bit of a conundrum. We’d like for him a to be creative and gain confidence, but he also has the biggest magnifying glass on him when he makes a mistake. I’m trying to wait the full season to make an assessment as to whether he is an NHLer, but it has been trying at times.

  • Bud Poile

    Congratulations to Ryan and Jackson for allowing this site to become a banned troll shi(t) show:

    “Always knew this sad old cnut was off his trolley and here is the proof he is.
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    • North Van Halen

      I’m just wondering if multi personality boy has gone of his meds or if the staff here thinks this will up readership (hint it won’t)

      The frequency has increased the quality of trolling decreased and the site is becoming a one man/multiple personality troll show. God I even miss the days of Money Puck and Pet Bugs. At least NM01 was a smart troll.

      Either way, holy crow what a crap show we got here now.

      • East van canuck

        Learn to read halen you dense co(c)k sucker – WHO is/are the troll/s here belittling cancer research.

        Grab a clue and stop obsessing over your hero PQW little man, he is long gone… get a clue you dumb F(u)k.

    • East van canuck

      But still a long way off your multiple, foul-mouthed sick minded tirades Bud/backup/crofton/Dan the Fan,/MoeLemay/Carl Jung/beers after/No CA Mod etc ALL YOU … now watch as he thumbs down in minutes with all his numerous sock accounts

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      CA – time to BAN this sick loser once and for all… wake up!

  • Holly Wood

    Quite possibly the worst series of comments I have witnessed on this site. The maturity level displayed by some members here is disturbing. This is a hockey talk fan group , not a place to talk tough and pick apart individual comments from the past. Congratulations to Reality Man and Matty T in bringing this site to the toilet. Hopefully there is an actual moderator in place that can clean this up.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Really looking forward to watching this one anthem Canadian match up tonight. And look forward to posting AND reading some inciteful commentary later this evening. Have a good night everyone.?

    • East Sooke Park

      Yep,agreed. usually a good tilt between these two and a wonderful cause tonight, despite a couple of commenters here inexcusably trying to devalue the great work of our wonderful Canadian healthcare system.