What’s On Tap: The Complete Canucks Calendar for October 29th – November 4th, 2018

I’m a couple of days later with this week’s calendar, but there isn’t a whole to miss early in the week to be perfectly honest. The AHL and CHL are mostly weekend leagues, and while the European teams have more of an NHL-like schedule (every two or three days, few if any back-to-backs), the European prospects aren’t of major interest this year (with all due respect to the likes of Toni Utunen and Kristoffer Gunnarsson, who played yesterday).

But, we’re passing the midpoint of the week and heading into the weekend, so let’s take a gander at this week’s complete Canucks calendar to keep you informed on who is playing and when.

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  • I’ve made note several times already regarding the cheap AHL TV prices, so you shouldn’t need any further prompting to get yourself a subscription and enjoy a Comets game or two, especially now that injuries and call ups and forcing all of the Canucks’ healthy prospects into the lineup at once (note that this isn’t an indictment on the coaching staff’s preferred method of development, just that I know as Canucks fans you’d probably want to more Canucks prospects in Comets games and less of Brendan Woods and Vincent Arseneau).
  • The other team that should be appointment viewing at this point in the Michigan Wolverines. College sophomore and Canucks top-prospect Quinn Hughes is currently sitting second on the team in scoring after putting up six points through five games so far. Even better: Michigan games are free to watch, you just need to hunt down a link.

That’s all for this week! Have a happy Halloween, and enjoy your prospect watching!