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Canucks recall Alex Biega and Guillaume Brisebois

The injury bug decided to make a stop in Vegas last night and feasted on the Canucks.

Alex Edler, Chris Tanev, and Sven Baertschi were lost to various injuries throughout the the course of the game and has resulted in the Canucks recalling Alex Biega and Guillaume Brisebois from the Utica Comets.

It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but Rick Dhaliwal has been hot on the case this morning

First with Biega

Shortly afterwards with Brisebois:

One important note is that because Biega cleared waivers earlier this month, he can dress with the Canucks for 10 games or be on the roster for 30 days before requiring waivers again.

Alex Edler is not expected to dress tonight and Chris Tanev is currently a game-time decision. It’s fair to assume that Michael Del Zotto will slide in for the injured Edler, and if Tanev can’t go, Biega will jump in.

In the forward ranks, Darren Archibald is likely to dress for Baertschi if Brock Boeser is still unable to suit up.

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  • The injury bug is killing us.
    This is the fourth season in a row, Canucks get off to a good competitive start, only to succumb, which hasn’t happened yet, to injuries. Did Jim Benning sign enough depth and is it the right kind of depth?
    He did anticipate and prepare for this.

  • East van canuck

    Every season we are decimated with injuries to key players. This falls primarily on bad conditioning, coaching and ice times – ALL of which are key factors why players like Tanev, Edler, Guddy and Boeser are spending more time on the treatment table than on the ice.

    Petterssen is a blatant case of forcing an undersized kid into the fray too soon with zero protection just to sell tickets and excite a rabid over-hyped fanbase.

    Worst run franchise in the league, even Buffalo, Montreal and Ottawa are looking better and more healthy!

  • Another thought on injuries. Sven Bertschi last night took a head shot and the Ref looked the other way. Nothing happened. Same with the body slam debacle Pettersson had to endure. That Ref also looked the other way. He also did nothing.
    No wonder fans want pushback from within.

    • crofton

      It’s really quite appalling that every ref can spot one player’s stick barely touching an opponent’s gloves and call a penalty, and even call a slashing penalty on a player for lifting an opponent’s stick, but somehow not manage to see a body slam or a head shot. I have maintained for years that referees should be disciplined PUBLICLY for bad and missed calls. Maybe they could then get their collective heads back where they should be.

      • Defenceman Factory

        I completely agree refs who choose to ignore such blatant infractions should be disciplined and dismissed for continued poor performance. The objective of this discipline is to improve the quality of reffing not to satisfy fans’ desire for revenge.

        Referees are employees of the league and employees should never be disciplined publicly.

      • Holly Wood

        I have done some refereeing, and believe it or not the stuff the happens right in front of you gets missed. Always looking at the big picture. Not an excuse just an observation

        • truthseeker

          Yeah I’ll cut the ref some slack on that hit. It happened pretty fast. When I first saw it in real time I thought it was just an awkward hit with maybe a bit of boarding. It took the slow mo to see the throw down. Plus if I remember correctly that ref was on the other side of the hand he used to throw him down. If I’m wrong on that feel free to correct me, but I think he might have not had the angle.

  • Kanuckhotep

    If the IRL fills up like it always does for the Canucks maybe it’s better it happens in October than in Feb or Mar, if better is the right word to use. Rule of thumb suggests winning half of your games (7g per 6 mo) will/can get you into the PO and the VC have already won 6g in Oct on a tough schedule with 4 games to go for this month. Get through these annoying injuries and the Canucks may look even better than they have so far.

  • speering major

    I’m guessing that Chatfield would have been called up if healthy. It’s unfortunate timing for him. I liked his game in the pre-season and think he can be a roster player down the road.

    I actually like Biega over MDZ

    I know Green has his own situation to put first but I would like to see the team be cautious with rushing players back from injury this early in the season. Not only are they at risk for another injury but sometimes battling through those issues hampers their performance. I want to see the Canucks winning playoff games as much as anyone else but I feel like the highest probability route is selling at the deadline. Trade bait needs to have their value maximized. It’s like washing your car before selling it. No-brainer