Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report – October 25, 2018

Been an interesting week for Canucks prospects.

This past weekend, aside from injuries, was the first time that all of the prospects were in action as the NCAA season finally got into full swing.

With that – we are back with everyone’s favourite prospect report.



  • Jett Woo was held off the scoresheet this past week in the three Moose Jaw Warriors games. He continues to display his physical play as a mainstay in their top four. You can see Woo represent Team WHL in the Canada/Russia series on Nov. 5 in Kamloops and Nov 6 in Langley.


  • Matt Brassard continues to put up the points with two assists in two games over the past seven days.

  • Michael Dipietro’s appeared in two games over the past week and has got his GAA below 3.00. He continues to sit tied with Tom McCollum for the most shutouts in an OHL career.

United States


  • Matthew Thiessen only dressed for one game this past week, a 4-3 shootout loss to Youngstown. He is now 4-1-2 with Dubuque.


  • Tyler Madden continues his fantastic start to his NCAA career, picking up one goal and one assist in the first game again Union this past weekend. He was held off the scoresheet in their rematch the following day. He is on Northeastern’s first line and first PP unit.

  • Quinn Hughes had himself a noticeable weekend with one goal and two assists over the two games against Western Michigan this past weekend.

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  • William Lockwood scored one goal over those same two games.
  • Jack Rathbone played a exhibition contest against the USNDTP on October 20th. He was noticeable throughout the contest on the left side of the 2nd pairing. It appears that Harvard will be running a 5 ‘veteran’ and Rathbone defence this season.



  • Artyom Manukyan continues to sit at two goals and five assists this season. He was unable to register a point in the four games he dressed for. After being a healthy scratch last week, he is back to the second role that we saw him in before.
  • Nikita Tryamkin appeared in three games (including today) and was held off the scoresheet in all of them. Stephan Roget wrote about his season earlier this week.
  • Dmitry Zhukenov has been loaned (aka signed) by HC Dynamo Pardubice in the Czech ExtraLiga. He is still part of Avangards’ organization in the KHL but ideally he will finally get to play some games.


  • Toni Utunen appeared in three games for Tappara and was once again held off the score-sheet. He will likely soon head off to some international tournaments in preparation for the WJHC. There is still a very good chance he represents Finland at the World Juniors.


  • Kristoffer Gunnarsson scored a goal! It was a nice one for someone who hadn’t registered a point in 77 SHL games before that:


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  • Alex Biega and Guillaume Brisebois were recalled earlier today.
  • Adam Gaudette and Darren Archibald are also up with the Canucks
  • Defenceman Jagger Dirk was recalled earlier today.
  • Kole Lind, Ashton Sautner, Jalen Chatfield, Brendan Gaunce, Wacey Hamilton, and Reid Boucher are at various points in injury recovery.
  • As always Comets Cory has you covered for everything Comets – check them out here.
  • Thatcher Demko is still recovering from the concussion suffered in training camp.


  • At this moment, the Canucks have no prospects in the ECHL.

  • Trash

    Thanks for including Sam Gagner in the AHL stats. Even though he isn’t a prospect in any sense, it’s nice to see what he’s doing since we don’t hear about him in the Comets updates (other than when they play the Marlies)

    • gnam

      Hard to get too worked up about Juolevi’s plus/minus with hardly anyone on that list in the plus category, not to mention that plus/minus is kind of a junk metric. By most accounts, Juolevi is having a really good start to the season.

        • Fred-65

          The larger the number of games to average it out does help. But the fact is his has been getting worse as the season progresses. Not only that of the 793 listed AHL players he’s 792 worse in +/- and that does mean some thing. He should be called Swiss as in Swiss Cheese LOL

    • Individuum

      I always hear people say that +/- is a flawed stat, but I haven’t heard anyone explain why.

      Can someone please explain what’s wrong with using it to evaluate a player’s performance.

      Thanks in advance!

      • gnam

        Fred, the problem with plus/minus isn’t really a sample size problem. So, a larger number of games may not average out Juolevi’s +/-, if by “average out” you mean that over time his plus/minus will eventually give us an accurate sense of the quality of his defensive play on the ice. The problem with plus/minus is, rather, congenital, meaning it’s a problem with the the statistical measure itself that cannot likely be solved by simply having more of that data to work with.

        For example, it cannot validly measure the quality an individual’s defensive play because it only measures the results for a complete line. Assigning minuses for a complete line when a goal is scored against them is like a highschool teacher assigning F’s to an entire class for finding 2 or 3 cheaters in a class. It would be similar to pairing Matt Bartkowski with Erik Karlsson for a year and then saying Karlsson’s play had dropped off.

      • gnam

        Also, it’s been pretty compellingly shown that +/- data is highly inaccurate in terms of the way it’s collected – plusses and minuses are regularly misattributed. So, in the absence of more useful statistical analysis of the quality of Juolevi’s defensive play, I think it’s probably a lot better to look at his points together with reports of his performance from his coaches and those who spend time watching him (i.e. Comets Cory). If we respect the comets coaches or Cory’s analysis at all we would, in the absence of better data, have to conclude that Juolevi is playing quite well, since that’s what they’ve been saying.

      • gnam

        For a good discussion of the problem with plus/minus you could google it … try an article called “Just how “horse ****” is the NHL’s official plus-minus stat?” You’ll have to google it since it seems we can’t post links in the comments.

  • gnam

    For a good discussion of the problem with plus/minus you’ll have to google it … since it seems we can’t post links in the comments. Try an article in the Edmonton Journal from May 13th 2013 by David Staples. You’ll know it when you see it … CA appears to be auto-moderating anything with a link in it.

  • TD

    The Madden pick seems more promising than it did on draft day. It’s a small sample size, but he’s putting up way better numbers in the NCAA than he did in the USHL.

    • rediiis

      The Madden pick was trashed by a number of CA scholars. The kid can play and it is awesome that the Canucks have 4 in the NCAA. The NCAA is getting better. So sorry to the dude wearing curtains for a suit.

      • Ryan Biech

        No-one trashed the pick.

        There were other players that were higher rated but the general theme was to give the benefit of the doubt to the USHL prospects given the Canucks track record with US players