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Canucks Army – Vancouver Canucks @ Florida Panthers Post Game Wrap: Deconstructing Pettersson

This was supposed to be a game celebrating Roberto Luongo’s 1000th game played in the NHL. It was supposed to be a feel-good matchup, reminiscing about the good times, getting some more jabs in from former teammates, and then finally moving on and enjoying the new star in town, the man of many nicknames: Elias Pettersson.

It was supposed to be just another game on the calendar and by the end of it all we’d all be going out to enjoy our evenings or relax or whatever people do on Saturday evenings. I wouldn’t know anymore as I have kids so this was supposed to be my time to relax.

And then the Canucks game was interrupted by the WWE channel but as I can probably guess, most of you don’t have that channel. Let’s just get the ugly stuff over with and we can dive into the rest of the game which was actually enjoyable.  Here it is:

Much like every other Pettersson highlight we’ve seen, it begins with a dangle but this one doesn’t have a happy ending to the story. Figuratively breaking someone’s ankles is not an excuse to try and break someone’s back. I’m glad the NHL acted quickly on this, though.


First of all, the Panthers did a great job of celebrating Roberto Luongo’s milestone of 1000 games played.

I still will never get over how the Luongo situation was handled and ultimately was traded away but when it’s all said and done, he’s a Hall of Famer and a lock in the Canucks ROH as well. One day we’ll all look back and say “It was for the best”. It is not that day yet.



It wasn’t all that exciting to start but there were no early goals to complain about so there were #moralvictories early on. Antoine Roussel made his Canucks debut and like all role players, he was awarded a spot on the top line with Brock Boeser and Bo Horvat. Uh, what?

Roussel proceeded to take two penalties in the opening frame. This was not the kind of thing Vancouver is paying him to do.

Elias Pettersson once again was the straw that stirred the drink and showed patience beyond his years in the first as he has done many times already. Like Pettersson is good at the dekes, the goals, and many other things, Anders Nilsson replicated his start in Tampa to tonight’s game against the Panthers.

Nilsson kept the Canucks in it early and often, nothing of the five-alarm variety but he was sharp and bailed out any mistakes that were made.

Pettersson also bailed out Gudbranson a few times. That probably didn’t need to be said but it still happened.

There was one notable play in the first as there were no goals to speak of, Loui Eriksson was credited with a shot on goal; his second of the season.

SCORE – VAN (0) – FLA (0)



Pettersson makes a nice pass to himself in the neutral zone to keep the play alive and keep the Canucks out of danger, the play continued and the Canucks didn’t get scored on. Gudbranson hustled early on in the second to assure an icing against the Panthers. It was a nice change of pace.

Anders Nilsson still held down the fort in the second and kept the Canucks at zeros. The Canucks had a handful of chances including a mad scramble with Tim Schaller, Markus Granlund, and Jay Beagle all trying to fish out a loose puck in front of James Reimer. The puck eventually cleared, the play went down the ice and Nilsson had a massive glove save. No one is GIF’ing Nilsson so if you care, I’m sure someone has it out there.

Nikolay Goldobin had a pretty impressive game and drew a penalty off an offensive zone face-off. Florida killed it and shortly after, there was celebration at BB&T:

That would be shortlived, however, with the majestic Pettersson putting his name on the score sheet. These goals sure are fun!

That shot is something else. Not to be lost with the goal but Brock Boeser made a great effort to keep the puck in the Panthers zone before that goal was setup. Boeser didn’t have his best game but he hustled.

Sadly, the elation would be short-lived as Vincent Trochek scored just as another Panthers power play expired, the PK was spared but the scoreboard was not. See below:

Let’s be fair for a second, it was a nice goal.

Antoine Roussel would redeem himself for the penalties taken in the first with a great effort to the net that drew a penalty shot, yup, one of those things. Would he score or would the Canucks head to the break down a goal. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The lead up to that shot took forever, they might have even had time to take a commercial break by the time he got to the net.




Loui Eriksson got the action started in the third when he stole a puck in the Florida zone, fed Nikolay Goldobin for a shot but Goldobin was robbed. NG was given a second chance on that play but Reimer kept it out. Jake Virtanen had his chances as well and the shotgun was almost unleashed but Reimer robbed him. Minor alliteration, not my best work, I’ll admit.

Everything was going swimmingly and then as you saw at the beginning, Elias Pettersson was choke-slammed to the ice.

Thanks, IMac. Wasn’t sure if we understood the situation or not. Did we just get #hockeysplained ?

It was hard to focus after that ugly play but the Canucks didn’t waver and pressed for their fallen teammate, the offensive players did anyway. Same can’t be said for the tough guys. The Canucks have had a few strong third periods lately and tonight was no different. Sven Baertschi and Bo Horvat were on their game and in the third period, they took the lead with this play:

Chemistry can’t be taught and this could be the season these two take things up a notch. The pass was impressive from Baertschi but the way Bo caught it and made that goal look so easy, it has to get you excited. The Canucks aren’t world-beaters and no one expects this team to make the playoffs but they have playmakers and their time is coming.

Chris Tanev would take a high sticking penalty, that would also be killed. The Canucks were 100% on the PK tonight and like I wrote in the game day preview this morning, they focused on special teams and succeeded.

Jay Beagle blocked a shot with his wrist, finished his shift without allowing a goal and skated to the locker room. He did not return either.

Not good.

Panthers would pull Reimer with 1:30 to go and the Canucks kept the puck away from Nilsson and skated away with a 3-2 victory. Beagle and Pettersson become the casualties of war in this one and hopefully, they aren’t gone too long. The Canucks swept the Florida teams and they also gained a lot of respect for the type of game they maintained.

It wasn’t the prettiest, most exciting game but the Canucks #battled and emerged the victor.

On to Pittsburgh.





Losing Elias Pettersson for any amount of time is a huge blow to a rising Canucks team. There isn’t any bigger news in B.C. tonight.

  • So many hilarious and delusional hot takes here by the clueless armchair masses.

    Guys, there are only two people too blame for this humiliating tragedy and thats Francesco and Benning.

    Aqua wanted Petterssen on the Canucks right away to sell tickets and hype the fanbase. Benning said he was ready right away to save face amidst years of draft day FAILS (Juolevi, McCann, Virtanen, Demko)… he wasn’t.

    Petterssen should have started in the AHL where he could bulk up properly and get used to the fiercesome nature of North American hockey in a more controlled environment. You all got sucked in by the greedy owner and his GM stooge and now look what’s happened… EVERYONE loses, especially EP. When will you yap flappers EVER learn… as PT Barnum so eloquently said “there’s a sucker born every five minutes”

    • To Ryan Biech

      This PQW person is mocking you.

      If he and all his user names could simply stick to hockey opinions, regardless of how outrageous, that would be fine but as you have seen repeatedly that isn’t what happens. You announced he had been banned. He has done what he needed to get around it and is now mocking you.

      I’m sure dealing with people is one of the most unpleasant parts of the role but essential to maintaining a site focused on hockey and providing a forum to give information and the exchange of opinions.

    • Why start what appears to be a superstar in the minors instead of the big time? The team knew right away what they had when he came over and practiced with the regulars on the team. The AHL is far more more deadly and is loaded with predators trying to make a reputation and promotion from ECHL to the AHL never mind the hail Mary to the big time NHL. I have read some pretty dumb comments from you but that is beauty.

    • Check the boxscore. McCanns line from Saturday night. 16:35 of ice time. Even plus/minus. 3 shots on goal. 3 hits (more than Gudbranson or any Canuck forward), and substantial time on the PK and PP. 54.5 face-off %. All this playing behind Barkov, Bjugstad and Trochek. And he’s only 22, the same age as Gaudette, whom we are all hoping can become an NHL centre one day. The trade was bad. Benning got fleeced.