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Canucks will wait to extend Boeser

Training camp has officially opened with players reporting to Rogers Arena this morning for medicals and other administrative needs.

With that happening, the players and management will be available to speak to the media throughout the day. First up was GM Jim Benning and head coach Travis Green to set-up the expectations of the season and what they hope to see.

Within that press conference, Benning was asked about Brock Boeser and what is expected to happen with his contract as he enters the final season of his three-year entry level contract. He had this to say:

Obviously, things could change over the few weeks but it’s fair to assume that Canucks management plans to enter the season as he outlined above and then look to extend Boeser at the conclusion of the 2018-19 season.

A few weeks ago, I wrote why waiting to discuss a contract with Boeser and his representatives was the best course of action and those still all apply. The organization holds the cards in terms of arbitration rights (won’t have them), offer sheets (he can’t be), and possible regression. While Boeser’s side is betting on the player being able to build off what he did last season.

Either way, being upfront about this decision is likely the right course of action as it sets the expectations for the season and avoids the constant questioning throughout.

It will still be interesting to see how Boeser handles being a leader for this team as it looks to lean on it’s younger players for offence.

  • Teddy F

    He’ll be in the same boat that Gaudreau was in. He hasnt played 3 years of pro hockey because he never reached game 10 in his first year. He can’t be offer-sheeted.

  • Killer Marmot

    I recommend they put him on the shut-down line with Beagle and Gaunce, move him from the power play to the penalty kill, and give him 12 minutes a game and 80% defensive-zone starts. Then when his stats plummet, sign him to an eight year contract at $3 million a year and put him back on the first line.

    I would make a great GM, I really would.

  • This means Brock’s plan is to have a fantastic year, followed by “expensive”.
    Good for him.

    I knew San Jose was going to scoop up Karlsson, and they got him for a song, as in a bunch of spare parts. (Several weeks ago I predicted Karlsson to San Jose on Oilersnation). Big win for San Jose assuming Karlsson is healthy and stays that way. San Jose lost out on Travares, but now got their their man.

    Sens are the new Oilers.

    • Goon

      They got three mid-level players/prospects, a high-end prospect (last year’s first round pick, Norris, 19th overall), a first, a second, another second which will become a 1st if the Sharks make the finals this year, and, if the Sharks flip Karlsson to the Eastern Conference, another 1st.

      That’s not amazing, but it’s nothing to sneeze at, and certainly not “spare parts”.

      • Pat_Quinn_Way

        Same old in-denial sour grapes bs from Goof. Ottawa got raped with a bunch of throwaways for the premier offensive D man in the league brainache and every valid media outlet is in agreeance.

        San Jose – a division rival – now boasts Karlsson, Burns and Vlasic as their top 3 D… the Canucks are icing the same league worst D corps in the league as last season ffs. What a clown you are Goof… good job you don’t pay to support the team eh. Still. Juolevi and Virtanen are on the way just like the 7th cavalry eh Goof!

      • Kanucked

        Goon, I normally agree with your comments, but I have to disagree here. If I were an Ottawa Senators’ fan, I would have need a couple of boxes of Kleenex from the sneezing.

      • @ Goon

        Ottawa fans are very disappointed in the return. I would be too.

        The 1st round pick is in 2020, likely in the 25 – 31 range. Ottawa received lots of pieces but few if any of HIGH value. There is the potential of two more 1st rounders, as mentioned by you, but highly unlikely.
        Bad deal for Ottawa.

      • TheRealPB

        It’s not a good acquisition for the Sens but then I think we always make the mistake of evaluating it as a ‘hockey trade’. It’s not. It’s a trade by the mismanaged Senators when a generational D has had a nasty falling out with the team, where they’ve openly sought to trade him, when he doesn’t want to be there, and where he’s essentially a one-year rental. In that light getting a bunch of picks and lower tier prospects is not terrible (but the fact that the Sharks didn’t have to give up either Meier or Merkeley is testament to how crappy Dorion is as a negotiator). I remain grateful that the majority of the mistakes that Benning has made have been on the side of UFAs and contract extensions, not really in trades. As much as the Sutter and Gudbranson trades have not really worked out, we haven’t really paid a big price in prospects lost, and certainly not top prospects given up. Asplund has struggled, Mascherin didn’t sign with FLA, maybe Gustavsson and Ang pan out, but that’s about it. I think the real problem for us is if Andersson turns out to be as good as he looks, even if we got a few decent years of Baertschi out of it. At any rate, the Sharks look loaded; with Vlasic, Karlsson and Braun back there you could even move Burns back to right wing.

      • Killer Marmot

        The Sharks only get the guaranteed services of Karlsson for one year, although they’re probably hoping they can re-sign him. People’s expectations of what that’s worth seems distorted.

    • myshkin

      that’s what the sharks paid for one year of karlsson. free agency next year, benning is probably preparing his slideshow right now for the presentation to his agent.

      the big surprise to me in the deal was eugene couldn’t get someone to take ryan’s contract.

      • Chuckey

        Worth it when you can hoist that cup like Colorado did by acquiring Borque and Anaheim with Pronger/Neidermeyer etc.

        Besides, the Sharks will already know the score with EK and his agent like they did with Evander Kane. Afraid Van isn’t even in the convo in the Pac. Shame for a franchise that has always had marquee names to sell tickets like the Sedins, Bure, Messier and Sundin over the years.

        Bad, bad times for long suffering Canucks fans – Shark bait for real.

      • Kevlar73

        I’m not sure if San Jose can come up with a large enough dollar figure for Karlsson to re-sign but I think he’s going to love the Sharks and just might be willing to take a bit of a discount. My impression of Karlsson is he’s willing to play for less if it’s the right fit. I guess we will see soon enough

        • Given that Karlsson said he’s going to get paid what he’s worth, he isn’t going to take a hometown discount on a place that isn’t his hometown.

          Signing Karlsson to $10M per year (as an example) puts SJ at $63M @ 11 players. They’d need to sign 12 more players for less than $15M total and it excludes Thornton and Pavelski coming back. SJ would only have one legit scoring line up front and a league-average goaltender as a starter.

          If Karlsson was smart, he’d join a team with a good general manager. I just heard Pierre Dorion just got *6* assets for a pending UFA. Amazing! That team must be on the rise.

  • argoleas

    So, say he has a healthy season, scores 40g and 70pts, and Canucks want to lock him up for 8 years. What’s the AAV? $7.5M? Higher? Who would be some applicable comparables? Pastrnak is an obvious one.

    • truthseeker

      Minimum I’d say. He’s going to point to a guy like Draisaitl, making 8.5, Kucherov at 9.5

      See…Boston was smart in some ways with Pastrnak. They locked him in at under 7 million after that one season where he got to 30 goals. He did it again. He’ll keep being good. Their only mistake was not making it longer term.

      I think Boeser is going to do exactly that. A 40 goal season and 70 to 80 points. And unfortunately I think the canucks will end up paying him 8+ million a year, which would be a mistake.

      • Defenceman Factory

        While I’m not sure how big of a mistake paying a 40 goal guy $8+ mil is I do agree that if Boeser could have been locked up long term now that’s what should have been done.

        It seems over cautious to wait so you avoid overpaying Boeser by .5 to 1 mil as it likely ends up costing an extra 2 mil a year.

        • argoleas

          My guess is that it is BB’s team that wanted to wait, and would have insisted on him getting a contract based on last year’s numbers anyways, which projected to 38g and 73 pts for 82 games. So they already would want the max.

          So Benning can do only on thing and that is to say “prove you can do it again, and we will pay you.” This has essentially been the argument of everyone that said Canucks should wait with the contract because there was essentially zero chance they could get a contract now at a discount.

        • truthseeker

          I don’t mean mistake in the sense that he isn’t worth it. I mean a mistake in the sense that if you want to build a deep competitive team, having a couple of guys over 8 million is not the way to do it. I want the canucks to not have a single guy over 7 million per. That way they can fill the roster out with excellent talent.

          If I were the GM, no matter what Boeser does, I’d say here’s 7 million for 8 years and that’s the best we will do because we want to win championships and think this is the best way to build a great team.

          That would have been easier to do now and have him remain happy.

      • Killer Marmot

        I think $8 million is reasonable. I would be happy with that. The Sedins were $7 million, and cap space has significantly increased since they signed.

  • truthseeker


    If this is Boeser’s side not wanting to make a deal then fine…nothing you can do about that. (and the right play on his part.)

    But if this is on the canucks end, it’s a mistake unless they are willing to play a bit more hardball later on. And Benning hasn’t really ever showed much of a history of that. In my opinion it’s more likely than it isn’t that Boeser will have an even better year, and all that’s going to do is make his demands even higher.

    They need to be firm with him whenever it happens that he will get an 8 year deal at 6 to 7 million if they want cap flexibility to build a deep competitive team. Not giving him that deal now when it sounds like a good deal, is a mistake. (again…if this is on the canuck side of things). When he plays even better he won’t be as happy with the team if they offer that kind of dollar amount.

    Unfortunately I think current management are the types to give him an 8 to 9 million type deal like many of the other team’s are doing with their young stars.

  • Larionov18

    I hope the bridge him for two years. If he is as good as I hope he is then drop the 8 years on him after that. Then the Canucks have him locked up fpr the next ten years.

  • wojohowitz

    Boeser is sitting on the fence and watching management. He`s not going to sign with a team that bounces from one mistake to another year after year and that`s how it looks right now. Keeping guys like Gaudette and Dahlin in the AHL so slugs can play instead makes Boeser think WTF are they doing. Elite players like Boeser and Karlsson need to have confidence in management long term.

    Roussel is out already with a summer time concussion which should be investigated longer term like why did Dallas let him go and did Benning get suckered again?

    • Or maybe he’s looking to maximize his next contract by playing a season where he’s not scratched at the beginning or injured in the end? I don’t blame Boeser for playing out the ELC, it’s a good move on his part and he’s worth whatever we need to pay.

      With regards to Roussel, he was injured only 3 weeks ago during a training session, well after his contract was signed. Dallas had nothing to do with this.

      • wojohowitz

        Be clear on this; Players want signed contracts and the longer the better. If Boeser suffers a career ending injury insurance will cover his ELC and nothing else. There is huge risk for him to not have a 2-3-4 year contract in place right now.

        As for Roussel; What is his concussion history? Did he shy away last year? Has he gone soft? Is this another bad contract for a semi-retired player?

        • Anyone can have a career ending injury at any time and of course, every player wants stability that comes with a long term contract. But Boeser is just starting his career, to assume that he’s going to end his career already is pre-mature. Maybe we shouldn’t have drafted him knowing in hindsight that he could fall into a door.

          As for Roussel: Sounds like you’re just projecting all your negativity into the comment section of CA because your friends don’t want to listen to you anymore.

      • wojohowitz

        Most (but not all) players at this level are very competitive. Offer them a choice between long term, big money, no playoffs and winning and they start their careers wanting to win – only later is it all about the money. Boeser is not signed because he has doubts about management. Confidence in management is very important.

        Today`s Friedman on Karlsson; `There was always a sense that the captain preferred to stay, but lack of confidence in ownership made it impossible.

        Here`s the good news; Schaller out with a bruised pinky and Roussel out with a concussion means Dahlin and Gaudette both make the roster. Tough roster decisions are pushed back to Dec.1st.

        • truthseeker

          that’s just stupid. He’s under team control and he’s got no way out. The most he can do is sit out and not collect a dime hoping the canucks trade him. They won’t trade him and he’ll be losing money. Just like Drouin it won’t take long before not getting a pay check becomes more important than the team he’s playing for and he’ll play.

          I don’t agree with the NHL’s control over players, but it is what it is. There is virtually no risk of what you are saying and even a simple look at the situation should have shown you that.

        • Defenceman Factory

          Schaller is on the ice, the time frame for Roussel is days to weeks not months and you can’t read Boeser’s mind. Clearly you have no information on who doesn’t want to negotiate a contract right now or why. Why are you trying to create controversy where none exists?

  • Steamer

    Professional writers work to improve their skill-set just as hockey players work to improve their game. More attention to grammar, syntax and punctuation will only improve your writing; neglecting this is no different than a player who makes no effort to better themselves.

    • Ryan Biech

      Did you just copy and paste that from the first time you made the comment?

      The first time, actually took the criticism to heart.. the second time, you are just trolling.

  • DogBreath

    Ryan Biech is at both the athletic and Canucksarmy. The way it appears on the outside is that there is a plan to wind down Canucksarmy to push subscribers to the athletic where you have to pay. The lack of attention to what’s going on, and intermittent posts seems to point strengthen that case.

    • Defenceman Factory

      Davis and MacDonald usually only write when they have something negative to say. Davis already did his takedown piece on Beagle and the new editor has told them they don’t get to write any “Sutter sucks” articles at least until after the season starts. I’m sure both of them will write articles in a couple weeks on what’s wrong with the Canucks lineup decisions. If the Canucks start strong the articles will explain why it won’t last. We can also look forward to the re-emergence of Petbugs to explain again why it’s the big bad “hockey men’s” fault.

  • DogBreath

    Here’s an idea … why don’t those who are watching training camp share their thoughts. Who looked good, bad etc (because Canucksarmy isn’t).

    I happened to be there for about 15 minutes (coincidently). Surprise standouts (to me) … Brisebois looked surprisingly strong with the puck. Palmu stick out. Petterson was quiet, will take awhile to fond his place. Hutton looks to have lost weight (puffy cheeks are gone). Intensity was high, clearly people are fighting for jobs. I happened to be in the same hotel as the players, and players definitely had their game faces on. You could sense nerves.

    Anyways, was on my 15th wedding anniversary so could only get so much time at the event.

    Anyone there tomorrow? Be interested to hear feedback.