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Young Stars Post-Game: Canucks sweep Young Stars

The Canucks and Jets met for the second time of the 2018 Young Stars Classic on Sunday afternoon.

Getting into some penalty trouble early, the Jets fell behind the Canucks early and were able to storm back. Despite being able to erase the deficit that they squandered in the first period, the Jets gave up a goal in the early parts of the third period before a flurry of goals in the final minute but were unable to claw all the way back.

This post-game will be a bit quicker as Cory Hergott will have a more in-depth breakdown of the game tomorrow and I am personally limited on the time available.

The Canucks had pretty much the same lineup as Friday night, with only some minor changes to the bottom six and bottom pairing

Period 1

Although it took a little bit for the game to settle down, the Canucks decided to pick up where they left off on Friday night. The baby Jets did keep the little more balanced and generated a few chances but once they took their first penalty, that nice play was a thing of the past.

With another penalty about to be called when the Jets got possession, Gaudette fired this one-time home:

Since the Jets never did obtain the puck before it went into the net, they started another 2-minute penalty kill at the drop of the puck. Twenty-six seconds later, some kid named Elias Pettersson flashed his patented one-timer

What an absolute rocket.

Canucks fans were excited to see if that shot would appear at some point early in the season and they were not disappointed. As many people mentioned on twitter, imagine that on one side and then Brock Boeser on the other. A few minutes later the Canucks put themselves up 3-0 on a wicked shot from Jonathan Dahlen off the turnover:

The rest of the period didn’t have any noteworthy offensive chances but Jonah Gadjovich got into a quick little tussle:

Shortly later, the final buzzer rang and the Canucks headed to the dressing room with a 3-0 lead and on the shot clock by a 0-7 margin

Period 2

Four seconds into the second period Jagger Dirk and Joey Ratelle dropped the gloves with the Jets invite, Ratelle, getting the best of Dirk.

A few minutes later, the Jets got on the board as C.J. Suess scored after the nice play by Alexis D’Aoust

Shortly after that Jets defenceman Jacob Cederholm hit Zack MacEwen from behind and the big Canucks forward was none too pleased about it.

There was a sense that the play was starting to become more balanced and even slightly in favour of the Jets and sure enough, the Jets were able to get another goal to pull within one:

The Jets were able to close the gap on the shot clock and slow down the Canucks big guns. Mid-way through the period, Joey Ratelle ringed it off the crossbar on a heavy wrister but was unable to tie the game. A few short minutes later, Krystof Hrabik was able to tie the game at three after the Elias Pettersson turnover that was created by Kristian Vesalainen

The Jets pushed the pace and continued to take it to the baby Canucks but were unable to take the lead before the end of the frame despite having the man advantage for the remainder of the period (and carrying over to the third). The shot count total after two was 27-19 for the Jets.

Period 3

The Canucks were able to get a good chance of a redirection from Jonah Gadjovich but the ref had lost sight of the puck and thus was blown dead, a few moments Joey Ratelle rang the shot off the post for the Jets. Vancouver Giants defender and camp invite, Kaleb Bulych, scored to put the Canucks up 4-3

Shortly after that, Ivan Kulbakov made the nice save on the odd-man rush:

The Jets were given a power-play on that chance but were unable to capitalize. They continued to press throughout the latter half of the period but weren’t able to make anything happen until the final minute. With their Jets netminder on the bench, Jonathan Dahlen was able to score his second goal of the game on the empty net goal.

Shortly after that, the Jets were able to get back to within one with a wrap-around goal.

It wasn’t done there as Zack MacEwen scored on the empty net again to bring the final score to 6-4.

The Canucks end the weekend with a 2-0 record and outscored the Jets by a cumulative count of 14-6.

The majority of the players that are Canucks and Comets property are expected to make their way to Whistler for training camp, which opens later this week.

It was two very different games for the Canucks Young Stars this weekend, as they ran away with the first game and then had to overcome a bit of adversity in the second content. The players that people hoped to stand out did and that is really the only takeaway you can have from these tournaments.

I must say, it was nice to watch some competitive hockey this weekend.

  • NeverWas

    Gaudette was the best canuck on the ice again tonight. Scoring games, making plays, dishing out hits and playing really good 200 foot hockey. Kids got a solid 2 way game and has some soft hands plus a noise for the net.

    There is a reason he win the hobey Baker and I know people talk about him like he will be a 3rd or 4th liner in the NHL but the kids definitely got 2nd line potential… hes like a mix between horvat and Kesler. Like what I am seeing and interested to see what he will look like in pre season… hes got a chance to make the team for sure.

    • truthseeker

      As I said weeks ago, unless he absolutely bombs in camp, he should be on the roster and starting the season for the canucks. He does not need Utica. He’s old enough and has the pedigree to be in the NHL now. Every other Hobey Baker winner in the past 4 or 5 years has gone straight into the league with no time in the minors. He should be given his shot too.

      • Defenceman Factory

        I wasn’t convinced last spring but what I saw this weekend I think you are absolutely right. He looks like a better option than Gagner, Granlund or Gaunce at centre. Let’s hope he shows as well during pre-season.

          • Canuck4Life20

            Why would keeping more depth in the system be a mistake? Injuries are going to happen, and if the last few seasons are any indication, Gaudette will be in the lineup in no time.

          • argoleas

            IMO Gaudette is worthy of starting the season with the parent team. Now, will he wait 5, 10, 15, 20 games before recall? Judging by Canucks injury history… likely close to the lower bound. But even if he spends a majority of his time in Utica this year, it is not the end of the world. So, IMO, it is a mistake, but not a major one.

          • Defenceman Factory

            It looks every bit like Gaudette is a better option at 3rd line centre than Gagner, Granlund or Gaunce. If Pettersson is starting on the wing Gaudette should be in the line-up. I’m not too concerned if it takes a few weeks to get it sorted out. Gaunce gets waived and 2 of Baertschi, Goldobin, Leipsic, Granlund and Gagner get traded. With Dahlen, Palmu and Gadjovich on their way Benning doesn’t need to hold out for big returns.

      • Gampbler

        As he is exempt from waivers, pretty unlikely he makes the team unless they deal someone else. It’s a freebie to send him down and going to Utica isn’t going to hurt him at all.

    • Nuck16

      At the very least he should be on the 2nd power play set up in the same spot as Brock…he scored a load of goals from that spot in College, just like the goal he got today.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    Haven’t seen the ice time breakdown in this one, but it seemed like EP and Dahlén didn’t play nearly as much in this game as they did in the previous game. Did anyone else notice that? I guess it was being done to try to evaluate some of the bubble guys rather than blue chippers who will feature heavily in Canucks main camp?

  • NeverWas

    Also Dalhen is pretty good at hockey… I know hes not a pettersen elite level prospect but kids got some high level skill and watching him play with pettersen was a treat for the most part.

  • Ser Jaime Lannister

    Was really impressed with Chatfields game again tonight. Active stick, timely pinches, got shots through, used his speed to break up plays (didnt realise how fast he was) and used his body to box guys out.

    Gaudette played amazing again kids doing everything right. That line is a lot of fun to watch wish there was more games!

  • Nuck16

    Well after seeing Petterson score of that one timer, I had visions of both Petterson and Brock playing on the same power play unit on opposite off wings. Last season oppositions in a sense double teamed Brock to take his shot away, but try doing that when you have equally lethal options…

  • Rodeobill

    This was a much more sporting event. The first game, the baby nucks had the momentum and didn’t lose it all game. This could have gone either way. EP’s line got hemmed into their own end quite a bit and had some trouble gaining the zone on the PP. I did notice him paying alot of attention to his defensive game though (did I see him defend a 2 on one as the only man back?). I think center looks good on him, but he is really going to have to work with Malhotra on his FO chops.