The flying skate jersey is back

It’ll be the Canucks 50th anniversary in 2019-20 and, to celebrate, the organization allowed fans to decide which jersey they should introduce as a throwback to be worn on select nights. They had three options — the Halloween V jersey, the flying skate, and the early 2000s Orca jersey — to choose from. The flying skate won the vote handily.

The Canucks have some of the most interesting jersey and logo history in the NHL. They’ve undergone some massive aesthetic changes during their 48 seasons in the league, beginning with the very basic green, white, and blue stick jerseys, then pivoting to an extremely different Halloween-style orange, yellow, and black jersey with a massive V down the middle. They then ditched the V for the flying skate but kept the unique colour pattern before making another huge shift in the 90s to a dark blue, purple, and silver jersey with an orca for the logo. Then, in the mid-2000s, the Canucks brought back their original colour scheme and maintained the orca logo, blending new and old together.

Unfortunately, the wildly unique orange and black look got completely left behind. The stick jersey made its return as the team’s alternate jersey for a little while, but the Canucks haven’t rocked the Halloween look since the mid-90s.

70 percent of people voted for the flying skate jersey to return. The numbers don’t lie. It’s a damn nice jersey.

  • bushdog

    I hate both of them! they do not reflect a thing about the history of this team. johnny canuck and the stick are the only True retro designs. the players were embarrassed to wear these two. whoever chose to allow only those 2 awful designs had money in mind…not history. 55 years a fan and this really insults me

    • I am Ted

      55 years? This being year 50 for Canucks. I like the skate jersey. It could be slightly varied to make it a bit better but whatever. I feel a skate is FAR MORE representative than that effing moronic Johny Canuck logo. Get bent, bushleague. However, the stick in rink is pretty good and prefer it to any of the other looks. I think the stick in rink should be the primary and put the whale on the shoulders or get rid of it.

      • Beer Can Boyd

        Well Ted, there has been a team named the Vancouver Canucks playing professional hockey in this city since 1945. You can do math, right? I found online a lovely photo of Bryan Hextall wearing the Johnny Canuck jersey used by the WHL team in the early to mid sixties. Respect for the elders. Also, “get bent, bush-league”? No need for that.

        • Bud Poile

          Yep,the logo and of the first ‘Vancouver Canucks’ was Johnny Canuck.
          Whoever thought ‘stick-in-rink’ was better than the namesake’ Johnny Canuck’ was a joker.
          The Canucks were a great team before they joined the NHL and so was the logo.
          Skates,stick-in-rinks and flying V’s. Yuck.

          The history of the Vancouver Canucks begins when the team joined the National Hockey League (NHL). Founded as an expansion team in 1970 along with the Buffalo Sabres, the Canucks were the first NHL team to be based in Vancouver. They adopted the name of the minor professional hockey team that had existed in Vancouver since 1945.
          The Vancouver Canucks were a minor league professional ice hockey team in the Pacific Coast Hockey League and the Western Hockey League. Inaugurated in 1945 with the PCHL, they became a WHL team with the merger of the PCHL with the Western Canada Senior Hockey League in 1952. The Canucks played their final season in the WHL after 25 years in 1969–70 before joining the National Hockey League along with fellow expansion team, the Buffalo Sabres.

          • I am Ted

            Thanks for telling me something I already know. The year is 2018. To think some white lumberjack is a representation of a Canuck is ridiculous. Sorry. No thanks. Stick in rink or the flying skate symbolize the team more than ‘Johny’. Blech.

          • truthseeker

            yeah I’m with you on that Ted. F…k Johnny Canuck. Just a jingoist Uncle Sam wannabe symbol. Can’t stand patriotic garbage like that.

            Oh and the word canuck precedes the “johnny canuck” character by at least 35 years if not more, so nobody pretend like they are necessarily associated.

          • truthseeker

            I appreciate Canada just fine. It’s a very good country that does a lot of things very well. But it’s not the only country in the world that does a lot of things well and is great to live in. And unlike most Canadians I’m not propagandized into thinking our sh….. don’t stink. And there are a plenty of really sh….ty things about Canada and sh….ty things Canada does around the world. Most Canadians would rather be on their high horse throwing stones at Yanks, completely ignorant of their own hypocrisy.

            Your arrogant assumptions and implications about Asia and Africa are all the proof I need of your own false sense of superiority.

          • Locust

            Well, JD is gone …. yet now we have others stepping up the douchbaggery – don’t get it.
            Maybe JD was just playing to his ‘base’ …. ?
            Ya get what you pay for here.

          • Silverback

            Regardless of what anyone thinks, logos mean something different to everyone. What’s important is that everyone’s opinion is respected. No wrong answer here.

  • Killer Marmot

    I can not think of any other professional team that has four completely different logos in active use (rink, flying skate, giant fish, Johnny Canuck).

  • truthseeker

    I voted skate, but now that I think about it I should have done whale.

    I like the skate, but black/white uniforms are so over done these days. When the Kings copied the Raiders it opened the flood gates for every team everywhere to go black. It’s gotten a bit better recently but even Vegas shows they can’t help but follow the trend and it’s still the go to default.

    It’s boring.

    Personally I think they should forever here on out stick with the current color scheme. It looks good. I’m also quite happy with the whale logo. Looks good in my opinion. Though if they wanted to go stick in rink with the current colours, I’d be good with that too.

    • Kneedroptalbot

      The Original Stick and Rink from the 1970’s (1st season), with the V on the sleeves and the 2 wide blue/green stripes.
      A Classic jersey, in my opinion.