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WWYDW: Logjam

The Canucks added three new forwards in free agency on a well-publicized and controversial July 1. What once looked to be a rookie-laden Canucks lineup is now filled with veteran talent. So, we’ll keep it simple this week. Which rookies do you think should make the team next season? Which should start the season in Utica?

Last week I asked: What free agents would you like to see the Canucks sign?


A cheap decent right D like Greg Pateryn or Dylan DeMelo.

That’s it.


If he would sign a 1 year deal, I would bring back Dan Hamhuis. His metrics are still excellent and he’d probably like to come back. In retrospect, we should never have let him go. The idea was to play the kids and get younger but instead we signed Del Zotto and Weircioch.


I would sign a short-term rental player at center for a 2-3 year deal. The Canucks are likely to be near the bottom of the standings again this year, and there are likely to be several good centers available to them. Even if they don’t hit the jackpot and land Jack Hughes, there are players like Dylan Cozens and Raphael Lavoie. The important thing is that the team’s focus needs to be building for the long term, not on short term fixes.

Puck Viking:

dont sign anyone longer than 1 year. finally start rebuilding this yaer, which means flip everyone not tied down at the deadline.


Sign a couple of inexpensive depth centres and depth defencemen to 1-2 year deals so they can plug holes and be traded at the deadline if necessary. With the Sedins gone, help on defence a year or two away, this team is going to be bottom-5. Embrace it, go after the other Hughes, prepare for another brotherly duo to carry the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals in a few years’ time.


I think the best option is to play it out and hope we get decent years from existing players and sell at the TDL for more picks.

If we do try and insulate our young players, I would like to see them aim for Riley Nash or Jay Beagle. If its longer then two years then I would be hesitant…

Create competition but do not keep trying to sell us the “foundational player” spiel in free agency. Those players are drafted or traded for.


I posted in other article, but I would PTO a bunch of guys. Matthias, Vey, Buoma, Brodziak. I would not commit any huge dollars or terms to Bozak/Nash/Ryan – we already have Gagner and Granlund. Wait it out because there are more free agent centers next year (Anders Lee, Henrique, Brassard. Marcus Johansson, etc).

As uneventful as it would be, I would re-sign Dowd and sign Flipulla for C depth. Sign Reaves to a 2 year $4.5 mil contract. PTO Roussell, Matthias, and Bouma. Re-sign Wiercoch and another AHL d-man with NHL experience when spring D injuries happen. This lets guys like Goldy, JV, and Leipsic to have an opportunity to have an impression. Give Gaudette some competition to beat Matthias for a 4th line, or develop in AHL. Give an opportunity to Sautner, Brisebois, and Chatfield to be viable d injury replacements so they start getting experience, and not block Hughes and/or OJ if they prove themselves in camp.


Re-sign the RFAs

Sign Beagle for 2×1.5M, which frees you up to trade Sutter at the deadline if not sooner.

Honestly, there isn’t much to do with this team right now but wait. If there’s been interest in Gudbranson then sign Hamhuis for a year or two and flip Guddy. Sign Burrows to a one-day contract so he can retire as a Canuck – him being traded to the Sens for Dahlen, re-signing, then getting bought out at 100% cap hit is an all-time jerk puck move.


I’d look to add someone like Jay Beagle or Mark Letestu at 1.5-2x market rate on a one-year contract. Teams are always looking to add defensively reliable depth at the trade deadline, especially at center. If we can entice one (or both!) to give up term, they can be a culture-carrier/reliable veteran/teach the kids how to be pros/whatever cliche you want to insert here and we can harvest assets for just the cost of cap space. If Gaudette shows he can handle a bigger role it might even free us up to pull the trigger on a Sutter trade.


I would not sign anyone. In the past, the Canucks have had question marks about their line-up with no prospects that could legitimately be considered as options. They still have some holes at centre, but have some possibility that the prospects could fill the holes. In a perfect situation, our centres would be Horvat, Pettersson, Sutter and Gaudette. Personally, I don’t know if Pettersson will be ready, but give him a shot. Gagner, Granlund and Gaunce are already on the roster and could play centre if needed. The Canucks are not going to be a good team if the prospects aren’t ready, so why sign some free agent that will not really make a difference. The Canucks probably won’t be very good even if the prospects are ready, but I don’t want some free agent plug to block the prospects who would be gaining experience.

Sign some PTO’s and there will always be players available on the waiver wire at the end of camp. The Canucks will not be good unless the prospects are ready to contribute so why fill up the roster with low end fringe players as we already have a bunch of those signed. If the kids aren’t ready, players will be available from other teams when training camp closes.


  • Bear Bo Boesser
    Eriksson Sutter Pettersson
    Leipsic Gagner JV
    Roussel Beagle Granlund

    MDZ Tanev
    Edler Stecher
    Hughes Guddy

    If we lose Gaunce / Motte / Goldy so be it.

    The rest of the youngsters play in Utica and will get called up when the inevitable injuries occur.

    • Bear Bo Brock
      Eriksson Sutter JV
      Rousel Beagle Grandlund
      Petterson Gagner Goldobin/Leipsic

      I think JV could be a good fit on the Sutter line as he is showing signs he can use his size and speed to drive the play towards the O zone. The Beagle line can absorb tough minutes which leaves a nice sheltered role for Petterson, Gagner, and Goldobin which is perfect for their ability and development

      D is such a disaster at the moment I just hope they can Get a nice deadline deal for Tanev, Gudbranson surprises everyone, Hutton bounces back, and Tryamkin pans out. That’s a lot to ask and I haven’t even mentioned Oli or Hughes making a big impact in the next season or 2 yet. Ufff

  • My wish list.
    Goldy Horvat Boeser
    Baertschi Pettersen Virtanen
    Liepsic Gaudette Palmu
    Erickson Beagle Roussel
    Gagne, Sutter, and Granlund traded.
    Hughes Tanev
    Juolevi Edler
    Stetcher Del Zotto or Gudbanson
    Hutton, Pouliot traded
    Markstrom Demko

  • All of them. Well okay, maybe not Hughes if we’re being realistic. But seriously, Gaudette is 22 and a great two-way player. Dahlen is 21 and has already played against men in Europe. Petterson is the best NHL affiliated prospect in the world not already in the NHL. Juolevi is now the *only* top 10 pick from his draft class not playing in the NHL. This is a league where players are increasingly breaking into the league as teenagers and playing their best hockey in their mid or even early 20s. There’s absolutely no explanation for any of these guys not making the team besides indefensible roster management. Trade whoever you can of Tanev, Del Zotto, Baertschi, Granlund, Gagner, and Leipsic. Bury whoever you can’t in the minors. If we must have a bunch of “grit” like Beagle and Roussel fine. But the roster is still rife with dead weight and mediocre tweeners. Clear it all out and ice a roster with 4+ rookies. There will still be plenty of competition for actual playing time from more established youngsters like Gaunce, Goldobin, Virtanen and Boeser.

  • I like the players they have signed and yes the Canucks have a lot of good young prospects some may never make the big league some have played with Canucks but are just not good enough, fun to watch but just not good enough. Such as Leipsic fun to watch but is not that fun each and every shift. There are reasons why Leipsic has not been able to stick to a roster with his former NHL team.
    The Canucks are building a team the players they have added will help gel this group into a team and there is a reason why other teams were after them. They may even be traded at the deadline for yes draft picks because of their desire to win and how hard they work to win something playoff teams need. I see Gaudette, Pettersson, Hughs, and Juolevi making the team with Lind and Dahlin getting called up when injuries hit.
    Leipsic, Goldie, Guance, and Motte will really need to step it up to make the team or to be picked up on waivers. If Goldie comes to camp motivated I can see him bumping Baertchi off the roster making either Goldie or Baertchi a sought after commodity for a trade.
    There were so many fans who were pissed because Subban couldn’t make the team, where is he now. Our 7 and 8 defencemen will be a higher caliber in case of injury which in the past is bound to happen same with extra forward(s).
    If Benning just missed signing these newest players I am quite sure the same people who are bashing the signings would be dumping on Benning for not go the extra bit to sign these same guys.

  • The prospects start in Utica (including Hughes and Pettersson), with the understanding that if they had a good camp and perform well for the Comets that they will be given an opportunity as they come up as soon as possible. Then fill out the roster as injuries/trades occur. Starting lineup would be:
    Baertschi Horvat Boeser
    Eriksson Sutter Goldobin
    Leipsic Beagle JV
    Roussel Schaller Gagner

    Edler Tanev
    MDZ Stetcher
    Pouliot Gudbranson
    Hutton Biega

    If roster space is needed based on the prospect performances, work to trade Gagne and/or Granlund at forward and MDZ, Hutton and/or Pouliot before or by the deadline. If Petersson or Gaudette prove that they can be an effective 2C, consider a Sutter trade.

  • I posted before what I would do given the Canucks current non-rebuild strategy.

    What I would actually do:
    Trade Sutter to the highest bidder (in picks)
    Trade MDZ to the highest bidder (picks again) with 50% retention
    Trade Granlund for a cap dump (Brouwer???) in exchange for ……wait for it….picks
    Trade Baertschi for the highest pick possible
    Shift Gagner to center on a sheltered scoring line
    Sign Nick Shore 2 year 1 way 1.2M per (waiver proof due to size and 1-way)

    • Ginner Classic – There is no doubt about it, you are definitely management material, except it is somewhere else. This post is one of the most ridiculous I have seen on here in quite some time – and that is saying something.

    • Just wondering why everyone want to trade Sutter? He’s very good in the faceoff circle. An excellent shut down line center. Also younger than Beagle by 3 years. He might not be my favorite player but he certainly does a good job in his checking role and is a decent skater too.

  • Some may call it a log jam, I call it organization depth. With recent injury history having 15-18 forwards and 8-10 defencemen that are able to play is what’s required to get through a season. How they handle this depth will be interesting.

  • Keep the best assign the rest.

    EP is the future offensive catalyst for this squad – he stays.
    Gaudette is the Hobey Baker winner – he stays.
    Demko is the best goalie prospect outside of the NHL – he stays.
    Hughes is God’s gift to Vancouver – he stays.

    Juolevi, Dahlen, Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek and the rest spend time honing their craft in Utica.

    (In case your wondering what this looks like in roster terms, the 3 G’s ((Gagner, Granlund, Gaunce)) get punted for picks)

    Lines are as follows:

    Baertschi Horvat Boeser
    Eriksson Sutter Pettersson
    Roussel Beagle Virtanen
    Leipsic Gaudette Goldobin

    Edler Stecher
    Hughes Tanev
    Del Zotto Gudbranson


    Mmmm. I’d watch that^