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Canucks Re-Sign Markus Granlund To One Year Extension

Vancouver announced this morning that they’ve signed Markus Granlund to a one-year extension carrying an AAV of $1.475-million dollars.

The pact looks the part of a “show me” contract after the 23-year-old Finn suffered a precipitous offensive decline. Granlund registered just eight goals and 12 points in 53 games after a breakout campaign in the preceding year that saw him amass 19 goals and 32 points in less than 70 games.

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Much of that has to do with Granlund’s placement on the infamous shutdown line with Brandon Sutter, but previous signs pointed to a regression nonetheless. In fact, a deeper look into Granlund’s performance reveals that his on-ice contributions deteriorated nearly as prodigiously as his surface offensive results.

It’ll be up to Granlund to show whether this past season was just a bump in the road, or if the perceived breakout season was a fluke driven by unsustainable percentages.

  • TD

    I remember Granlund scoring two almost identical PP goals during his 19 goal season. He played a fair amount of PP time and on the “first line” with the Sedins. This year he played in a shut down role with Sutter. I think anybody could have predicted the drop in his point totals. Granlund has limited offensive abilities, but plays well defensively. He could probably score 20 in the right situation, but he is being passed over by more talents players. I agree with trying to flip him at the deadline.

      • wojohowitz

        You don`t know what buy-high sell-low means? I`ll help you out. Granlund gets traded for a 6th round draft pick. Hutton gets traded for a 7th round draft pick. Gudbranson gets traded for a 5th round draft pick. Baertschi gets traded for a 4th round draft pick. All examples of buy-high sell-low.

  • Killer Marmot

    This time last year, people were excited about Granlund. They saw a potential 20-goal scorer, an important piece of the Canucks puzzle going forward.

    Now it’s a big “meh.”

    So which is true? Well, Granlund did not have a good year last year, but he was also assigned to the shut-down line for much of it, a thankless task, statistics wise.

    I wouldn’t give up on this guy yet. The Canucks prospect pool is not so overrun with exciting young talent that Granlund is in excess of needs.

  • Granlund is a useful player and there has to be room for him. He played well with the twins and got his share of points. A coaching change moved him to a very good shutdown line with Sutter and Dorsett. He performed equally well, but in a different role. His job last year was to prevent scoring. Unfortunately, injury to him and Dorsett put an end to what I thought was a great combination put together by Travis Green. Now it’s up to Green to put Granlund in the right place.

    I have no problem with $1.45m/1 year. Welcome back Markus.

    • DeL

      If he works with Manny and improves his face off work he could replace Sutter thus making him available for trade. Granlund would also cost less making more cap space.

  • speering major

    I wonder if the timing is a sign of things to come?

    Perhaps they are locking him in now with the intention of moving him or locking him in for the season so they can move another guy

  • wojohowitz

    Here`s a couple of draft day memories; Jaromir Jagr; good size, average shot, average skater. Might be a decent second line winger. Taken fifth overall.

    1983. Jim Devellano, GM in Detroit says; Something is wrong with the system when the Stanley Cup Champion Islanders get to pick Pat Lafontaine and we get what`s left – Yzerman.

    Same year; Cam Neely goes ninth overall. Questionable skating – might be too slow to have a NHL career.