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40 moments of Sedinery that everyone should be thankful for

For 17 seasons, we were blessed to witness some great hockey at the hands of Daniel and Henrik Sedin. They could create something out of nothing, using what Alex Burrows could only describe as their ability to “communicate like dolphins”. Crafty goals, no-look passes, give-and-gos and tic-tac-toes are a mere fraction of what is now dubbed as “Sedinery”.

Individually, they were fantastic players. Together, they were legendary.

1. Daniel’s hat-trick off an incredible no-look, between-the-legs pass from Henrik:

2. Henrik’s goal off Daniel’s no-look pass which led to Montreal’s defense literally collapsing:

3. Daniel’s goal off Henrik’s bank pass from the neutral zone:

4. Daniel’s goal off Henrik’s no-look, behind-the-back pass:

5. Daniel’s cross-ice pass to Henrik, who put the puck between Niemi to set up Burrows’ goal:

6. The original tic-tac-toe goal:

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7. Henrik setting up Daniel’s ridiculous pass for Brad Lukowich’s goal:

8. When they went tape-to-tape-to-tape-to-tape:

9. Daniel setting up Henrik’s no-look, behind-the-back pass to Brock Boeser:

10. Henrik’s drop pass to Daniel, who sent it back cross-ice to Daniel, then set up Loui Eriksson’s goal:

11. Daniel passing to Henrik, who set up Christian Ehrhoff’s goal while falling down:

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12. When they sent the Red Wings scrambling en route to setting up Lukas Krajicek’s goal:

13. When they single-handedly took over for one full minute of play to set up Aaron Rome’s goal during the 2011 Western Conference finals:

14. Henrik setting up Daniel’s dangling pass for Burrows’ goal:

15. Henrik and Daniel doing all the work to set up Dan Hamhuis:

16. The twins going tape-to-tape-to-tape-to-tape-to tape on Daniel’s OT winner:

17. Vintage Sedinery: Daniel drops it to Henrik, who passes it back to Daniel for a goal:

18. Henrik’s behind-the-back pass setting up Daniel’s goal:

19. Daniel’s spin-o-rama pass to Henrik, who passed it back and Daniel scored:

20. Henrik’s backhand pass from behind the goal-line to set up Daniel’s goal:

21. The twins driving Toronto mad prior to setting up Alex Edler:

22. The slap pass.

23. Henrik’s bank pass from one end of the ice to the other to set up Daniel’s goal while getting chopped by Duncan Keith:

24. When they made passing look ever so simple:

25. Another one of Henrik’s no-look, behind-the-back passes to Daniel, who summoned Mikael Samuelsson to set up Henrik for the goal:

26. Their natural cycle game leading to a Radim Vrbata goal:

27. Daniel to Henrik to Burrows. How many times have we heard that?

28. Henrik’s ridiculous no-look pass from behind the net, setting up Daniel’s goal:

29. When they both pulled off no-look, behind-the-back passes sequentially and yes, it turned into a goal:

30. Daniel setting up Henrik for a Forsberg-esque goal:

31. When Ryan Kesler was the beneficiary of some Sedinery:

32. When they brought Bieksa and Hamhuis into the fold:

33. Henrik attracting two Lightning players and setting up Daniel with another no-look, behind-the-back pass:

34. When Thomas Vanek wanted himself in on the Sedinery:

35. Daniel’s between-the-legs drop pass setting up Henrik:

36. Making Minnesota look foolish after completing two full cross-ice passes to each other:

37. Never give Henrik and Daniel open space. Ever.:

38. They kept the Sedinery going, even when they were down 6-1:

39. Henrik threading the puck through three defensemen and right onto Daniel’s tape:

40. And finally… when the twins ended the fourth overtime vs. Dallas: