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The goal drought has caught on and the Canucks should be the most interesting story in the league going into tonight as the San Jose Sharks come to town on the second half of their own back to back. As heard on TSN 1040 yesterday, if the drought continues into the second period at about the 2:43 mark, or 17:17 if you will, the Canucks would set the record for the longest goalless streak in franchise history on March 17, 17:17. Truly, a fitting way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

If everyone is going to cheer, let’s celebrate failure like we do so well.

Let’s Do This™ … together

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The Sedins have resurfaced on the top line, if only for an evening, with Sam Gagner. Not a lot to be excited about with that but it is what it is. The second line with Jake Virtanen could show promise and really, that is where the opportunity rests with this team right now. It does look like Chris Tanev is back and he won’t be a world-beater but it absolutely can’t hurt to have him in the lineup and with Erik Gudbranson on the shelf for the rest of the season, anything that resembles a pulse in the Canucks lineup is a positive.

Jacob Markstrom should start.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:


Feels like a broken record but the lines you see below should be the ones that go. Jannik Hansen on the top line with Evander Kane is a thing that is happening. Odd.

Martin Jones could start but Aaron Dell is rested and should get the nod.

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San Jose Sharks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:



  • Chris Tanev has returned to the Canucks lineup and just in time too! The Canucks need offense and Tanev can offer his two goals to the lineup. Yes, they came early on but he’s technically a goal scorer. Anything helps.
  • Michael Del Zotto and Jussi Jokinen were the last Canuck players to score a goal. It’s been awhile and I barely remember both. This season can’t close out without another goal, it’s impossible. There needs to be a charge from the leaders. Henrik Sedin needs to bump the slump, Daniel needs to get back on a run, Bo Horvat needs to build up a campaign for the C and we all just want to hear “Holiday” from Green Day.
  • The month of March has not been kind to the Canucks. They have two power-play goals. That’s it. They both came against Nashville and it was forever ago.  It has fallen back to mediocrity with the loss of Brock Boeser but it feels like there wasn’t an answer to that injury. Tonight would be fun to see that get going again. Anything helps. Have you heard this before?
  • Somehow, the Canucks through this trek through the desert of no goals have still managed to score more than four other teams in the NHL. Impressive. Buffalo has that title locked up for the season (166 goals so far) and even if the Canucks (183) didn’t score again this season, the Sabres would still probably walk away with it. Small things matter.
  • Get to you seat/tv early tonight. Vancouver and San Jose are both in the top 10 for most goals allowed in the first period. Vancouver (74, T-2) and San Jose (63, T-9) like to allow goals early and often so if the Canucks were to score this evening, it’ll happen before the first intermission.


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Evander Kane is in an exclusive club. Joe Thornton is a proud papa. The downside is they won’t forget how to do that this evening. Could be ugly, folks.


The Canucks win big. It’s such an unlikely event for so many reasons and after the Sharks lit up the Flames and Kane put up a four-spot, the complete opposite would be a Canucks shocker. No goals in what seems like forever could be remedied with one outlying game. It’s possible, it’s entirely possible. Unlikely? Yes.

I’ll be in attendance for the first time in many, many years and I just wanna see some goals. Score some goals for my kids. They don’t need to see their dad suffer publicly.


Canucks scoring chances (+/- 10.5)     The Sharks look like a high flying team right now and there are times where the Canucks play up to that level. This could be one of those nights. Take the over.

Jannik Hansen goals (+/- 0.5)     If Evander Kane is scoring four goals a game, the residuals are bound to catch up with his linemates and Jannik Hansen is a very likely benefactor. Take the over.


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