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Erik Gudbranson to undergo shoulder surgery

Another injury has hit the Canucks this afternoon, as the organization announced that defenceman Erik Gudbranson would undergo shoulder surgery:

Gudbranson has appeared in 52 games for the Canucks this season and has registered two goals and three assists.

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As mentioned in the press release, Gudbranson originally suffered the injury in the November 22nd contest against the Pittsburgh Penguins. He returned to the lineup on December 19th and played in the majority of the games since then.

Gudbranson was signed to a three year contract extension earlier this season that will run through the 2020-21 season.

At this time, there is no word on the length of time for recovery for Gudbranson, but we can assume that he won’t be back this year and will wait for an update on next years training camp.

Assuming that he misses the remainder of the season, Gudbranson will have appeared in 82 games since being acquired from the Florida Panthers and missed 82 games due to injury.

The organization has one more callup remaining for this season before having to use emergency recalls. With that being said, Chris Tanev is on the mend and could become available to dress within the coming days.

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  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    So now how many players are out for the season? Erickson, Granlund, Baertchi, Boeser, Gubrandson, Gaunce, Dorsett, Tanev (close enough). It’s ridiculous how many injuries the Canucks have piled up the last 3 years. What is going on that Canucks have been devistated so badly? Is it the schedule? Loose officiating?

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Ever played Mike Tyson’s Punch Out? We have a team FILLED with Glass Joe’s. If you haven’t, then perhaps the Mr. Glass reference from the film Unbreakable would be more fitting? Or if you’re a BlueJays fan, our team is overflowing with Devon Travis’ and Troy Tulowitzki’s. I for one refuse to believe that simple bad luck can account for 3 consecutive years of pure devastation to the roster.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Yes, that is exactly what can be deduced by this statement. Makes one wonder why they didn’t just offer him a 3yr deal for $2M per (or less) seeing as how both parties knew he would have little to no value in a TDL move. Oh wait, TL/JB love to throw money at professional hockey players who’s positives are only measurable in ‘intangibles’ (aka the Mark Messier excuse). “he’s good in the locker room” “he’s a good community leader” “he provides a ‘presence’ on the ice”, ect…
      How about going after pro hockey players that are actually good at their jobs?

      • NucksLifer

        This may be one of the most nonsensical posts I’ve read on this board, and that is saying something.

        You understand that Gudbranson gets to choose whether to accept a contract offer, right? Why in God’s green earth would he accept 3yr for $2million per? Why wouldn’t he just become a UFA at that point (and likely get a contract in excess of the $4million per he got from the Canucks)? Of course, the other option was to trade him for “pickz!”. Now that we know he was playing with a separated shoulder since November, how much do you think teams would have paid to rent him? Is a 3rd rounder worth it or, as Jim obviously decided, is it better to sign him to a moveable contract and see if he can rebuild his value?

        Seriously, people, get a grip.

        • ADS

          If you listened to Nation Network Radio Abbott or J.D. mentioned that verified sources confirmed that a team (I think T.O.) offered a 2nd and a 4th for Guddy and Benning still rejected that offer. I would love to know what Benning thinks Guddy’s worth is on the trade market.

          • NucksLifer

            Well, if that is true – and I remain skeptical (did they know about his shoulder?) – then I think Benning is taking a gamble. I would have taken a 2nd and a 4th but what do I know? I suspect Benning is gambling that Gudbranson’s play improves sufficiently to: (a) garner a better trade return (which isn’t far fetched given the value of defencemen) or (b) be of greater value on the ice to the Canucks than a 2nd and 4th (which I believe have a less than 50% chance of turning into useful players). Is this a good gamble? I don’t know. I suspect that selling Gudbranson now would have been classic “sell low”, which generally isn’t good asset management. Then again, I held on to Nortel stock at $20 because I thought it couldn’t go lower…

        • Giant-Nation

          Lol I was laughing reading the post by the dumpster as well…. come on man, you can’t be that daft to think we get him for 2 million when he can go to market… At least we retain the asset and have some options. This really shows why JB could not trade him as a rental as they would have to disclose his injury, and in no fu$KD way does Toronto offer that for a injured player, they want to go for a run this post season.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Oh I’m embracing it! Harder than Loui Eriksson embracing his ‘most devastating rib injury in the history of pro sports’ (this years excuse for derailment of yet another season?)

    • NeverWas

      Extension starts next year… wouldnt you want him at his healthiest?

      I dont get it… people say we need to “embrace the rebuild” and “build thru the draft” and even “Get blue chip prospects” but when the team employs strategies to do so, everyone cries like a baby. If your not making the playoffs and the draft is top-end heavy… might as well finish last or as far down the bottom as possible.

      this is obviously a tanking tactic, along with several other recent moves and shut downs… they cant come right out and say “HEY WE ARE GOING TO TRY TO FINISH LAST” they got to use a little tact and strategy… field a weak team but tell them to try hard so atleast no one can say the effort level wasnt there.

      • Freud

        You don’t get it because Team Resistance actually says “create a good decision making model”. You can’t do anything well if you don’t start with that basic premise.

        Each contradictory statement and move proves management just lurches from decision to decision without any strong longer term plan. The results speak for themselves.

        Trading for Gudbransen was a poor decision on numerous levels. Re-signing him while injured raises yet even more red flags.

        • liqueur des fenetres

          And he’s not the only guy they’ve signed while injured. There was Dorsett, Sutter, possibly even Miller…

          Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. :^)

      • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

        I couldn’t agree more with Freud’s comments. Lindenning with the collective EXP of ZERO have demonstrated over and over again just how reactionary they are. They have shown no vision whatsover in 4 yrs now. You wanna be competitive while bringing the kids along? Sure, go ahead. 28th, 29th, 29th (at present) demonstrate that their business model has been a colossal failure. Wanna blame injuries? Go ahead, 3 years in a row this team has been decimated to its laughable ‘core’. Have they addressed this glaring issue in any way? Studies? Staffing? Alternative theories as to why our players are so fragile?
        “We believe that scouting and drafting are our strengths” (Dumpster Fire Benning). That’s cool. Oh wait, you DON’T want to bother attempting to acquire any more picks than what you are alloted? Hmmm….that makes no sense.
        How about the fact that despite what TL/JB say in regards to being on the same page as TG and that they all are striving towards the same vision, TG continues to devalue the few assets that we have/had every step of the way by healthy scratching young players with value and playing them on the 3rd/4th lines next to black holes such as Sutter, Gaunce, Dowd, Gagner, ect…

        Anything else?

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      It’s not like JD has to look very far to find someone. Henrik, Sutter, Edler, DJ MDZ, Gagner…there’s a long list of professional hockey players on the roster that have consistently underperformed either for the entire season (Sutter, Gagner, MDZ) or for large stretches (Ever heard of even attempting to show off that blistering 50mph slapshot Hank?)

  • NastyNate

    For the fair weather, part time fans who react to every piece of news as if it is an indictment of Jim Bennings competence as a GM… give it a rest.

    Real fans know. Real fans know that if you’re not first, the next best percentage play is to try to be last. The GM knows it too. He can’t come out and say it, but if you read between the lines it’s not hard to figure out that the GM knows the team is still a ways away from competing.

    Draft and develop for two or theee more years and at this rate the team will be good again soon.

    • Kanucked

      I really hope your post is right, but I think it’s wishful thinking.

      From day 1, Linden and Benning have said that they want to be competitive. Their moves have demonstrated this motive. The fact that they haven’t been successful at this doesn’t change this.

      Their words or actions have not demonstrated “if you’re not first, the next percentage play is to try to be last”.

      If drafting and developing is the plan, then get more picks.

  • Holly Wood

    Ryan… you may have missed the line on the announcement that recovery time would be 6 months. He could have continued to play but better to start that 6 month recovery window ASAP. He had been wearing a brace since November but I am sure you knew that because I did and I don’t get anywhere near the dressing room. Depending upon the degree of separation he may not be able to raise both hands above his head so you and the gang at CA can let up on him for a while. PS you are not even close to being the worst of you gang , I actually like your work