Photo Credit: Cam Davie

Join CanucksArmy’s Pledge Run Tonight for Money on the Board for the Make A Wish Foundation

Faithful readers and hockey fans, it’s the homestretch of the NHL season, and that means we’re running out of opportunities to put money on the board with CanucksArmy for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of BC and Yukon!

That’s why for tonight’s game against the Minnesota Wild, we’re going to be making one last pledge drive. If you’ve already submitted a pledge, why not include another for just tonight’s game? Or, perhaps, you could add to your pledge for the season? There’s still time!

So far this season, Cam Davie, Grainne Downey and CanucksArmy have raised just shy of $12,000.00 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of BC and Yukon. With one last push, maybe we can hit $15,000.00 for one of the best causes out there.

If you are not familiar with the concept of Money On The Board, I’ll fill you in.

You agree to pledge a certain amount of money based on an outcome of your choice. You can choose whatever you like! It could be a season-long pledge, or a single-game outcome, or even a singular event.

If you want to add to your season-long pledge, here are some examples.

You could pledge $1 for every Bo Horvat point for the whole season. Maybe you want to put up $20 every time the Canucks beat the Oilers. It doesn’t even have to be Canucks-related. Maybe you want to donate $5 every time Don Cherry mispronounces a player’s name during Hockey Night in Canada (generous!).

You tell us what stat or event you want to use and how much money you want to put on the board, and we’ll record and follow up.

For tonight, it could be something like $5.00 for every Darren Archibald hit or $2.00 for every shot attempt the Canucks surrender with Brandon Sutter on the ice.

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Of course, if you aren’t feeling very creative and you just want to donate money directly to the Canucks Army Money On The Board Fund, then you can do that too!

So email us your Money On The Board pledge at: [email protected] and tell us your pledge. If you want to tweet us your pledge, then tweet it to @CanucksMOTB and we can capture it there too. You can use that same email address for eTransfers and PayPal, too.

All donations can be easily made using email money transfer, and we’ll track all pledges and follow up with you directly.

Let’s do this, Canucks Army. With your help, we will make a child’s wish come true!