CanucksArmy Roundtable: I Want Gold!?

When the Canucks take on the Minnesota Wild tonight (during CanucksArmy’s Money on the Board pledge run), they’ll do so without Nikolay Goldobin. Canucks head coach Travis Green confirmed that Nic Dowd was in and that he’s sitting Goldobin to make room.

This comes just a game after Goldobin sat for the final 16 minutes in an uninspiring 2-1 loss to the Arizona Coyotes. When asked to elaborate on the decision, Green’s commentary revealed just how frustrated the coaching staff seems with Goldobin at this stage in his development. He told Sportsnet 650’s Brendan Batchelor “you can’t just keep playing them when they’re making the same mistakes over and over.” Yikes.

If Goldobin was ever going to assert himself, the time was now. The Canucks are without Sven Baertschi, Brock Boeser, Markus Granlund, Loui Eriksson and Brendan Gaunce who are all nursing different injuries. And yet, Goldobin’s floundered. Even when Green’s put him in plum positions to produce offensively, Goldobin has struggled to put it together with any degree of consistency.

In his last three games, Goldobin hasn’t registered a point and had just four shots on goal. His ice-time has been steadily decreasing to 7:50 on Wednesday. Is the writing on the wall?

That’s the question I posed to the CanucksArmy staff. Specifically, I asked them how they see things playing out for Nikolay Goldobin with the Canucks.


It’s looking like it’s “put up or shut up” time for Goldy. He’s been given time on pretty much any line that could possibly extrude his abilities and it looks like it’s been wasted away. There could be a variety of reasons why he hasn’t translated from a prospect to a pro but as a hockey player, he’s invisible and even a guy like Jussi Jokinen stood out and he was a throw-in trade. If the Canucks bury him in Utica that may be the end of his time as a Vancouver Canuck. He will require waivers next season so there is the off-chance he’s claimed but the other side of it is that he does just enough that no one cares when he is called up.

I think the Canucks move on from him, personally. Jannik Hansen hasn’t worked out for San Jose so maybe Jim Benning will see that as a wash and feel ok letting him go.

Cory Hergott

I haven’t seen Goldobin as a fit here for a while. I have been anticipating a trade out of town for Goldy, be it on his own or in a package. He doesn’t seem to fit the profile of what they want in a player, so I don’t see him in Vancouver by the time camp rolls around. Benning and Linden both mentioned the want to add more picks for the upcoming draft. It is entirely possible that one of those picks comes at the expense of Goldobin. Alternatively, they could peddle him for another team’s early/mid 20’s player who hasn’t been a fit. Not unlike the trades of Jensen for Etem or Shinkaruk for Granlund.


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Jackson McDonald

He’ll get placed on waivers to start next season. My guess is that he’d get picked up but he might clear if they time it right. I don’t see them getting a return for him. The Canucks have 1 forward spot open and that’s if the Sedins don’t come back. Leipsic, Virtanen, Motte, and Goldobin all require waivers next year. So now, if they go to trade him, any competent front office is going to know they’re in a tight spot and they’ll basically have the Canucks over a barrel in negotiations. You can tell through their comments that they’re basically done with Goldobin now; but it’s not like they’ll be able to get a return on him when a team knows they can just have him for free on waivers once negotiations have stalled.

J.D. Burke

I think I summed my thoughts up on the matter nicely in an interview with Mike Halford & Jason Brough on TSN 1040 this morning. Oddly enough, my position hasn’t changed since then.

  • Sandpaper

    I think you will see a cleansing of players before the draft, Goldobin being 1 of them. Goldobin blew his chances, imo.
    Others to be headed out ate probably going too be players like Granlund Baertschi Boucher Hutton and Tanev.
    Any picks will do.

    • Killer Marmot

      Granlund is a strong two-way player than can fill a number of roles on offense and defense, including the penalty kill. He makes the coach’s job easy, which means he’ll probably stick around.

  • Freud

    Why is this team trading for such players? All these signs were there before he was acquired. Why was San Jose so willing to give up on him?
    Yet another bad move that can’t be hidden next year because of poor planning and no long term focus.

    Trade for another team’s “prospect”. Watch them stall out. Lose them for next to nothing. Have ongoing questions why no players ever get developed in Utica. Rinse, repeat.

    Team treadmill’s motto.

    • Killer Marmot

      Why? Because Goldobin is undeniably talented. He was drafted 27th overall for a reason.

      But his career has not developed as expected, so he was a reclamation project. Well, sometimes such projects work out — in which case the rewards are considerable — and sometimes they don’t.

    • TD

      Your right Freud, and while we are at it we may as well stop drafting players as most of them don’t work out. They waste all this time scouting them, drafting them, running PROSPECT camps and then most of them don’t work out. Ridiculous, what a waste of time and effort. We should be more like team X, every pick they make works out…

  • Cageyvet

    Yeah, let’s just give up on everyone…..as for losing him by putting him on waivers, I can’t wait for the asset management article after that happens.

    Goldobin flashes some real skill, but I’m not going to claim he’s got an NHL game……yet. I’ve posted this several times now, this is garbage time, trade deadline is in the rearview mirror, and we are so beaten up that key pieces of the re-build, Dowd and Jokinen are in the lineup. He’s scratched tonight, and that’s fine, make him earn it and learn what it takes to stick in the league. Let’s talk after the end of the season, not only did half the city and CA staff (including me) say play the kids and see what they’ve got, but there is nothing to gain right now and potentially something to lose.

    Maybe he’s a bust, and choosing to move on in one manner or another is the right call, but the staff at CA seems to armchair GM with the best of them. Why is the concensus not to play things out, instead of rushing to judge a kid wiith less than 50 games played in the league who turns 23 next season? Why the constant negativity in this city, I guess the William Karlsson stories can’t ever happen in Vancouver because we have some inferiority complex?

    On the radio, on the web, and in print, this seems to be a major theme these days. Let’s put more pressure and negativity on the kid, that should help. Where’s Ryan Miller when you need him? He understood that not all players react the same way, maybe we should learn a lesson from the Tryamkin experience and stop trying to change their nature and instill a bit of confidence by showing some faith. The kid is a playmaker and a scorer, no completely free ride, but I’d have him out for all the powerplay time I could and help his confidence. Every single athlete talks about how their play goes for a crap without confidence, even the elite, so maybe that could be a key to player development? Just saying…..

  • Canuck70

    Goldy is not a bust. He has made it to the NHL. That is a success story by any hockey player’s standards. Staying in the league by improving his play seems to be a problem for him. It is too bad he has not been able to show better. Jokinen is a better player than Goldy. He always will be, even though he is older. There are plenty of players better than Jokinen. That’s life! I believe in player development and we all have seen what can happen when a team gives up on a player and trades him away. Pittsburg on Naslund for example. That was great for Vancouver. But even in believing in player development does not allow me to think that Gold is redeemable. Virtanen gave us far more evidence to believe that he could develop into a really good player. Goldy has shown too little. The Canucks should probably move on from Gold but let him play out the rest of this season to ensure the tank. We need to finish last to better our odds at picking Rasmus Dahlin.

    • Killer Marmot

      Yeah, keep playing him in the hopes that he goes on a run. Then either he’ll have shown that he belongs with the Canucks, or at worst he’ll be easier to trade.

    • Tedchinook

      True about Naslund, but personally I don’t see any drive or desire in Goldobin’s game. At this point he’s got to know he’s on thin ice and you would think he’d be working his butt off, but most of the time he just seems to be in cruise control. I doubt there was ever a time that the effort wasn’t there for Markus Naslund.

    • TD

      Naslund was scoring on the Penguins when they traded him, 19 goals, 33 assists for 52 points in 66 games that season at the time of the trade. Goldobin has 4 goals and 3 assists in 24 games this year and 8 goals and 4 assists in 47 games in his career. Not sure Naslund is a comparable. Moreover with twice as many goals as assists, he’s not showing as a player who makes his teammates better.