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Canucks trade Thomas Vanek to Columbus for Tyler Motte and Jussi Jokinen

The Vancouver Canucks have sent forward Thomas Vanek to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Jussi Jokinen and Tyler Motte.

There have been some reports that the Canucks may be receiving different players and this post will be updated.

Jussi Jokinen was signed by the Edmonton Oilers in the off-season after being bought out by the Florida Panthers in the summer. He was later traded to the Los Angeles Kings, and then was waived two months later and claimed by the Columbus Blue Jackets. He has one goal and six assists in 46 NHL games this season. He had cleared waivers earlier this morning.

Motte was drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks and was moved to the Blue Jackets in the offseason as a part of the Artemi Panarin and Brandon Saad deal. He has appeared in 31 NHL games this season and was limited to five points. Motte had a strong NCAA career but hasn’t been able to translate that offensive production to the professional ranks.  Motte is a bit of grinding forward who has flashed that offensive potential, but at this point, he may not be able to realize that. He has rebounded well this year in the AHL with nine goals and two assists in 17 games with the Cleveland Monsters:

That increase in production this year has seen his pGPS cohort percentage increase:

Thomas Vanek was signed in the off-season, and the impression was that he would be flipped for an asset at the deadline, which we now kow happened today. The fanbase was hoping for a draft pick return for the veteran winger, but it appears the organization wanted to target another early twenties player who hasn’t been able to secure a full-time spot in the NHL and a veteran winger on an expiring deal.

With that being said, this fits exactly into what Canucks management has been preaching for the last few months, which is getting young twenties players who can help them now.

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This return can be seen as disappointing as the organization still only has six draft picks for the 2018 NHL Draft. But this deal fits into the same mould as many other trades over this management’s regime.

  • Freud

    This management team has been in control for almost 4 seasons.

    Over the last 3 seasons, they have only 5 more points than the worst team in the league. They evaluated this current team to the degree that they handed out salaries to the cap. They’ve been at the Cap all 4 years.

    The philosophy that has led to 3 miserable seasons is eschewing picks for 20 something “prospects”.

    Over $70M currently in players, 4 years of planning and they have not one piece that can get them anything of value towards a rebuild.

    Meanwhile, 36 plus draft picks exchanged hands since Benning announced on Feb 14th that teams were treating picks like gold and he did not expect a lot of picks to move.

    NYR, Chicago, StL make more rebuild moves in a day than this team has done in 3 years.

    This team sticks with the philosophy that has left them in 30th place.

    But at least Benning didn’t give CBJ a draft pick in this deal.

    Baby steps, I guess.

    • Marvin101

      I don’t think Aquilini is getting fair value for the $74,000,000.00 Benning is paying for a 28th place team. Linden’s “meritocracy” obviously doesn’t apply to the GM.

    • Mathias

      Whoopty do.
      Propose a realistic scenario where it could’ve actually affected the team??
      At what point have the Canucks been unable to sign a worthy asset willing to play with them? Lucic? Inginla?
      Seems to me Sutter, Dorsett, Sbisa, and now Gudbranson all deserved an extra mil to play in the toxic mill.
      They all seemed overpriced, but what exactly could /would the Canucks have done with that spare coin?
      None of those acquisitions were ever going to land you Top-6 talent anyway.
      You are dreaming if you think the Canucks have had equivalent asset value to either McDonagh and Nash in the last 3 years.

      Mismanagement is empty seats- cant blame the team for stocking up on B-grade Veteran talent, and hoping to find a few diamonds in the rough while they’re waiting for the platoon to arrive.

    • Goon

      Benning doesn’t seem to understand that part of his job involves *selling*. No one’s calling about Vanek? Get on the phone and call them.

      This was his same excuse at the 2016 deadline. “Oh there weren’t many offers”. So get out there and sell your players. Convince people that Vanek, who has FORTY POINTS, is worth something. Hey look here’s a shiny new Erik Gudbranson just signed to a three-year contract with no NTC – don’t you want him? Isn’t this lovely young Ben Hutton worth a draft pick or prospect? Don’t you need a Sam Gagner on your second unit PP?

      He’s not doing his job.

      • RobG

        Were you in the room while he was on the phone? Better yet, did you bug his office?

        Do you honestly think Benning didnt make a single call or try to up sell Vanek? You have NO CLUE what Benning did or didn’t do to maximize the assets on the table. So cut the crap, because unless you were in the room you don’t have a clue.

        • Benning’s results as GM speak for themselves.

          Also, Benning speaks for himself. It’s pretty clear from his comments about this and many past deals (and non-deals) that he is extremely passive in this regard and does not actively work to sell assets.

          • DJ_44

            Benning stated he talked to pretty much every GM in the league. For those with interest in Vanek, you are probably looking at 4. He stated openly that not one draft pick was offered.

            With respect to Hutton, or Baertschi or anyone else; pre-draft is when these types of deals would happen. TDL is generally for big names going to potential cup contenders or UFA deals. Interestingly, other names apparently came up but the offers were apparently not substantial enough.

            I was disappointed the return was not their for Vanek; I did not mind the Leipsic deal (although I would have preferred the trade be for Hutton and not Holm).

            But it is not a disaster. They have bodies to move out in the off-season, hopefully pre-draft.

          • Nothing Benning does is a disaster in and of itself. It’s death by a thousand cuts. This is a terrible team that will remain terrible for the foreseeable future because management is incapable of assessing their position and making smart moves to put them in a position to succeed.

          • TD

            This is a terrible team. I would have liked a pick for Vanek, but if it was not offered, it was not offered. I’m just not sure what smart moves you think they should be making. I would love to trade Edler, but he won’t waive his no trade. I would trade Tanev, but I can see the benefit of keeping him to partner with Juolevi. Trading Tanev this deadline was a non-starter anyways because of his fractured leg. The best forwards on the team are all untradeable, Bo and Boeser because they are the only cornerstones for the future and the Sedins. The next best forward apparently didn’t even garner a single offer for a pick.

            I would trade Del Zotto, but no one wanted him last summer and his performance since November hasn’t probably changed any other GM’s minds. I’m hoping some of the prospects will make players like Baertschi and Granlund expendable in the next year or two, but right now we don’t have anyone to replace them. They are also young enough to build with going forward. If we aren’t convinced they are good enough to keep on the 28th place team, why would any other GM’s want them? This team is bad and will continue to be so until enough prospects become stars. Extra draft picks would help, but what do we honestly have to trade.

          • Mathias

            Benning’s results (last year) did speak for themselves.
            So did the Poulliot deal.
            It might be frustrating to watch as a fan, but its pretty obvious by the rest of the league-
            the deals weren’t there.
            If Maroon gets a 3rd in 2019, what was Vanek or Hutton (realistically) going to land?
            4th round 2019, 5th 2018? The 23 year old with upside is a far better gamble.

          • Deals like Pouliot and Leipsic are depth additions. These are not star players. They look good on the Canucks because the Canucks have so few actually good players. They need to find actually good players by drafting them. Benning’s headed into *another* draft with fewer draft picks than he started with.

            And you can’t say “look at last year” without also looking at the year before. Looking at Benning’s time as GM in totality, it’s pretty clear that last year was the aberration.

          • Mathias

            By the year before, you mean Hamhuis and Vrbata?
            I’d say the majority of people and the totality of the body of work is a Bminus to Cminus for Benning.
            Overpayment for 2 overrated players (Gudbranson, and Sutter), +
            One really bad free agent signing- everything else has been pretty sensible.

            Even if the Canucks were offered McCann + a 2nd by FLA right now, they’d still be better off gambling on Guddy, getting 2 years of mediocre defence, and flipping him in 2 years for the 2nd in 2020 -when they have a salary log jam of actual talent.
            Bonino burns a bit, but what would Sutter’s career looked like playing with Kessel?

            The Canucks have some talent, but those just aren’t deadline deal guys.
            Tanev, Edler, Baertschi, Granlund all have offseason/draft deadline potential.
            They are guys other teams will want to start the season with, hardly playoff plugs or superstars.

            I get the frustration, I don’t see a logical/objective criticism. Get out there and sell would require a market of foolish buyers- the only one was San Jose, possibly Boston, but those were deals for stars.
            The Canucks are now clear frontrunners for Kane, and have at least a top 5 pick at the draft.

            I don’t see what difference a Ruthorford, Lamorillo, or Yzerman would be able to make with the crappy cards the Canucks have been dealt. When we are calling Boeser and Petterson generational talent, and can’t afford to keep up-and comers like Gadjovich and Lind, then you can compare.

            Benning ain’t the best, but GM’s like Yzerman and Rutherford are who they are because of years of experience, and having generational talent to draw in others.

            No reason to assume Canucks won’t land top 5 drafts in 18 & 19.

          • RobG

            Having more high end picks in the draft is ideal but he can’t just conjure them up in a magic cauldron. Given the current roster how is Benning going to come away from the TDL with more 1st and second round picks? Trading Horvat and Boeser. That’s it.

        • Roy

          oh wow man did you think up that insult yourself? What an ice burn for all those fans who are watching Benning blindly and clumsily steer this garbage barge into an offshore rig. Benning is stupid, and if you just hoot and caper for him – with zero evidence to show he actually knows what he is doing – you’re worse than he is. But yeah enjoy this team for a few years. They are nigh unwatchable now. They will be a bigger joke than the Oilers.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Obviously. In case people out there are unaware, Jim Benning IS A SCOUT. He has proven for years that he has absolutely no ability to trade, negotiate contracts, network, communicate, appear competent, ect…

    • Freud

      But I’m told Benning says things that aren’t true. He says what we want to hear. He told us Sutter was a foundational player, but that was just GM talk, he really didn’t mean it.

      • bobdaley44

        Well if foundational means takes draws, log heavy minutes, works hard, provides leadership, kills penalties, checks the top lines and can play up and down the lineup. I think the term may apply here. Does foundational mean superstar? No i don’t think so.It means relied upon. Benning, Guddy, Erikkson ,Sutter. Same CA whipping boy theme.

          • TD

            I think Sutter is overpaid, but star players get paid 10-12 mil these days. And the cap is going up next year. Sutter at 4.5 or whatever he is paid is too much, but not dramatically so. Most GM’s have to pay a premium to tie up a player the first time UFA years are getting purchased. The late 20’s is the time to pay, not the 30’s (Eriksson).

  • Mbossy22

    I get it, people are p’d off. But think rationally…if you were the GM of a playoff contender, what would you pay for Vanek…who has been a pleasant surprise for the Canucks, but is an older, slower winger who doesn’t have a great history of playoff performance?
    Just be realistic.

    • I am Ted

      Vanek has been moved around recently and did not do great for other teams during a playoff run. So, I am sure that was a factor. Although, Vanek has better playoff numbers than Nash. What an odd world.

    • TD

      The guys on 650 made a good point about Vanek. Everyone know he is slow and one dimensional. Most playoff teams want speed and have their top 6 forward group locked in. Does anyone think Vanek would be an effective bottom 6 forward? Especially in the playoffs where the game gets grittier and more intense.

  • Giant-Nation

    WOuld have taken a 6th round pick over this..disappointing – it is crystal clear that only having 6 draft picks going into the 2018 entry draft ..WHEN! Your in are in a rebuild is a massive failure. Fact the Canucks have a good young talent pool – the 2018 draft if done right (multiple picks) could potentially put a consecutive years of a strong talent pool = a freaking good strong rebuild! 6 picks sucks when you have a good team sucks when your 28/27th in the league it’s a huge disappointment from a fan base, our strength is drafting?? So let’s reduce our organizations strength? Good question at presser was how come the Canucks have not traded a pure player for picks like Biesek’s trade in over 3 years!!

    • TD

      If you got a 6th rounder, you would hope he developed as well as Motte did in college. Most late round picks don’t do near so well. Motte does not appear to be able to transition that to the NHL, but maybe a fresh team with larger opportunities will help. The fact that Motte even made the NHL makes him one of the positive stats as a later round pick.

  • Before everyone skewers Benning on this trade, note that Motte had identical stats in his 3rd year of NCAA as Gaudette. And was drafted around the same round (4th). Motte barely got any ice-time with Columbus and Chicago so Benning may have a decent prospect, the other teams never gave him a chance. Looking forward to seeing both Jokinen and Motte in the lineup.

    • Freud

      Still a lot of simple minded excuses from Team Lemming. But lots of converts to Team Resistance too.

      I’m sure the next large group of converts to Team Resistance will be in July when Vanek and Jokinen are brought back on 3 year deals with NTCs and in September when Leipsic and Motte are sent to the minors or lost on waivers.

    • Roy

      LOL. A has-been on waivers who would probably be a bottom-six in the KHL and a coin flip who probably does a few tours of duty in the AHL. Can’t wait. After Gudbranson and now this, Benning is definitively stupid and terrible and bad and dumb.

    • Puck Viking

      Gaudette is a 2 way center who is average size. Motte is a one way small forward. It was a brutal deal and no one can say anything else. I would not have picked up either player off waivers and Jokinens case 30 other NHL teams agreed with me..

      • Nuck16

        Obviously Joki had no value, so we took him off there hands as part of the deal.
        Vanek obviously has very little value to other teams…this is probably the best we could fetch for him. So the question is whether or not we should have kept Vanek or take a give Motte a shot. The latter has a chance of working out, thought very slight. We can re-sign Vanek in the off-season if we want…I don’t think there will be a lineup for him.

          • DJ_44

            To point out the obvious; at the TDL we added a grand total of 1 contract (he is the math: 2 out; 3 in).
            We have 3 open spots. One is reserved for Gaudette. Are you suggesting the Canucks should sign more than two college FA’s between end of college season and July 1st? Nice.

      • Cageyvet

        I’ll say anything I like thankyou, and I see below that you guarantee Motte won’t work out. Let’s see. By the way, in the case of 30 other NHL teams’ opinions…..nobody wanted Vanek for months in the off-season. I thought he’d be worth more at the deadline, but obviously his value had crashed already, regardless of what he did this season. Just keep on criticizing everything and telling us all we know nothing, that’s what free speech is all about, to let the nuts out of the can.

  • Jimjamg

    The sad reality is that the League is not beating the doors down to get our players, which is what happens when you finish 29th three years in a row. We are dealing from a position of weakness and no one will throw us a lifeline. Our players need to play better to have value, it’s as simple as that.

    • TD

      The only players the Canucks have to trade with any value are Tanev and Edler. Tanev is hurt and Edler won’t waive his no trade. This team is destitute of talent. Hopefully some of the kids can make the team next year. Over the past couple weeks, the Sedins have been their best line. Horvat and Boeser have been good, but have to play against the other teams top shut down players.

    • Roy

      Uh actually Einstein, Vanek was the highest scoring winger on the market. Players with 11 or less points got 1st-round picks. Benning is terrible at the deadline and terrible in the draft. This is embarrassing. It’s not our players.

      • DJ_44

        So, you are saying Vanek is more valuable to a playoff team than Kane? Or Nash (who also has another year); or Tatar (with three more years). Apparently other GMs in the league disagree.

        • Roy

          yeah, that’s exactly what I said, simpleton. Actually, if you infer anything, it’s that Vanek clearly has even slightly more inherent worth than the utter garbage Benning got fleeced for. This is embarrassing. It’s worse than 2016, worse than Benning’s draft blunders, and worse than his flip-flopping between speed and grit or rebuild. Giving Benning the benefit of the doubt just demonstrates you mouth breathe at about the same level of hockey IQ that he does.

          • DJ_44

            The highest scoring winger will not translate to desireable commodity of the playoffs. Last years FLA history, as well as MTL, did not mean there was a lot of interest.

            Are you suggesting that there were picks on the table for Vanek? Or are you one of the ones who think Vanek was worth a first.

            Got it. I will take the compliment that I have the hockey IQ of a NHL GM; it smoothes over the time wasted reading your reply.

          • Gino über alles

            Maybe you can explain why a team is expected to give up much valued draft pics for a player that every single team in the league passed on during free agency and let him sit on the sidelines for the majority of the summer. Vanek has proven to be a decent regular season scorer, everyone knows his game. He’s also proven to be a minimal impact player during the playoffs, but no-one is expecting a 34 year old winger to have a sudden renaissance with their team.

            Blaming Benning for no teams giving up any picks is completely asinine, you can’t realistically expect another team to place huge value on Vanek when the competing teams already have their top 6 wingers figured out.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Also doesn’t help us when our GM refuses to even contemplate moving out pieces that actually have some value left (as opposed to all the young guys that Green has consistently devalued) who are not considered part of the “core” moving forward. Closed-mindedness will get you nowhere.

    • Puck Viking

      So doesnt that tell you we should turn over the entire roster and get new players.. how people sit here saying these players are so good yet we finish last in the league every year and now cant get anything for you has to tell you to unload them all and bring in new ones and finally start to rebuild this team.

  • Kanucked

    So let me understand this…we trade Vanek and don’t get any draft picks, but have to Jokinen’s salary of $1.1M. Shouldn’t we get a 7th rounder just for taking that salary?

    I think this trade may even get worse. If Jokinen makes the team next year and the Sedins resign, then we would need to push some of the following through waivers Boucher, Goldobin, Gaunce, Archibald, or the new guys.

    Not impressed.

    • Jokinen has excellent possession stats and was averaging 50 points per seasons over the last 3 seasons, prior to Tom Rowe ruining Florida last year. He may have been bounced around a lot this time but it’s an anomaly when you look at the last 5 years of his play. He’s a good player.

      • Kanucked

        I don’t think that’s the issue. What is the value to the Canucks? He takes a roster spot and salary that could be better utilized.

        The guy was also on waivers about a month ago.

        • Jokinen’s value was the point of my post. Yes, he’s been waived a lot this year but he’s a decent scoring forward, based on the last few years of his play. We really don’t have much NHL depth, I don’t have much faith in Goldobin or Boucher. So at least we get an NHL roster player for Vanek plus a B prospect in Motte. If it doesn’t work and/or Motte steps up, then you can waive Jokinen and move on.

          • TD

            We don’t need Jokinen! I don’t know if Goldobin or Boucher are NHL players either, but they had better play them to find out. If they suck, team tank wins. If they prove they can play, all the better. Either way, the Canucks need to find out.

            I don’t want Jokinen taking ice time in a lost season from any of the youth. With Vanek gone, one of the kids can get more playing time and PP time. What else can be accomplished for the last 20 games?

          • Kanucked

            I understand your perspective, but I don’t agree with it. Doubt he’ll be as good as Vanek was this year and we’re still in the bottom 5 of the league.

            While he may make them more competitive and I’m not sure what difference will he make to the rebuild.

          • MM

            I think jokinen is already in the minors. I dont think there are any worries he’s taking a spot on the canucks. We should have gotten at least a 7th to offer to pay his salary for the rest of the year.

      • Puck Viking

        Do you have a drug problem? Because you have to high to think jokinen has value. every team in the league could have had him for free multiple times this season and passed and he makes almost nothing.

  • Gampbler

    Like most people I was expecting a 3rd or 4th round pick for Vanek and receiving what they got instead is meh to say the least. Having said that, we as fans, tend to put a lot of emphasis on the futures of draft picks in the mid to late rounds. Scott Cullen from TSN wrote an article last June on the NHL Draft pick value. To break this deal down from management’s standpoint and Scott Cullen’s article, a 3rd or 4th round pick would have a value of between 1.72 and 2.40 with a percentage to play 100 games in the NHL between 14 and 27% and the odds of hitting it big with a top six/four being 4-8%. With acquiring a player like Motte, you get a value of 3-4 and the odds increase to 90-100% Is it exciting and have any chance of being that 4-8% pick? Not likely, but if you break it down over a few transactions, it’s the much safer play.

      • TD

        Actually safe may not be a bad thing IF all their blue chip prospects hit. Every team needs depth scoring on the third and fourth lines. Think of the value Hansen had to the team during their peak. Depth scoring that could kill penalties. The problem is that the Canucks are so destitute of legitimate D prospects, they need to swing for the fences with as many picks as possible. If Benning was telling the truth, there were no picks offered.

    • MM

      Tell Gaudette that. I think if you armed Benning with 3-4 extra 5th round picks trading the likes of vanek, mdz, hutton, holm, et al. you might hit on a player like Gaudette again. His upside is worth more than another 23 yr old 3rd line winger that we already have in bunches.

      • Gampbler

        I sincerely hope that Gaudette becomes one of the 4-8% or even the 14-27%, but we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves to declare that pick as a bonafide hit. Let’s let him play his first NHL game at least.

  • Ken Priestlay Fan

    It’s a ‘meh’ kind of trade, but it’s much better than most people seem to be suggesting. Realistically the best Vanek was going to get was a 4th, a 3rd if they got really lucky. Motte is easily worth a 4th round pick and taking Jokinen was more about facilitating the trade due to CBJ being at 50ish contracts. Now I would have liked to see them move Baertschi (who’s gonna get an unnecessarily large extension now) and at least one defenceman, but didn’t really expect it. And for those complaining about Vancouver being crap but being up against the cap: the Sedins take up $14million out of $74million. Add in Edler, Tanev, Horvat all having fair but not cheap contracts, it would be tough to not be near the cap every year

  • Freud

    What ever happened to the theory Benning refused to make a bad trade for Hamhuis because other teams would think they could take advantage of him in trades to come?

    • Brilliant armchair GM’ing. Maroon got a 3rd round pick and B prospect and he was one of the top players in the trade list. Vanek was around the 7th or 8th best LW and you think that Benning is going to get anything close to that? Benning converted two free agents into decent prospects, something realistic.

      • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

        MTL got a 5th for Jerabek and a 4th for Morrow.
        CHI got a 1st and 4th for Ryan Hartman (a guy that has been a complete bust all season) & a 5th
        NYR got a 2nd & prospect for Grabner
        NYR got a 3rd & prospect for Holden.

        Were all those unrealistic? Just because the entire league views Benning as a doormat and completely unqualified GM doesn’t mean we ought to be blindly supporting him and/or automatically believing him when he says that nobody offered picks. Picks flew left right and center today. Just not to us.

        • You conveniently forgot to include all of the facts in those deals. Hartman is 23 years old, is RFA and is a decent 3rd line scorer (10-20 goals per season) that can play wing or centre. Grabner is a helluva lot faster than Vanek, has scored 25 goals this year and can kill penalties. Jerabek, Morrow and Holden are all defencemen, a totally different (and more coveted) position. If anything, your post shows how little you know about the hockey players traded today.

          • Freud

            Granlund, Sutter play centre and wing and scored as many goals than Hartman last year and more this year. Baertschi outscored him last year and this year too. Killing penalties is important. Sutter and Granlund do that too.

            D-men are coveted? We’ve got Tanev, Del Zotto, Gudbransen.

            The market has been set.

            Looking forward to the multiple first and second rounders coming our way for these players before the draft.

  • TRod

    Calm down people. We got Holm and Vanek for nothing last summer (and you probably complained about Benning signing them). Benning then turned them into 22 and 23 year old prospects who have already have NHL games under their belt. For whatever fourth or later round draft picks JB-haters think we might’ve potentially been able to extract from VGK and Columbus, we’d all be ecstatic if they turned into Leipsic and Motte.

    Both of these guys represent free raffle tickets who have proven they are good AHLers and potential NHLers. Fourth round draft picks have the statistical expectation of neither.

    • argoleas

      Motte is also waiver-exempt this and next season. That is good. It somewhat mitigates the fact that Goldy and Boucher will be waiver eligible next season and team will have to make roster decisions with those two. In fact, Motte is just a few months older than Goldy.

      Curious to see what Leipsic will show us in the next 20 games.

      • TD

        I have heard and read mixed reviews about Leipsic’s speed. It would be interesting to see him on LW with Horvat and Boeser. He’s supposed to have good skill and a lot of tenacity.

        • Giant-Nation

          Off Topic… I wonder if the B man will go after Kane in Free Agency? He is 26 perhaps to old for the rebuild core here, and his off ice stuff or team guy concerns are always front and centre… but being from Van I wonder what Jim is thinking.

          • MM

            JB will totally try for Kane in the off season. The worry is what it’ll cost him to land him in term and $ and how that meshes with a team peaking a few years from now. Kane is a lot younger than ericksson so the risk is less, unless you take into account the reports he’s cancer in the room. then it’s just bad all around.

          • argoleas

            If this is a question about what Benning will do, then we have to start with Sedins. So, if they return, no big UFA for sure. In fact, main point of Sedins returning would be that it would be a 1 year deal to tidy them over until Pettersson, Dahlen, Gaudette and maybe Lind are ready.

            But if Sedins are not back, then it does leave an option for filling a spot. But here, we run into term issues. A E. Kane deal would be on the scope of Eriksson. Regardless whether Kane will provide productive or not, such a deal would potentially shatter their long-term cap control.

            So no, I do not see Benning doing a Kane UFA deal unless he got out of the Eriksson deal, and maybe not even then.

          • Puck Viking

            If he didnt blow it with Eriksson ya Kane would have been possible but no chance now. Plus we should finally be rebuilding not adding big money free agents. This team is an abortion with zero defense no free agent you can magically think of will turn this dumpster fire around.

          • Dirty30

            Benning can chase Kane all he wants but why would Kane come here? For a $10 mil contract so he can sit in the strip clubs while management lectures the fans on creating a winning culture? And would Kane want to wait years for this team to climb out of the basement when he just escaped a basement team? He will likely stay in California where no one recognizes him and he can get a contract with a team that can be in the play-offs every year.

            Look at what it cost to get Eriksson and he thought he was going to be playing with the Olympic Sedins not the Oldtimers hockey Sedins. I’m sure Loui appreciates six mil a year to watch his career die here.

            Kane may be a lot of things, but he’s not going to be stupid when it comes to signing his next contract. He’s not coming here, he’s not visiting here, he’s not even looking it up on Google maps.

        • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

          Guaranteed Green ONLY plays him (when he doesn’t bench him or sit him in Ben Hutton’s press box) on the 4th line with his golden studs like Gaunce & Dowd.

      • TRod

        It’s a wash- we traded a 34 year old and a 26 year old, and got a 22 year old and a 23 year old (Jokinen is an expiring contract). Motte and Leipsic have as much upside as any third or fourth college player we might be able to sign.

  • Puck Viking

    Probably the worst trade in Canucks history.

    We would have been better off waiving Vanek so we didnt loose 2 contract spots. Now we are totally limited in young free agent signings from both CHL and NCAA.

    Jokinen cleared waivers and Motte is not even a top line player in the AHL..


    • DJ_44

      What are you talking about? We added one contract spot (Motte). We got rid of a contract spot (Vanek) and Joikinen is off all books on July 1st. We still have 3 additional contract spots left, with one obviously earmarked for Gaudette.

      So are you suggesting we go out and sign 3+ FA before July 1st??

      • Puck Viking

        Yes I am suggesting that they sign 3+ free agents before July 1, YOU KNOW COLLEGE AND CHL OVER AGE UFAs. Something that most fans wont understand and I guess neither does this terrible Canucks management group. Plus Gaudette needs to be signed so we dont risk loosing him.

        • Puck Viking

          Oh I forgot about attempting to land one of or both of the SHL defense but the way that Holm was treated that probably wont happen either but again it wont matter as we dont have any contract spots available to sign any more than one player between now and July 1.

          And Motte is garbage so there is that too. We shouldnt have even taken him for free.

          So yes waiving Vanek and getting nothing in return would be better than this abortion of a trade.

          • DJ_44

            I type slowly so you can understand. 2 contract spots are available. 23 open up on July 1st.

            If the Canucks want to sign more than 2 college, CHL or European free agents, a simple handshake until July 1 is all it would take.

            Nice strawman.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    “With that being said, this fits exactly into what Canucks management has been preaching for the last few months, which is getting young twenties players who can help them now.”

    Question: Help them achieve what? Losing? That’s fine and all, but DRAFT PICKS would also equate to helping the team lose now (AHL callups).

    “This return can be seen as disappointing as the organization still only has six draft picks for the 2018 NHL Draft. But this deal fits into the same mould as many other trades over this management’s regime.”

    Excellent analysis!

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    Just so people know (in case they weren’t aware), draft picks WERE INDEED moved left, right and center today, yesterday and in the time leading up to today’s TDL. What the NYR achieved in less than 3 weeks after publicly declaring their intentions to their fanbase is literally rubbing salt in the wound of this inept mgmt regime. NYR now have 7 picks in the first 3 rounds of this summers draft and 10 overall. MTL now have 6 picks in the first 3 rounds of this summers draft and 9* overall. What a shameful display from a mgmt group that remains (4 years in now) incredibly inexperienced, and bigtime pushovers.

    • DJ_44

      Why? Do you think they were not up front with Thomas signing a one year deal with no trade protection?

      What if CBJ goes deeper into the playoffs with Vanek scoring and ups his value if free agency? Would he talk to the Canucks then??

    • Vanek knew exactly what his situation was when he signed here and would consider coming back, most likely only if a NTC is involved. He’s earned $70 million in his career so far, at this point I think he’s just looking for a balance between maintaining a hockey career and not messing up his kids’ childhoods by moving them around all the time.

      • DJ_44

        He seeks a NTC next year. We should not resign him based on that and his apparent trade value. He was good for Boeser this year. Motte is not nothing; he has speed and skill that may or may not translate. It is a younger asset we have now (for Utica if nothing else) that we did not have yesterday. Would a 2nd or 3rd or 4th round pick been better? Sure. None offered. Move on.

          • DJ_44

            He is in his second year pro, non-waiver eligible next year. He has been up and down with a good Chicago club last season, and a decent CBJ team this year. To state he is “not NHL calibre” is basically ignorant. We do not know yet. We know his skills. Put him in a position to succeed and see how he does.

  • Beer Can Boyd

    Benning has only one chance to redeem himself to this fanbase, and thats to trade the newly signed Gudbrandson for a 1st round pick before the draft. Today was nothing short of a disaster.

  • TheRealPB

    I get that Vanek probably has less value than we were hoping but a sort of useless vet at about half the salary and an unproven AHL tweener? We have Benning claiming that no one was willing to offer a pick or that picks are gold. But in something like 20 of 25 transactions over the last two days picks WERE exchanged. It’s just baffling. This isn’t as bad or inept as two TDLs ago but it’s pretty useless. I don’t believe in picks for picks sake but I also don’t know how many times you go to the well of a different kind of lottery ticket (the unproven or slightly stale prospect) and hope it works out. Also how in the name of god is Tomas Tatar who has 28 points in 62 games worth a 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounder? Tell me again how incredible a GM George McPhee is while I look up Martin Erat’s stats…

    • DJ_44

      Joikenin is a salary dump to offset the higher Vanek salary.

      Tartar is 27yr old ~25 goal scorer with three years left on his deal ( at a healthly $5.8M per). VGK obviously likes him a lot. I get the McPhee crack, but he also is running the top team in the west, so what to we know?

      Vanek’s poor track record was obviously reflected in the absence of offer. No picks on offer so the choice was to keep him or atleast get another lottery pick that will help Utica (probably quite a bit) in the playoff run.

    • Puck Viking

      Wrong again waiving him or getting a 7th rounder would have given us 3 additional contract spots. Now we have one spot for these 2 terrible players acquired. Benning blows it again.

    • Puck Viking

      No he didnt get a prospect. He got a player that was a prospect and has showed zero while being forced to take on another contract which no limits the teams ability to get NCAA free agents next mont.

      But for fans who cant forward think ya sure we got a prospect.

      • That’s not the narrative when Motte got traded from Chicago. And if you dive into the stats (also known as facts), you’ll see Motte produced at a 0.16 to 0.21 PPG while getting only 9-11 minutes TOI. Add that in Chicago, Motte was forced to grind and kill penalties to “pay his dues”, something that Chicago analysts don’t understand from a player development perspective.

        So for commenters who can’t be bothered to do any research, ya sure he’s not a draft pick.

    • Ser Jaime Lannister

      hahah you have such low expectations i love it. I bet you were excited when JB signed MDZ, Vanek, and Gagner? Its fun rooting for losers isnt it!

  • j2daff

    1st question on today’s trades… did the canucks even discuss a possible contract extension with Holm? If he wasn’t going to resign then his deal makes sense, otherwise, I wouldn’t have moved him for all three of the guys we picked up today. Yes he is not proven but he hasn’t had a chance to prove himself. He did not have a great preseason but did everything you could ask of a player in Utica. He had promise, didn’t look bad in the one game he played. disappointed in him going and not optimistic about Leipsic.

    now for the Vanek trade… I seriously can’t help but think this trade hurt the team simply by the added contract. There was no value added here, neither player will be with this team in 3 years or be moved for any value.

    That said we have to ask ourselves some questions… do we really think the second highest scoring(points or close in goals) on the trade board had zero value? He’s had a good season and good numbers, he’s a big body and there were teams that paid for less… I’m not saying Vanek is worth more then Maroon but who had better numbers playing with worse line mates? What does Maroon have over Vanek… Grit and size really… Maroon is a very good middle six grinder who can chip in offensively, specially when playing with talented players… Vanek is an aging talented top six forward who will find ways to put up points..

    question 2 … do we really think benning tried to shop Vanek? His hockey night in Canada appearance would make me think not, both on what he stated he was looking for and the comment about waiting for other teams to call… He’s said this in the past too… If you were another manager would you want to deal with benning unless u knew you could fleece him on a deal? I mean look at every interview, stumbling over words, sending confused messages about direction, which often lead to a follow up press release to clarify ffs… His drafting record is suspect based on the high picks we’ve had and his trading record has not been great, yes there are two or three maybe even a fourth that you should think he made out okay but so many are just bad. He should not be leading the charge on the trade front, he just shouldn’t… nothing has been as bad as the ballard trade but cumulatively worse… and lets not start with bad signings, in three years on the job, he has signed one good meaningful contract that wasn’t an automatic… loads of bad signings that are unmovable, and a few minor signings that were passable…

    Make up you own minds but before he was resigned I wasn’t sure about benning thinking I’d like to see what another season would bring, feeling he set himself up nicely to make this a good deadline, moving Vanek and maybe another forward, a couple of out 4-6 dmen, added some picks, mostly in rounds 4-6… and then having a good draft… now he’s blown the deadline horribly… couldn’t have been too much worse… I’m afraid to see what comes in the draft and in the summer… shouldn’t have been signed..

    oh and for all of you that praise his drafting… Boeser is the only player to pan out so far… Petterson was a disappointment to most at first. He has shown great talent but still may not have been the right choice… Gaudette should be a player, no one else is close enough to judge except maybe Joulevi… who gets mixed reviews… with how high our picks have been he should have been able to find a minimum of 1 good player (top 6 forward or top 4 D) in each draft hitting nhl with in 3 years of development to not be considered bad. Remember 3 top 5 picks… remember this is just what should be considered adequate, not actually good or great… the 2017 draft=too early… 2016 draft= Joulevi maybe… 2015 draft = Virtanen if he earns it for next year and continues to get the ice time and perform…

    well that’s my rant… Too long I know but needed to vent, specially after calling it this morning…

  • truthseeker

    So wait….the self loather’s on this site who were whining for the canucks to “take anything they could get” for Vanek are now upset that he brought back a 22 year old 4th round pick? What you would have preferred a 5th or later pick in this draft?

    And you’re trying to say this kid is too old? That they don’t need 20 somethings? Boeser is a twenty something you morons. It’s not like this kid is 25 or 26. Geezus. lol. Yeah, the kid will probably end up a nobody. duh! But news flash! So will the 4th round pick you wanted for Vanek in THIS draft. You wanted a 4th round pick, well you got it. That’s what this kid is.

    Yet you still f..king whine and moan. Why? Because you are self loathers. You enjoy taking the worst possible possible position on every single decision just so you can say “see…I was right…the canucks failed!”. And the fact you take satisfaction from doing that is what makes you truly pathetic. Bunch of f…king morons.

    • j2daff

      maybe it’s the majority of comments of Canucks fans and non Canucks fans all over giving opinions that this team is being run into the ground, seeing the direction get worse and fearing for the future… I for one have been a Canucks for all my life and actually care … This team has gone down hill in the last three years and the prospects we have are good but not overwhelming considered where we have picked. Todays deals were not good and in fact most people would consider this deadline a disaster for this team. 80% plus of the people judging are likely not wrong or imagining things… Mind you is does say something that certain people can’t see the obvious and even that they demean themselves enough to start name calling about it. Curious, how old are you my dear boy?

      • truthseeker

        no…they’re totally wrong. And so are you. Today’s deals are today’s deals and you have no f..king clue what was offered or asked so all you are doing is engaging in nothing more than useless speculation. The fact that don’t even have the self awareness to understand that is what you are doing makes me wonder how old you are. Do you even understand basic logic? A “disaster”. lol….for f…k sakes….hyperbole much? And yeah…you’re the only one who “cares” about the canucks. Presumptuous and arrogant…great combination.

        • j2daff

          not sure why you can’t type a sentence without cursing… maybe you can give us a rant about what that says about a person?

          … useless speculation? Maybe, but no more then anyone arguing the other side of the point in this case. It’s opinion both ways so call your self the exact same names… A big enough history can paint an accurate picture in most cases… history;
          in 3 seasons has this management group made one significant pick for draft picks, and before you answer, yes I do realize prospects can be just as valuable, I just wouldn’t be a dime on the prospects we picked up personally?
          did JB not say (I’m paraphrasing obviously) on live TV about a week before the deadline that he was looking to make a hockey trade?
          would you have been okay with picking up Leipsic a few years back for Tanev as so many Leafs fans posted was fair value if management had hinted it was all that was available? Yes I know not the same thing but the reality is just excepting todays deals is a more minor version of what excepting that deal would have been.

          I apologize for saying it but seriously … You cannot truly be ignorant enough to not get that there is nothing wrong with people having opinions and view points can you? That they do not have to be the same as yours and that the way you are conducting yourself is neither appropriate or called for?

          And yes disaster is a word that is somewhat appropriate in describing a rebuilding team walking out of 2 of the last 3 TDL’s with pretty much zero futures to show for it. History has also shown that successful rebuilds are nearly impossible to accomplish without leveraging aging assets while they have value and even signing free agents knowing you will move them for true futures at the DL and yes I can believe with great ease that a player projected for 55 points can get you a draft pick easy, it’s not even a question in my mind.

          no one said they were the only one who cares, so obviously not the case, many fans care. The phrase was actually care… maybe the phrase should have been “passionate”. There are times to be passive and not worry about things that happen with a team but as the majority of posters seem the feel, this is not one of them. There have been many moves I didn’t like and just shrugged at, this is not going to be one of them. Hamsuis and Vrbata two years ago were things not to just let go either… Neither was the Ballard trade years ago but we all make are choices on how feel and how much we feel. Who you think you are to try to say we don’t would be interesting to have explained…

          • truthseeker

            But I wasn’t arguing it the other way. I never said anything about what I thought about the trade. You’re just ASSuming that I think it was a good trade. I don’t. Nice try though.

            And as for the rest of your bizarre tangent ridden post, inventing strawmen and red herrings I didn’t even comment about…….I don’t care.

  • Puck Viking

    “This return can be seen as disappointing as the organization still only has six draft picks for the 2018 NHL Draft. But this deal fits into the same mould as many other trades over this management’s regime.”

    You mean terrible??

    Time to fire Linden.

  • Killer Marmot

    The lowdown on Motte is that he’s fast, tenacious player who has yet to show he can score in the NHL — although he’s been given only limited opportunity so far.

    I would have preferred a third-round draft pick, but Benning has found great buys in the bargain basement before, so I’m keen to see Motte on the ice.

  • The_Blueline

    Please allow me a bit of a rant because I am so done with JB/TL. I am an adult man and I have not been so close to crying like last Monday. It was not these two particular moves (the problem is with all the deals JB/TL have made, in a vacuum you can defend them), but the realization that JB/TL has wasted 4 years of the Canucks, and essentially of my fan live.

    Aquilini gave JB the job because he promised to “turn this ship around in a hurry”. Now, if JB knew it would not work, he willfully destroyed our team for years. If he did not know it would not work, he was and is an unable GM.

    He has then traded away assets (vets and picks) for immediate help rather than futures to this day, only to end up in the bottom 5 three of four times, registering one of the worst records in the NHL over that span.

    Imagine now if JB/TL, as of summer 2014, traded Bieksa, Diaz Garrisson, Hamuis, Hansen, Higgens, Kassian, Kesler, Matthias, Richardson, maybe the Sedins (I admit, I do not know if I had been ready for that) and others for futures. It feels to me, all that’s left from that roster is Guddy, Sutter and Gaudette (who is the result of one of the few players for pick trade).

    Imagine if he did not trade away picks for struggling prospects. Imagine how the team and the prospect pool would look like now. And again, you can defend each trade in a vacuum. Fact is, most picks were wasted and the few successes (Bartschi, Pouliot) don’t make the difference now. These are the kind of players you add once you have a core of elite players (and I love both of them).

    There was sometime last year when JB/TL realized he actually has to rebuild. But since they repeatedly said the only way to get better is “through drafting and developing” they have not accumulated one additional pick.

    One week before TDL 2018, JB says he is looking for hockey trades. He does hockey trades. Then he complains about not getting any picks.

    JB/TL then go out to the media, saying they could not get more, one of the reasons being that they do not have the players that generate value in the market. JB/TL are responsible for all but 3 players on that roster. And ironically, these 3 (Sedins, Edler) are some with the best value.

    TL, pressured by the media, repeatedly says the “management team has worked really hard, tried their best”. This is a CAD 700million business. Trying hard is not enough.

    Instead of selling their players on high value for futures, they keep them (Tanev, Granlund). Also, instead of pushing the value by playing them in sheltered situations, they diminish the value by sitting them (Hutton). Boucher, for example, probably will not have a future. Why not, after his successful season in the AHL, give him 20 games before TDL to trade him for a pick? Even if it is a 6th rounder.

    I am not even going into the contracts handed out to Sutter, Guddy and Loui.

    In JB/TL’s tenure, the Canucks drafted the exact number of players allotted to them. For 2018 and 2019 (it will be in Vancouver!), they are one pick short. Other rebuilding teams (NYR, MOT, DET) are stockpiling picks. I am afraid, they are gonna overtake the Canucks.

    Lastly, JB has no vision that he trusts and continues to follow. Instead, he is behind each wave and makes decision based on one-time in-game events. JB trades gold away for Guddy; half a year later he says in today’s NHL we need puck moving D. Of course, after the Flow is hit once, he goes out saying we need to get tougher, signs Guddy for 3 years. After two years of meat/potato Boston model, and PIT winning two cups, he realizes that skill and speed is important (which at least results in a good 2017 draft). After the TDL 2018, he goes out to the media, admitting that he was surprised that D have trade value. THIS IS NO NEWS EVEN FOR ME.

    Now again, this is a rant of a disappointed fan, not an analysis of a hockey expert. You may pick apart my statements. You may argue that “trade X” or “signing Y” make sense. But that is not the point. If overall, you believe JB/TL have done an above average job in their tenure, I have doubts about your sanity.

    I have little to no trusts that JB/TL will improve, but hope dies last. At the moment, I am really really angry at them. But you know what? Angrier I am about myself. I am an adult man, I have a good job, a family, and I live a happy life in general. So why the f… do I care so much about this team? I don’t know…