It’s the final meeting of the season between the 2011 Stanley Cup Final contestants as the Vancouver Canucks host the Boston Bruins.

Tonight’s matchup could be an eye-opener for the Canucks if they fail to materialize more than a goal (or even a goal to begin with) and sink lower in the standings. The Bruins are 23-3-0-4 in their last 30 games so it should be expected the Canucks have their work cut out for them.

This is a must-win game for Vancouver; Canucks fans can only take so much.

Let’s Do This!™


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There is a good chance Philip Holm plays this evening. Sven Baertschi should also slot back in so the guessing game begins as to who will sit tonight. Imagine if Travis Green had the brass to sit Loui Eriksson. The physical game was good against San Jose so pretty much anyone but Eriksson should be safe.

Markus Granlund may be done for the year and Sam Gagner is still out. Chris Tanev is also sidelined.

Jacob Markstrom should be cooled off by now. He should start tonight unless something ridiculous happens.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

Kevan Miller is still out and will not play tonight but is expected back as soon as the game against the Oilers. Frank Vatrano and Anders Bjork are also out of the lineup and the Bruins have recalled Jordan Swarz on an emergency basis.

Danton Heinen will make his debut against his hometown Canucks, seven years after attending Game 7. He now has a new allegiance but the Langley kid will have a few family members in the stands.

Tuukka Rask is the confirmed starter.

Boston Bruins lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:


  • The Bruins are three points back of first-overall in the league while the Canucks are a Senators win away from being 29th. These teams were supposed to be close and even with Boston’s botched drafting technique, they are in far better shape than the Canucks would hope to be. Congrats Bruins, you win.
  • After being healthy-scratched last game, expect Sven Baertschi to bounce back with a strong showing. He may not get consistent time with the Brock Boeser/Bo Horvat group but he’ll have a chip on his shoulder to produce. #moralvictories
  • 2011 was a long time ago but since the beginning of the 2011/12 season, Daniel Sedin leads all Canucks with eight points against the Bruins. As far as goals are concerned, Markus Granlund, Alex Burrows, and Shawn Matthias are all tied with three goals versus the Bruins. Of course, none of them are here or healthy.
  • Boston leads the NHL in CF% with 53.78. Their possession game is something to behold while the Canucks are ninth-worst with 47.8%. A mismatch if there ever was one. Like the Canucks don’t have enough problems.
  • Has there been a more impressive player than Troy Stecher the last week or so? The beating that man has taken and continued to perform is simply breathtaking. He hasn’t been noticeable on the scoresheet but he’s keeping games closer than they should be. I can’t imagine a Canucks team without him.




The players may have changed for the most part but the heart of the beast is still there. Tonight is still an important game for any Canucks fan and until Vancouver wins a Cup, the Bruins will always keep that wound open even if it’s just a bit. Hopefully, the Canucks put up one of those one-off games where even Don Cherry is impressed.


Brad Marchand getting another cheap shot in against a Sedin (+/- 0.5)     Take the over, he’s a punk.

Daniel Sedin hits (+/- 2.5)     In what could be labeled as his most physical game ever, Daniel Sedin will look to back up his five-hit performance against San Jose with an equally impressive feat tonight versus the Bruins. Take the over.


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  • I noticed that two Province writers have pickup and run with that flawed piece about Benning and “draft value”. Interesting how there was no counter response to the post that poster Sloth made pretty much destroying the whole article with a much more powerfully logical argument. And interesting how to supposed professional writers just adopted it into their story without bothering to dig a little deeper to see if the info had value or if there was a counter argument.

    This is exactly how nonsense spreads and becomes a “truth” to fans with an agenda.

    I know…this isn’t the right article for it, but whatever. This is modern media…people move on without a second though so you gotta bring it up where it’s fresh.

  • I wonder if Washington is worrying about their 47.76% corsi for percentage as they lead the met?
    I wonder if the Hawks are celebrating their 53.3% corsi for percentage at the bottom of the central?

    What’s the correlation between corsi and playoff spots again?

    • Complaining about how draft value is calculated because you believe only one part of the story was told, then you post this?

      If you’re seeking the truth, you’re a flaming hypocrite.

    • The correlation between puck possession and wins is strong, but it’s not absolute. Every year there are a couple teams with more wins than you’d expect from their possession (due to strong special teams and goaltending) and teams with good possession and fewer wins than you’d expect (again, due to poor special teams or poor goaltending).

      No one thinks Corsi % is the only stat that matters and these kinds of posts are the definition of straw men. Every reasonable person understands that multiple factors contribute to team success (even strength play, special teams play, and goaltending). You show me a team with good possession, good special teams, and good goaltending and I’ll show you a playoff-bound team.

          • I’ve given up on explaining stuff to the dim. There’s tonnes of work out there to explore, if you’re not too dim to find it.

      • That is most certainly not how it is presented on this site. Possession is preached by the fancy stat people as almost gospel. As it was in this article. Which is why I referenced it the way I did. And now you’re making one. I never said that those people use only corsi for their analysis.

        And it’s more than just a “few” teams.

        So maybe it’s the special teams and goal tending and not the possession? lol.

        What do you think of this article?


        • The dim read these pieces, don’t understand and all they take out of it is “possession is gospel.”

          Now go ahead, call me another derogatory name towards women to show me I’m wrong and you’re not dim.

          • well aside from the fact I wasn’t talking to you…

            then provide the percentage that possession makes up with other factors in determining points in the standings. Is it 50% possession 30% goal tending 20% special teams?

            I bet you don’t know that either do you?

            Until you can give a correlation of how possession factors into points at the end of a season along with whatever else you want to use, and CLEARLY state the role of possession in that equation, you aren’t saying anything.

            So come on. Give me the numbers. You call me dim but you’re the moron who can’t even support his own claim with some evidence. lol. once again…..Go f..k yourself freud.

        • Truth, you can’t argue with a high ranking band camper on this site. They’ll all turn against you, it would be like being jumped by a bunch of overweight diabetic chihuahuas, each with a lazy eye …. it is something you just can’t unsee…

          • lol….

            The funny thing is, I don’t think of myself as being anti stats. Some of the break downs CA does on players and teams using other metrics are really interesting and seem very logical. Like the guy who breaks down the defensemen during games and their zone exits etc.

            I’m quite open to stats provided they can prove their worth in a tangible way. Possession numbers just seem so vague and nobody every responds with any actual proof of them working.

            I’d love to believe that possession was as important as they claim and when I see a team like the Sochi Men’s squad so thoroughly dominate with possession to the point it was almost boring, it makes it hard to argue against. But then you see a team like the Pens who had crappy (relative) possession numbers but win a cup off of a strategy of the counter attack, quite happy to let teams take shots and have the puck.

            At this point to me it’s totally over rated, and objectively it’s supporters have not provided decent evidence for it’s effectiveness to help predict winning over a season or player performance.

  • Troy Stecher fan here. I’m gonna start calling him scarface. He’s bleeding all the time. Kid’s got heart.

    Big bad Bruins are having an impressive year. 23 wins in their last 30 games. The Bruins quietly went about their business and good results are showing. I did not pick them to be this good. They sure got ripped for some of their previous moves, but it turned to gold.

    Key to the game: Early saves, early energy, and play like a Bruin.