Stick Taps: February 15, 2018

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  • Rick Dhaliwal showed us probably the best highlight of Darren Archibald’s career:

  • The Canucks organized a moment of silence during Wednesday night’s game for those impacted by the event in South Florida:

  • Trevor Linden sent a letter to season ticket holders prior to the announcement of Jim Benning’s contract extension:

      • apr

        He gets a lot of grief because he “meddles”. As if he does not have the right to question management decisions and just let things play out without having an opinion, but still spend up to the cap. Would people rather have Melynk? Or Katz? He gets crapped on because he operates his team like a fan. All I know is I would have lost my patience with Nonis and Gillis as well…

  • crofton

    Linden gets at least a B+ for realizing at a minimum that stability is important and not paying attention to the Twitterati et al calling for Benning’s head, despite the fact that they ALL obviously know more than the people actually in those hockey decision making positions. They do, don’t they?

    • DJ_44

      Freidman also have props to the Canucks organization for ignoring the 100 or so vocal Twitter critics and media stooges and following a plan.

      I really cannot understand for the life of me why they do not bring in media guys and train linden. It is not difficult. Do not let GMJM talk to the media. I do not need to be told anything.

      Ignore them. Don’t say anything except the same phrases over and over. Life would be easier.