CanucksArmy Post Game: Bark-over

Puck Drop


The Canucks kicked off the week Tuesday night in Florida. There would be no familiar face between the pipes this time for the Panthers, though, as Roberto Luongo remains out with a groin injury, though there has been speculation he could return in time for the Canucks rematch with the Panthers.

The Canucks started the game off with a line of Sven Baertschi, Bo Horvat and Brock Boeser, who wound up spending most of the shift in their own end, surrendering a quality chance to Nick Bjugstad as he deflected Aaron Ekblad’s point shot on goal.

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Next time out went a bit better for the trio. Boeser picked up a loose puck in the neutral zone, coming down the right wing the Canucks sniper showed off his playmaking side as he Flow-ted(sorry) a perfect saucer pass onto the stick of Baertschi. On his forehand, Baertschi snapped the puck on net, but Florida goalie Harri Sateri was up to the task.

Unfortunately for the Canucks the former of the two shifts was much more indicative of how this game would go. As Florida carried much of the play early in the period, they created chances and got in Jacob Markstrom’s crease early on.

The Canucks would offer some pushback halfway through the period, as Henrik Sedin found Daniel in the slot. With a step on the defender, Daniel had a great chance from nearly the same spot as Baertschi earlier in the period.

With just over five minutes left in the period, Alex Edler was called for hooking on Vincent Trocheck. Trochek had speed wide, and Edler reached in on his hands to try and prevent the shot.

On the ensuing power-play, Jamie McGinn took a pass on the left side of Markstrom’s crease. As he made a power-move turning inside to try and pull the puck across the crease, Chris Tanev wound up putting the puck in his own net.

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With 1:46 left in the period, Alex Edler would once again be sent off. This time for delay of game, as he sailed a puck over the glass from in front of his own net.

2nd Period

The Canucks started the second the same way they ended the first. 1:15 into the second, it was Daniel’s turn, off to the box for high-sticking. A swing and a miss on his attempt to lift the stick.

The Canucks best chance of the period came with 14:30 left in the frame. The craftiness of Thomas Vanek was on display once again. Vanek drew Harri Sateri out of his crease leaving him way out of position on the left side. Vanek then proceeds to feed Sam Gagner in the slot with a wide open net in front of him. Unfortunately for the Canucks, unlike Sateri the Panthers defensemen were there to smother Gagner and break up what looked like an easy goal for Gagner.

It wouldn’t be Vancouver’s only chance, as once again shorthanded (for the fourth straight time) Loui Eriksson nearly tied this one up, off a cross-ice feed from Brendan Gaunce.

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Still short handed, it was Markus Granlund’s turn. He didn’t miss, as he broke in on a breakaway beating Sateri stick side just below the blocker.


The Panthers took the lead for the second time with 3:52 left in the second. An Erik Gudbranson pinch, left Boeser scrambling to catch up with the play while the Panthers broke out with Ben Hutton as the lone man back. It wouldn’t be Ben Hutton’s finest moment, as he cheats wide on Barkov the pass comes up the middle and Barkov cuts inside on Hutton, who’s left chasing, and was going to be called for slashing had Barkov not scored.

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3rd Period

The Canucks finally got their first power-play of the game under a minute into the third. The Canucks top unit continued their strong play as of late. This time pulling out an old trick, as Henrik Sedin looked for the slap pass off the right side several times. Despite getting a couple looks, they would fail to tie it up.

This one was far from an oil painting, but the Canucks got some zone time late in the third. But it was too little too late, Aleksander Barkov scored his second of the game to seal it.

The Numbers

  • The Canucks managed to put one more high danger shot on net than Florida but were outshot 18-6 medium danger.
  • Jacob Markstrom’s .950 save percentage was 2.3% above expected.
  • The Canucks had just 40.25% of the expected goals at five-on-five.


Quick Hits

  • On the heels of being a healthy scratch, Ben Hutton stood out for the wrong reasons. With reports, the Canucks have received calls on Hutton recently, what the future holds for Hutton is up in the air as he seems to have fallen out of favour with Travis Green.
  • Despite the loss, Jacob Markstrom continues to play well against Eastern Conference teams. Against them, he has a .926 save percentage, compared to .891 against the West.
  • Though the Canucks have struggled all year defensively, they have actually managed to give up 18 fewer shots than the league average of 1658.
  • Unfortunately, they have also managed to take 120 fewer shots than the league average of 1666.
  • Sven Baertschi has four points in ten games since returning from a broken jaw. He’s played less than 17 minutes in all but one of those games, with a low of 12:10 and a high of 17:55.

  • DJ_44

    An Erik Gudbranson pinch, left Boeser scrambling to catch up with the play while the Panthers broke out with Ben Hutton as the lone man back. It wouldn’t be Ben Hutton’s finest moment, as he cheats wide on Barkov the pass comes up the middle and Barkov cuts inside on Hutton, who’s left chasing, and was going to be called for slashing had Barkov not scored.

    Gudbranson pinched, Boeser was in support (there was no scramble, both Gudbranson and Boeser were in position on their men on the back check). Hutton had only to stay between his man and the goal.

    Fear not Canuck fans, this is one of the **egregious errors** (trademarked – Jeremy Davis, 2017) that we should tolerate with a 24 soon to be 25year old young defensive prospect with a massive upside …… errrr ceiling.

    Get yer top-4 shutdown d-man here! We will hope for a 5th rounder, but will settle for a 7th.

      • DJ_44

        Ya, the blame is not all on Hutton – it was a poorer effort last night, it is on the team.

        The team is better without him in the line up. Yet, got some reason, Vancouver press and this blog ignore it, and complain when scratched, claiming he is actually part of the teams you’re movement. He isn’t, nor should he be moving forward.

        Sbisa was roasted, but Vegas sees his value and had played well. Hutton is way worse than sbisa. He is a 6/7 dman
        .. tweener. He is #8 on the depth chart…. And Holm should be up in his place.

        If waived… Do you think a team will take on a 2.8M contract? To qualify him at the end if next season would cost over$3M.

        Maybe this is pennies on the dollar…a phrase I heard used somewhere…. Get an asset of you can….. They have waited too long and the (false) hope of promise is vanishing.

        • redrocket

          i feel like there is way too much hope pinned to holm, he’s 27 years old and has never played an nhl game. i understand there isn’t much else on defense, but i’m not sure he’d be that much better than hutton. the way you’ve got to look at it, is with the correct players slotted in around him hutton wouldn’t be forced to play above his head and might just thrive. on the other hand i certainly wouldn’t die at the stake for ben, if he’s moved for a decent piece then so be it.

  • TD

    Craig Button and TSN are big fans of the Canucks prospects. In their top 50 prospects not in the NHL, the Canucks led the way with 5, including Petterson ranked as the top prospect. Juolevi, Gaudette, Dahlen and Demko also made the top 50.

    • Ser Jaime Lannister

      Youth and speed please…. Sedins retire, Vanek dealt. I cringe that we have to put up with Sam Gagner for two more years…man is he useless, half ass effort night in night out, TG is really pissing me off with his deployment its embarrassing. Gaudette and Juolevi and locks for next year, and i cant see why Petterson and Dahlen (or Lind) with their skill/speed cant make the team. Time to turn the team over to Boeser and Horvat and let these guys run with it, this is when well start to see improvements and be excited to watch this team again.

      • Bud Poile

        The Sedins and Vanek now have 100+ pts. between the three of them.
        This team is a tire fire without their production.
        Vanek’s on line for 55-60 points ,alone.

        • Ser Jaime Lannister

          I dont think its unreasonable too see Pettersson put up 50 plus points, Dahlen 40 plus, Gaudette 20-30 (think hell be deployed as a checker with sutter). You can shelter Pettersson and Dahlen like we do the Sedins, give them all the OZ starts and play them on the PP. The Sedins 5on5 play just isnt cutting it anymore and we shouldnt expect them to be stars anymore the game is too fast they have become defensive liabilities. As for Vanek and Gagner how many points have come playing with Boeser? Boeser is an elite player and who noes maybe Pettersson becomes elite, im willing to take that risk because with TG system of being aggressive and playing with speed, this new group should be able to play better defensively and well be able to win some more games. Colorado is an example of where i would like to see us going (i know mackinnon is going HAM) but when they got rid of there slow aging vets and brought in their youth they have made leaps and bounds, dont think its unreasonable that we cant see improvements like them.

          • Holmes

            Very slim chance Petterson plays in the NHL next year. The kid is 6’2, 165 lbs. Repeat, 165 lbs. He will get hurt and badly at that size. Let him play in Sweden another year. Pound the high-protein meatballs and start his career when he’s not going to get broken in half.

          • Holmes: No player who leads the SHL in scoring as a teenager gets denied a shot at the NHL. That’s also his weight from last summer – he’ll have put on a few pounds by the time the 2018 season starts.

          • Ser Jaime Lannister

            nonsense, Colorado with Jost, Giradi, Rantanen, NJ with Bratt, Hishchier, Bruins have Mcavoy, Pasternak, Debrusk, Bjork, Lots of rookies are being put into the line up and the teams are reaping the rewards… then theres us with a slow, stale, vet heavy team…. how does anyone not think we wouldnt improve if we got rid alot of our vets and played our youth? How is our “winning culture” going with the Sedins… time to move on please

          • truthseeker

            oh…just so you know ser jamie, Boeser has assisted on 4 of Vanek’s 15 goals. That might help your answer somewhat too Dirk.

            So just to shut this stupid argument up…the point is…and always was…Boeser really hasn’t done much for Vanek. He’s scoring quite well all on his own.

          • Ser Jaime Lannister

            Boeser and Vanek have combined for 10 points, and 14 of Vaneks are on the PP. We need guys who have speed and can play two way hockey. Sign some other FA, Vanek is going to be 35, and will want term and more $$ no thanks. We are one of the lowest scoring teams 5on5 and that needs to be addressed. TG system thrives on being aggressive with speed….Vanek and Gagner do not fit that mold, add a FA who has speed, or better yet wait till some of our kids come up and play as a 5 man unit with speed, i bet well see some improvements. You cant even play him or Sam in the last 15 min of the third when were trying to hold a lead because they are defensive liabilities.

          • truthseeker

            You don’t know what he’ll want or at what length or dollar value.

            So he’s got 23 even strength points through 53 games then. That’s 35 even strength points over an 82 game season. Sounds pretty good to me.

            Add which free agent with speed that will score near 60 points next year? Give some examples of the free agents coming up who will do what you’re asking.

    • wojohowitz

      I lost respect for Button last June when he had Chytil rated 80th in May and 20th in June. He went 21st but it really was sloppy work. This time around Gaudette at 26th is just wrong. The Beanpot semi-final on Monday where Northeastern won 3-0 and Gaudette had 1 goal and 2 assists is the real deal. He`s not the fastest skater but his hockey IQ is off the charts. Watch or record the Beanpot Final next Monday. Gaudette is planning on ending his college career with some hardware.

      • Ser Jaime Lannister

        He is a workhorse!, he gives it every shift and reminds me of the “honey badger”. he has decent speed, hes faster than half the guys on this team which isnt saying a whole lot but we desperately need to get younger!

    • Holmes

      Yeppers, liked seeing that list with five Canucks. 10% of the best prospects in the world are Canucks’ property? That makes me feel more confident in this regime. Thinking back about other prospect pools the Canucks had, I can’t recall any of them being held in such high regard.

  • liqueur des fenetres

    Kudos on yet another prompt and engaging post game write up, including the headline word play. One word of caution, ease up on the commas or you’ll be fresh out by trade deadline, and JD can’t buy you any more as he put the petty cash into Bitcoin.


    Gudbrandson makes a horrible pinch and Hutton looks like he has never played defence on the winning goal. Benning, please trade Gudbrandson while you still have a chance !!!!

    • Ser Jaime Lannister

      I cant see a GM giving up anything more than a 4th round pick at this point, but thats better than anything. Theres no way you can resign this guy take the loss and move on.

      • Bud Poile

        *Laurence Gilman says Erik Gudbranson likely will get paid in the free-agent market so the Canucks have to contend with that, but also have to deal with the reality that his trade value may not be as high as they’d like and, that Gudbranson offers a physical element that the Canucks are lacking.
        *Pierre LeBrun also says if the Canucks can’t re-sign Erik Gudbranson “they won’t have any trouble moving him. As a physical, right-handed blue-liner, there will be playoff contenders absolutely interested in that.

    • DJ_44

      Horrible pinch? Watch the video provided. boeser is in support, both Gudbranson and Boeser have their men in good position. It was a textbook proper pinch. Hutton has only to play a man one on one, with backcheck pressure.

      Gudbranson should be traded if terms are not acceptable; hutton should be traded.

      • Ser Jaime Lannister

        It was a terrible pinch lol, Guddy was way too late to getting to the man i cant believe he even attempted that. I dont want to jinx it but im glad we havent seen him do his patented centre ice dump to the opposing team! You rarely see that in beer league im baffled that is his go to exit strategy. His only upside is the PK where he is a beast at clearing the net ill give him that, when it comes to puck control though gtfo here. I feel bad for our D there isnt one guy on our team who can play with him. Theyve have tried every pair and its failed miserably, maybe TG should try Edler and Guddy?

      • Seth

        It is a game of fractions of a second. The wrong decision can quickly leads to a breakdowns. We can all sit here and cherry pick. Even Norris caliber/winners you can always find some play that make them look awfully foolish, some time in their career. It is just a matter of how often they make the bad plays vs how often they make the good ones.

        Definitely agree that Hutton made the wrong play – was caught watching the pass and committed to poke check with poor body position of it, being last man back. It was an excellent play by their forward to chip across to his forehand side and cut into the middle.

        The thing that I didn’t like was that even in this clip, #44 stopped skating as soon as he hit their blue line. With that, he didn’t start striding until the pass when he realized, oh I should get back. He definitely didn’t put any sort of real backpressure and looked liked he could have closed the gap for a desperation stick play just as the forward regained control of the puck. I mean, by the time he realized he should start skating, he basically caught up to where Hutton was.

        Perhaps it was misquoted in the media, but his comments regarding throwing Hutton under the bus a while back rubbed me the wrong way at the time, along with his comments of a lack of push back after Boeser getting boarded. He’s one of those guys who seem to talk the talk like he’s the sheriff in the town and could’ve/would’ve done it better. Yes, I’m against resigning him for that alone.

        • Ser Jaime Lannister

          This is why Guddy rarely pinches because he causes more harm than good. By the time he gets back two-three opposing players skate right past him, that back check effort was down right pathetic, he will never do well in this system because of the lack of speed and puck moving ability.

  • crofton

    Once again, it was like the Canucks played against two teams, the Panthers and the officials. Why there was no additional penalty when Granlund scored is beyond me. There were 2 or 3 other non calls on Fla that just make you shake your head in wonderment. Okay, more than shake your head. Even one more PP may have turned the game. But then again, they really didn’t play well enough to win either.

    • apr

      Totally agree. First four penalties were against the Nucks, a couple of really chintzy calls. It created havoc on any momentum. It just wasn’t their night. And underlines that this team is very much in transition from inconsistent play, from beating the Hawks and skating with the Lightning to the no-show last night. This is the life of a bottom 10 team.

      • truthseeker

        I wouldn’t. Gagner has 22 points to McCann’s 13 and McCann hasn’t even broken 20 points in his 3 NHL seasons. He was a known documented not rumor self entitled whiner while in Vancouver and has done nothing to show he’s anything more than a plug in the NHL.

        Gagner may not be great but at least the guy seems to have a work ethic, and has a history of decent point production.

        At this point McCann is clearly the inferior player by a very large margin. And as for his “potential” because he’s young…well…he may one day become a good player but at this point it’s not looking likely. Combine that with the attitude and I wouldn’t want him anywhere near the canucks. Just because they’re “young players” doesn’t mean they are automatically a better option than a vet.

        • Ser Jaime Lannister

          Thats really unfortunate, you think Sam Gagner has a good work ethic? i dgaf if hes averaged 30-40 points in his career being a negative player almost every season. I want to see some speed and effort on this team. How many more times are we going to here TG say “this was a heavy team tonight or a fast team…” we are neither of those, so we need to start building a team that can compete on a nightly basis. This is what you get with a fully healthy roster….just embarrassing. If our prospects cant beat out Sam Gagner or Vanek its over, this team is the new Arizona. This is JB fourth season and we still dont have a succession plan for the twins? how is that possible? This team is years away from making the playoffs, but it doesnt have to be years of bottom dwelling, inject some speed/skill into this lineup and lets see how we play.

          • bobdaley44

            We don’t have a succession plan? We have more top 50 prospects than anybody and will get a high pick in a top heavy draft next year. You actually think the Gillis mess could be remedied in four years? That regime must have been the worst drafting regime in NHL history not to mention all the veterans on NTCs and your best two way center wanting out and to only one team. I was never under the illusion this would be a four year plan.

          • crofton

            Gagner may try hard, but defensively he pretty much sucks. Offensively he may be off the pace for matching his average years numbers, but yeah ok. And plus minus means nothing, remember? Just ask JD. As to building a team that “can compete on a nightly basis” , I think we do. We need a few pieces to put us over the top, and do more winning on a nightly basis, but as far as competing, there have been very few games this year when we weren’t in the game. Pettersson is kinda ripping up the SHL, and to an extent that very few players his age have done, without looking it up, a few come to mind…Peter Forsberg, Markus Naslund and Kent Nilsson. So I’d say that qualifies as a succession plan. Kinda tough for Benning to draft players before he got here. And yeah, Virtanen may prove to be a mistake. Or not, we’ll see. Not every pick pans out, and that happens to every team

          • Ser Jaime Lannister

            bob…dont worry about the past regime, worry about what this one has done in four years building a competitive team and being bottom feeders. I would hope so bob we have finished in the bottom of the league three years in a row and will be a fourth. As much as im optimistic, not all prospects pan out…more please! I ment succession plan for twins meaning we would have two top 6 players in the lineup by now being mentored by the twins….hasnt happened yet, that concerns me. (excluding Bo and Brock wheres our second line….) If Pettersson doesnt pan out oh boy is that going to set us back a few more years…. fingers crossed!

          • truthseeker

            So now your moving the goal posts. This was about comparing Gagner to what McCann would bring, not about Gagner as a player.

            You don’t give a f…k about his points? Fine. I get it. I’m not a Gagner fan. But what I don’t give a f…k about is some self entitled kid who hasn’t done sh…..in his career but typical vancouver fans thinking we gave away some “great potential” Center simply because we traded him. Vancouver “fans” are ridiculous when it comes to this. Every trade of every young kid is some disaster…until it isn’t. Corrado, Clendening, Hodgeson, Shinkaruk, McCann….

            So what is it you think McCann has done to justify preferring him to Gagner? Cause it’s certainly not the points. It’s certainly not his work ethic. He’s been healthy scratched a bunch of times this year in florida. If McCann can’t even earn a steady roster spot on the Panthers, lol…Doubt he could in Arizona either.

            You’re not making a point when you criticize Gagner’s play. It hasn’t been good. But again….it’s been better than McCann’s. And that was the discussion.

          • Ser Jaime Lannister

            I despise Sam Gagner, hes lazy, soft, and floats way too much for my liking, Makes me sick with the effort he gives on the back check or forcheck, constantly making mistakes and yet JV sits and this scrub still plays? McCann has a higher ceiling why would we not want him, anyone can change their attitude man give that rest ffs. Thank god for Adam Gaudette next year theres our third line centre, how did he manage a three year deal? man JB is not helping his case for coming back next year, please dont be a bone head and make the appropriate moves at the deadline.

          • truthseeker

            No I won’t give it a rest. He’s done nothing to show that he has changed that attitude as the healthy scratches in Florida prove. Now you’re just making excuses.

            McCann hasn’t proved anything. Lot’s of guys have a “ceiling” and the VAST majority of them never even come close to it. You over rate things like “ceiling”. He’s had opportunity and ice time (unlike someone like Jake) and yet he still isn’t doing anything in a sheltered role in florida. At this point McCann sucks. And that’s the biggest reason to not want him.

        • Gagner’s played fourteen more games, and gets significant powerplay time. I don’t believe McCann gets time on the PP.

          McCann’s still only 21 years old. Most players haven’t broken into the NHL yet at that age, and McCann’s already played almost 150 games. He has lots of room to grow. Regarding attitude: I don’t put a lot of stock in that, but McCann was 18 when he was with the Canucks. Lots of 18-year-olds have attitude problems that they grow out of.

          If I was building a team to compete today, I’d take Gagner, but if I was building for the future, as the Canucks should be doing, I’d definitely take McCann. He’s a decent player today, and he has lots of potential to grow into a much more well-rounded player than Gagner.

          • truthseeker

            McCann’s played less games because he’s been healthy scratched for a number of them. He hasn’t done anything in his career so far to show he can become even half the player Gagner has been in his career. And sorry…but you can’t not factor in the attitude problem with McCann as a quality that makes up the player. How many of you people are saying the canucks should avoid Evander Kane at all costs because of his attitude? But funny how that “standard” disappears when discussing McCann. As if it wasn’t a part of the reason he was shipped out.

  • Burnabybob

    Games like this are why the NHL should consider a redesign of the draft lottery system. Two teams whose sole incentive to win is professional pride and the natural competitiveness of the players involved, but who at the organizational level have a strong incentive to lose, improving their draft lottery position. So many of these games just become unwatchable in the late season.

    Maybe they should just to an even-odds lottery of all non-playoff teams. The team that won the previous year’s first overall pick could be ineligible for the first overall pick. Some teams would get seriously burned on occasion, but they do anyway under the current system, and it would remove the incentive to tank.

    • They should just get rid of the draft completely imo. But if they insist on keeping it, I like the idea that I think Dimitri Filipovic floated on his podcast last year of the lottery being won by the team with the most points after being statistically eliminated from the playoffs. So the bad teams still have the best odds of winning (if you’re eliminated with 25 games left, you have lots of games to rack up points), but eliminated teams still have an incentive to play hard and try to win games.

    • truthseeker

      Tanking is pretty much gone. The NHL has done a good job in eliminating it by giving bad odds to the worst teams. Even teams like the yotes are still trying….they’re just really bad.

      Having said that, I agree that it should be even more balanced. I’m with Goon in the sense that I don’t believe in the draft or salary caps or young players having to have ELC’s and all that. It should be a free market. But much like the real world the NHL knows that a true free market system would be a total disaster for the game. Would be great for the teams who have fans that support their teams though. Imagine if the canucks around 09, 10, 11 and 12 weren’t restricted by caps or being forced to draft players? Imagine in 11 if we could have just bid the most for Nugent Hopkins? Simply add to the team.

      Still….Baseball’s probably got the best balance of any sport. Just tax teams that spend a lot. That way you don’t punish their ability to build a great team. I really think parity has made the NHL kind of boring even though the quality of the hockey itself is much better than it was even say 15 years ago.

      As for the draft….If it has to say I’d be all for an entire league wide lottery. So even the Stanley Cup champs get an even shot at the number one pick. Short of that, the very minimum should be a balanced lottery for all the non playoff teams. Eliminate any final remnants of a GM being able to ice AHL players to gain a percentage point or two.

      I also like Goon’s idea of reversing it. So the non playoff team with the best record gets the number one pick.

      • With a free market, you still have the restrictions of salary cap and a hard cap of 50 roster spots – so the Torontos and New Yorks of the world can’t just go out and buy up all the best young players, because they’ll hit the cap and the roster limit. It would significantly change the way in which teams are managed, but I think we’d still end up with a reasonably balanced league. Plus we’d get rid of the creepy fascistic way in which young players become the property of teams with little to no say in the matter.

        • truthseeker

          But that’s what I’m saying. There shouldn’t be a salary cap. Roster limits are reasonable.

          Baseball’s already proven that buying all the best talent doesn’t guarantee WS wins. Plenty of underdogs have won the WS over the years to keep it interesting, yet the teams (like Vancouver would be in the NHL) who can spend, can consistently field a competitive team year after year.

          As a Jays fan I have no problem with how the yankees ran their team. Good for them. More power to them. Everything else is just whining from fans of teams with cheap owners.

          One thing the Aqua’s have proven is that they will spend the money. It’s too bad that the canucks can’t take advantage of that.

        • truthseeker

          oh and yeah I totally agree about young players. NHL veterans really have screwed the young ones coming in when they bargain with the league. Hockey players are the most selfish disorganized union of any of the major sports. They really don’t care about the strength of their membership.

  • That was a stinker. Glad nobody saw it. Lots of empty seats in Florida, which makes me wonder how the Panthers make money. It can’t be from ticket sales.

    This season is done. Prepare and execute your plan for next year. All thinking should be geared towards the trade deadline and futures.

    • crofton

      2 words. Revenue sharing. Oh wait. Add a share of expansion fees. There are some posters on here that say Benning is killing the Canucks, no one goes to see them any more. I’d suggest there are several buildings not getting filled in the NHL and to a much worse extent than Vancouver.