CanucksArmy Post-Game: A True Second Half of a Back-to-Back

I think my title sums this one up perfectly. In the infinite wisdom of the NHL, two teams coming back from vacation the night before (Us: Edmonton, Them: Calgary), playing in the second game of a back to back. On top of that, the Jets played earlier on Hockey Day in Canada, where the Canucks were in Edmonton late. The hockey was sluggish, dare I say even boring, as expected.

(A quick pinch hit here from myself, doing the wrap-up for you fine folks at CA)

First Period:

Game started out with a Byfuglien penalty. The Canucks get a couple of shots on net, but a strong PK by the Jets to kick us off.

It’s a slow game to get going, but as a person who has now watched two Canucks games in a row, Brock Boeser is an absolute stud. (I know, obviously Dan)

Eight minutes in the Canucks took their first penalty and although killing it off, the Jets power play is looking good tonight.

At the 11:45 mark, Wheeler slips behind the net and sets up Alex Ovechkin Patrik Laine from his office. Nilsson barely had time to get set and Tanev was barely able to get his neck turned. Making this the fourth time in a row, and fifth game in the last six that the Canucks have allowed the first goal.

This game was slow. It’s a running theme through things.


Shots: Canucks 10 — Jets 15

Goals: Canucks 0 — Jets 1

Second Period:

All watching this game are Boeser:

See what I mean?

The Canucks have gotten a bit of a second wind here and they just couldn’t seem to turn one chance into two or more at a time. Something the Jets have worked at improving on this year.

Nilsson was forced to make some great saves in this stanza, but Hellebuyck was as well. The two netminders seem to be the two most into the game in this one.


Shots: Canucks 21 — Jets 28

Goals: Canucks 0 — Jets 1

Third Period:

A slow game (quick check on how many times I have said slow game) in general.. for a team (the Canucks) coming back in the third, the push, although there, definitely didn’t feel huge. Likely a result of the back to back?

A break-away for Granlund mid-period, and out comes Hellebuyck to stop that in an aggressive move to disrupt. That almost becomes his undoing at Sutter has a rebound shot at the wide open net and misses just wide.

Definitely the best chance of the third for the Canucks.

In a game where the refs largely let the guys play, Sedin takes this penalty on Wheeler, and I am confused as to what really was the issue here:

Thankfully, the Canucks PK stands tall.

With a minute and a half left in the third, the Canucks Sutter is hauled down by Kyle Connor. The Canucks have a good setup, but with one missed shot and then three blocked shots in the final minutes, Hellebuyck keeps the Jets solid and finishes off the shutout.


Shots: Canucks 29 — Jets 36

Goals: Canucks 0 — Jets 1

The Wrap

Even with the return of Bo Horvat (he played 19:05 in his first game back from injury) the Canucks were just unable to beat the Jets for even just one. Anders Nilsson deserved better

by a long shot. The reality of the NHL is some nights you just come up against a goalie that is going to shut you down. The Jets offense has slowed down as of late, but their goal tending shows no signs of coming down to earth. It is what it is. The hope going forward is that as the Canucks *knocks on wood* get healthier, the effort and skill will elevate.

Three Stars

 Patrik Laine

 Connor Hellebuyck

 Anders Nilsson

Next up for Vancouver, a little home cooking against the much hated Los Angeles Kings of Los Angeles.

How about you CanucksArmy citizens? What did you think of the game?

  • 2nd was boring. Nice to see Both back but he’s rusty. Look forward to the next game and to get closer to the days where there will hopefully be some movement on the roster.

    Still missing that edit button..

  • Jets really come on this year and Shiefle isn’t even playing. Wouldn’t it be a nice dream if Nilsson just had an epiphany and begins to play like this every night? We have an abundance of bottom 6 and d pairing guys, but I think Dowd gets it pretty rough in the media and by fans. I mean, he isn’t going to be a top 6 guy but since after the first few games he got here I don’t think he has been the worst player on the ice.
    Although it would have been nice to see a goal or two, I really don’t mind losing this one. They fought hard all game running on no sleep against a really good team, plus we can’t let the OIlers draft above us again.

  • These games are getting tough to watch especially when guys like Tanev and Gagner carry the puck in on the left side and take a weak shot On net before we have anyone in front. Or Gagner carrying the puck in on a 2 on 1 and taking a slap shot which misses the net – no shot on goal, no rebound, no nothing. Or Dowd missing the net from 10 feet away.

  • I actually think this is a bit harsh — yes it was sloppy but there were moments of teams trading chances that were relatively exciting to watch. I also think that the Canucks were a bit unlucky; they look so much better with Horvat, Sutter and Baertschi back in the lineup than that stretch where they could do nothing. Scary moment when Morrissey’s stick got so close to Hellebucyk’s eye. Two most frustrating moments were the 2-1 with Gagner missing the net and Henrik forever trying to thread the needle for the perfect pass on that PP at the end. You cannot have an effective 6 on 4 if 3 of the players (Daniel, Henrik, Edler) refuse to shoot with such little time left on the clock.

    • I agree, way too harsh. Both teams were playing back to back, and in Vancouver’s place, it was a few hours less in between games than the Jets. Add that to they were on the road playing a team with one of the best home records. What would people have them do, run and gun all night? Even on their best nights, there’s no way 1/2 the team could keep up with the quicker Jets. I thought they played a good road game, and being able to do that was in large part due to Nilsson’s superb effort..green must learn he cannot deploy Vanek with the Sedins especially against a team that has the wheels that the jets do. And gott in himmel, Del Zotto must sit. And it wouldn’t hurt Gagner either. Certainly is Chicago can sit Seabrook with a $6.8 m contract, Green can sit either of those 2. Or both. Preferably both. We have Holm itching for a chance, why the hell not give him his chance? And Goldobin has been worse defensively that Gagner? Moderately perhaps, but ffs get him in there and let him learn on the ice. Or wait, we really don’t have too develop young offensively minded players, do we

  • The good. Nilsson. He had a great game and that was good to see.

    I am not looking forward to the possibility of the Sedin’s returning.

    Time to stop playing them together, and time to stop letting Hank run the PP from the right half wall. You need to move… not just the puck. Standing in one place waiting for a miracle pass does not work (Loui Debrusk actually praised this as “patience”)…..movement and the threat of shoting. I would rather see Boucher up and running from the right half wall.

    Would have been nice to see Jake last night, they could use the size and speed against the Jets…..who are a very good team.

  • There are enough guys doing game reviews, so I won’t, except the fact that both teams looked tired.

    News broke about Sedins wanting to return and management wanting them back. Fine, although I do think the time has come to move on. Sedins deserve respect, but should be treated in the same way as others regarding what is best for the Vancouver Canucks. Is bringing them back really the best option? (But at least Trevor is not just leaving it hanging)
    Also, I don’t want to see the twins drag it on when the time has come to call it quits. They won’t recapture their former glory, as all of us age. I want to remember great Sedinery, not what’s coming.

    Hang it up, don’t drag it on.

  • Easily couldve been 5-0, great to see Nilsson have a strong game. I am baffled by TG deployment of Gagner, Sutter, Granlund, is this suppose to be our checking/shutdown line? Gagner is too soft and isnt physical enough to play on the boards and doesnt have the speed on the back check, as for Granlund…I dont even know what his role on this team is anymore. Why doesnt TG go with Gaunce, Sutter, Dowd for a checking/shutdown line? All three have similar skill sets that compliment eachother and should thrive in that role. Also Pouliot has been terrible of late and MDZ has been garbage all season..why hasnt he been sat yet? This is just getting ridiculous!

  • It shows the NHL for what it represents Greed! The Canucks played a late game in Edmonton, then there was the time change, the travel and arriving in Winnipeg at 3-30am and playing again at 7PM CT. What did surprise me was there was no discount for a second rate game, and that fortunately none of the players fell into a deep sleep between shifts.

  • Travis Green is starting to look a lot like Willie when a 1-0 loss is a victory and more of the same expected. I see Goldobin picked up three assists…in one period.

    • wojo – Goldobin in the AHL is somewhat removed from the NHL. When he comes back up to the Canucks he has to have it figured out that there is another part of the game that he needs to play when he doesn’t have the puck – defense.

  • Why does the coach never bench ” Del -Zaster ” ? He is always our worst D-man but never gets a night in the press box. Some of you guys are in Fantasyland if you think the Leafs are going to give us a stud like Liligren for a plodding Gudbrandson.