Photo Credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

Canucks reassign Nikolay Goldobin to the Utica Comets

The Canucks have assigned forward Nikolay Goldobin to the Utica Comets this morning:

Goldobin has appeared in 14 games with the Canucks this season, posting two goals and two assists. He had a season-low 6:32 of ice-time last night against the Columbus Blue Jackets. It seemed inevitable that Goldobin would be heading back to the Comets with Brandon Sutter expected to return to the lineup soon. Since the young Russian was assigned this morning, it’s fair to assume that Sutter will be reactivated from injured reserve and be available for the Canucks last game before their bye week.

Even if Sutter isn’t ready to go for tomorrow, the Comets play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while the Canucks have the full week off. The Moskva native has 7 goals and 12 assists in 18 games at the AHL level this year.

Goldobin had some positive signs during this call-up – his defensive play was noticeably better and more consistent and he was still generating offence. He will head back to the Comets and take over their first line spot again. Ideally, he will go down to the Comets, dominate and find his back to the Canucks in the near future. If the Canucks do move someone like Thomas Vanek at the trade deadline, then Goldobin could get a roster spot for the remainder of the season.

It is important to note that Goldobin is eligible for waivers next season despite having a year remaining on entry-level contract.

  • Buula

    I want Goldy to pan out as a future NHLer but he just hasn’t done enough on his callups to earn a full-time gig. Go down Golsy, work harder come back after Vaneks gone and prove you belong. We believe!

    Thanks for the reminder he’s waiver eligible.

  • argoleas

    It should be noted that this season, Goldy has played 14 games. That is on top of 12 last year with the team. He only played total 11 while a Shark. He should play more this year after TD.

    With Gaudette coming, and Goldy showing some potential, and the expectation the Sedins will return next year, the team must not sign any more FAs this summer. Crowded as is.

    • Killer Marmot

      Just how crowded the Canucks roster is will depend on how aggressive they are in bringing up prospects. You can easily list eight prospects (including Goldy) that have a reasonable shot at making the team next season. So how many will make the cut? Two? Four? More?

          • Fortitude00

            KM not sure its promising when this guy is being sent down. It’s promising from a bottom 6. How many legit D prospects are there? If Demko struggles like Markstrom did how good are the goalie prospects? Much like he Oilers and Maple Leafs and Sabres have showed you can have a ton of projects but your team might not get better. After years having that problem TO finally turning things around.

  • Burnabybob

    Goldobin clearly has skill. He almost scored a beauty against the Caps. Hopefully he can put it all together soon. The Canucks badly need more of their young players to break through.

      • LTFan

        Braindead – for once I agree with you. Boucher and Goldobin are good players but not quite good enough for the NHL. Only if they are willing to compete for every minute they are on the ice – they will make it but probably as bottom 6 players. In all professional leagues the rosters are always changing – there is always someone trying to take a spot. That is why Gaunce plays when he has less natural talent than say Goldobin. He works very hard and makes few mistakes – defensively.

  • defenceman factory

    Baertschi, Granlund and Virtanen all have contracts expiring this year. I hope and expect all will be re-signed but none appear vital core players long term. Trades should at least be considered. Their contract expectations will be a consideration. Not sure the Canucks should go long term with any of them.

    • Puck Viking

      Sven would bring the greatest return if we can get a 1st then we can fill the hole that trade left us on defense. Petterson will likely take his spot next season.

      • Ser Jaime Lannister

        I think there is room for two guys to crack the team, gaudette > dahlen > gadjovich in that order that would be ready to play. They will let EP finish his SEL contract and continue growing as a centre (as well as the strength training) If we can get a first for Sven…thats a no brainer

        • Killer Marmot

          The only consistency in your arguments is that any move made by Benning is a dumb one.

          But arguing that Baertschi was not worth a second-round pick is not one you’re ever going to win.

        • TMC

          Not sure what all the hate for Baer is, on pace for a 50 point season (prorated). After lacking secondary scoring for years I’d say that’s pretty valuable. He also seems on the upswing.

          • Baertschi is a Middle 6 winger that’s forced into a Top 6 role. Simple thought experiment: if you were drafting a dream team, would you say you’d be happy with Baertschi as much as you would Ovechkin, Hall, Benn or Marchand? He has talent but lacks size and consistency to make him elite. It’s not hate but recognizing the truth. I believe we should have shopped him last year to see if we could have got a 1st rounder. I was targeting LA, Gabe Villardi in our prospect pool would be nice.

        • Puck Viking

          I couldnt agree more and thats exactly the player I was talking about. We were desperate for defense even back then and have drafted 1 defensemen in the first two rounds since then. He is a projected top 4 RHD. All of those 2nd rounders could have all been used on defense, you can add McKweon, Clague or Hajek to that list.

          People claim the Sven trade was a win when all it was at best a break even. They created one hole on defense by adding a middle 6 winger. A hole on forward that could have been filled via free agency. Jesse Marscheult now with vegas could have been had.

          Now were are left with 1 top 4 defense prospect. Andersson would be a full time NHLer next season to join Juolevi.

    • Burnabybob

      Baertschi is a capable middle six player. No sense in trading him. Granlund appears to be a useful depth player. Virtanen… let’s just say that the jury is still out.

      • Puck Viking

        The sense is the defense is the worst in the NHL. You trade him for a 1st or 2nd and use it to take a defensemen and wait 4 years for him to develop. Had you not made the trade and taken Rasmus Andersson he would be on the team next season and for 10 more years after.

        • TMC

          I think you grossly underestimate how difficult it is to pull a quality defensemen from the late first or second round. Baer is worth more than that dice roll. Even if Anderson does work out hindsight etc…

  • Bure Fan

    Looks like the Sharks made out like bandits here. Goldy still can’t play a 200 foot game and is unable to stake a serious claim on an offence starved Canucks team. Time to cut bait and resign FA Hansen to mentor the kids.

    • DJ_44

      made out like bandits here

      “Bandits”? Hansen is not lighting it up (or even cracking the lineup consistently). Goldobin and a fourth rounder. I would make that trade again. Let’s just say they ain’t making movies about such heists.

      • Killer Marmot

        The fourth rounder turned out to be Jack Rathbone, an intriguing pick who has been accepted into Harvard, one of the best hockey programs in the U.S.

      • Braindead Benning

        Hansen at least has a 20
        Season under his belt and can play in “all situations”
        Goldilocks is an AHL
        Player that will end up in the KHL

        • TMC

          I loved Hansen when he was here, couldn’t score but very useful player, pk etc… however he’s 31 and has a grand total of 24 points combined in his last 3 seasons. Goldobin is 22 and is a point per game AHL player. He may never make it in the NHL but Hansen at this stage of his career is a very small price to pay for this gamble.

  • Me

    I’m not happy about it, but I said this consistently for months here. He’s not and probably never will be NHL calibre. He floats and looks lost without the puck. The only time he ever seems to give 100% is when the puck is on his stick in the offensive zone (it feels like I’ve never SEEN the puck on his stick in the D zone).

    Maybe he can wake up and turn it around, but I just don’t see it. He’ll probably be in the KHL next year and that’s the last we see of him. I always thought Dahlen was the better of the two we picked up at that time. Let’s hope he pans out better than Goldy.

    • Ser Jaime Lannister

      youre probally right, you just dont know how prospects will turn out…thats why you need to accumulate as many as possible, not all of our recent prospects will turn out either thats just the reality of the business!

    • Fortitude00

      Well there was a reason why he was passed by 2 prospects in the Sharks organization. Benning tried to get something for Hansen and these things don’t always work out. Was worth that gamble.

  • Fred-65

    A couple of things I think of when we discuss Goldobin
    1) Pat Quinn vehemently voiced criticism of Pavel Bure’s defensive game, but guess what he never benched him.
    2)If not now then when? Vcr isas close to the bottom as you can be without actually being the bottom team
    3) which game chnager would Goldobin be replaced by. The guy coming in is likely to be only marginally better
    4) We need a Goldobin more than we need another Gaunce or Dowd in the future

    • TD

      Gaunce can kill penalties, which saves the top 6 forwards for the PP and 5 on 5. Not many Canucks forwards can kill penalties effectively. Goldobin needs to be in the top 6, it you have to produce way more than he has (or at least show up more than one or two shifts a game) if you want to play in the top 6.

      Not all prospects make it, which is why they say load up on them. Last summer I figured we would be fortunate if around half of the forward prospects worked out (Boeser, Pettersson, Goldobin, Dahlen, Ling, Gadjovich and Gaudette). Boeser obviously has what it takes while Goldobin doesn’t appear to have it. Such is life with prospects.

  • LiborPolasek

    It is a privilege to play in the NHL and not an entitlement. I hope the next time he is called up he makes it really hard for the Canucks to send him down.

  • Cageyvet

    It’s hard to read these comments, the kid has played less than 40 games in the NHL and he’s being written off. That doesn’t even include the fact that those 37 games have been sporadic, and not an extended run to let him get his feet under him.
    I see the same posters with the same comments, zero patience and so willing to play the hindsight game. We were going to lose Hansen to expansion if we kept him, so enough about that, and the return was considered very good by those who measure careers by years, not months.
    Really, Gaunce over Goldobin? How much time and how many games has Gaunce had, and what does he bring to the team? He can kill penalties? Yeah, those players are a dime a dozen. I like Gaunce, and I’m not down on him at all, but he’s a first rounder who is maybe, just maybe, finally carving out a role after more than 100 NHL games, drafted in a nearly identical position to Goldy 2 years earlier. Apparently he was and is worth the time to develop but we’re going to kick Goldy to the curb. I don’t understand Canuck fans sometimes, you don’t rebuild by demanding your youth light it up overnight. In fact, their slower development keeps the tank going while you draft more of them.
    Don’t people realize Boeser is the exception to the rule? This is not what rookies do, that’s why he’s a candidate for rookie of the year, while the top picks this year are gifted lots of ice time but still produce substantially less than him. I hear good things about Pierre-Luc Dubois, but this crowd would have called him a bust already if we’d drafted him. 3rd overall and he didn’t even play in the NHL last year, if we’d drafted him there would have been panic in the streets that guys below him were already in the NHL. Stupid and short-sighted.

    • You don’t need to watch me play 40 NHL games to know I can’t play. Same thing with Goldobin, what indicators do you see that show he can or can’t produce? Aside from a few nice passes or dangles, where is the hard backchecking, board battles, shot blocking, and other things that you need to contribute to be a winner? If all he can / wants to do is score, then he better do it and do it consistently. Otherwise, he’s taking up a spot for another team-oriented player. Like Gaunce.

    • Fortitude00

      He is being written off because he doesn’t get it with numerous opportunities. You can see from how he plays he doesn’t have the drive for the NHL. You get a second chance with a new organization you work hard at it. As far as Gaunce he might not score much but he can be utilized in various situations wheres as Goldy is a one dimensional player.