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Erik Gudbranson leaves game vs. Pittsburgh with upper-body injury

Late in the 2nd period vs Pittsburgh, Erik Gudbranson got tangled up with Tom Kuhnhackl and fell down awkwardly. The Canucks have announced that he will not return to the game due to an upper-body injury.

The film shows him being tangled up with the Penguins’ Tom Kuhnhackl, then falling to the ice. Gudbranson was seen on the bench favoring his left wrist, therefore it’s likely that the injury occurred as he caught himself on the fall.

Should he be out long-term, the Canucks currently have Philip Holm called up and traveling with the team. We’ll know more on Gudbranson’s status in the coming days. If the wrist injury is serious, this could be bad news for those hoping to see a trade.

  • Roy

    oh no, darn it all, heck

    The last time I noticed him on ice, he pinned someone, held them there, the Penguins held puck control for like 30 seconds got a good shot/chance. Unfortunately thanks to his albatross contract, this is the only way to bench him

    *puts away voodoo doll*

    • jaybird43

      He’s not a good defenceman I agree. But a one year contract is rarely “an albatross”. If we can get a second rounder at the deadline, I’ll consider that “good enough”. Unfortunately, he’s one of the few big growly guys on the team. Maybe that makes him valuable to an undersized playoff contender, although neither Pittsburg nor Nashville seemed to need such line-up effects to get to the Cup …

      • Roy

        oops. I got his contract and Sbisa’s mixed up. Anyway, what a relief. Hopefully Stecher draws in and not only does the defence enjoy some addition by subtraction, but everyone can stop hooting in his defence in the comments.

  • Killer Marmot

    You can get a lot in a trade if you have…

    1. A good player.
    2. Being paid a low salary.
    3. Who’s on a long-term contract, or at least will become a restricted free agent.

    None of those conditions apply here.

    Thus Gudbranson will not be worth much in a trade. There won’t be a lot of difference, I think, between trading him and sending him down.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      Its all about perceived value. Florida is the only team that seems to have that, when it comes to Gudbranson. I agree with the commenter above. A second rounder would be an acceptable return.

        • Dan the Fan

          I doubt the Canucks eat salary for Gudbranson, since it looks like they’re looking to move him soon. They can only retain salary on one more player, and they’d rather save that slot to make the Sedins more appealing if they’re out of a playoff picture. If they don’t move Gud until the trade deadline, and have good postseason prospects, then I hope they retain salary, since that just increases the return.

        • Cageyvet

          How do you eat salary on a pending UFA? Who cares if we pay his entire salary this year from whenever we trade him? His current salary, if we trade him, is of zero concern and we’d never eat a penny of it anyway.

  • Jimjamg

    Hey let’s keep the neg talk down guys, other teams scouts and GMs might be watching this thread. Guddy is an excellent player, easily worth a first rounder and a prospect, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  • Fred-65

    IMO and for what it’s worth Gudbranson is a keeper as a 5-6 D and at that money ie the same as his current salary. What attracted VCR size and strength will attract other teams, especially for teams heading into the play-offs. Gudbranson’s style is made for play-off style hockey. However if Vcr. does not sign him they need a similar player ( Pedan in a RFA in the summer ) but the fact is there ain’t that many players of his ilk ( skill/size) around. So if we assume his wrist is OK ( surgery and current injury) he will IMO bring a good return at the deadline. So find a replacement or sign Gudbranson to a reasonable contract or trade and hope you don’t suffer if he leaves. A conundrum for sure. Hey give Pedan an offer sheet in the summer 🙂

    • defenceman factory

      Really? He got turnstiled on the first goal, took a penalty and I’m not sure he had one successful zone exit. I like what Guddy brings to the game but the team does need to look at his performance objectively.

  • Holmes

    Guddy had surgery on his right wrist I think last year. Looks like he banged up his left wrist last night. Not necessarily good news but if brass are thinking of trading him, re-injuring the right wrist seems like it would have been a more serious deal. I know, we don’t know what the issue with lefty is. But an injury to the same body par 2 x = chronic = devalued asset

  • Cageyvet

    I have long been on the side of give Guddy a chance because I value the physical side of his game and saw potential upside.

    He’s been playing regularly and we’re far enough into the season that I have come to some conclusion. Some of them have been painfully obvious to a number of you for some time now, but hey, I’m a fan and I like to gamble with former high picks. Pouliot is one of the reasons Guddy is getting more expendable. Core competency matters at the end of the day. Here’s my take:

    1. He will never be as good as I hoped, primarily because he’s physical but he’s not the relentless punisher I thought we were getting.
    2. Stats and eye test tell me that he makes the Megna-on-defense play. Not the Sbisa play, not even the Edler play, but damn it is Willie D safe but adds little. That’s when he’s on his game. When he’s not, you better hope Hutton isn’t struggling too or it’s a tire fire.
    3. He needs the right partner, and he won’t find it on this team unless he’s top four, and damn it all, he’s just not. I wish, but it’s not going to happen.
    4. We paid too much to get him, and won’t get value back in a trade. We really won’t get value if we re-sign him unless it’s a very favourable term and dollar. That would allow us to justify him as a 5/6 while making him eminently tradeable at any time.

    What do you do? Trade him at the deadline, unsigned most likely. Who cares if he’s a UFA. I guarantee you somebody will be poised to make a run and have run into injuries on the blueline. Only then will we get a decent return and mitigate the damage. Show me great deal now and I’m in, but plan on staying the course. We’re not winning the cup this year, what’s the hurry?

    BTW, just because I’m ready to throw in the towel on him, it doesn’t mean I appreciated the insane amount of crap and biased reporting on the guy. Good game by Gudbranson seemed to be akin to saying Voldemort to the CA staff. He’s still above a lot of guys collecting paycheques in the league. I don’t hear CA roasting the D that Boeser blew past to open the scoring last night, good players do that to the best of them.