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Anton Rodin Signs with HC Davos in Switzerland

Anton Rodin has cleared unconditional waivers and has therefore been released from his contract. The Swede will head over to Europe to play for HC Davos.

This puts an end to a strange eight-year relationship between the Canucks and Rodin in which the skilled right winger never came anywhere near living up to his potential in North America.

“Anton asked to be released from his contract,” Jim Benning said yesterday. “We value the skill and depth he adds to our team but ultimately it was important to respect Anton’s request to move on.”

Rodin was drafted in 2009, had a mediocre run in the AHL, returned to Sweden and it was assumed he would never be heard from again. But in Sweden, he seemingly figured it out and made a return to North America, navigated through some injuries, and finally made his NHL debut on Dec. 23, 2016.

As pointed out by Rob Williams of Dailyhive, Rodin’s tenure as a Canuck looked like this…

  • 8 years, 4 months, 24 days
  • Seasons: 2
  • Games: 3
  • Games watching from the bench: 1
  • Games (playing and watching from the bench) against the Calgary Flames: 3
  • Goals: 0
  • Assists: 1
  • To be fair, some other facts need to be added like recovering from the near-career ending knee injury and the turmoil caused by the Chicago Wolves owner who didn’t want to play Canuck prospects like Rodin when he was here the first time. That’s the whole reason why the Canucks bought the Peoria Rivermen and moved the team to Utica.

    • Fred-65

      For sure!, plus add to it Vcr. apparent lack of roster management when they have more veterans in Utica then AHL rules permit. Hence even this season he never really got a chance. Strikes me Vcr. believe they have more skill than they need. We know what we have in both Chaput and Megna and yet give them what i would suggest wasted time rather than play Rodin. I hope he does well and proves all over again he’s a quality player

  • Flying V

    I’m not sure anyone can say that he didn’t live up to expectations. He had a good preseason followed by a major injury and following that was never given the chance to settle into a lineup – NHL or AHL. Hard to impress anyone when you only play 2 games on NHL ice. Best of Luck, Anton.

  • Dan the Fan

    He had some bad luck, but he can’t say he didn’t get a chance. He got 7 games, and out of the 6 veteran forwards in Utica, he had the lowest PPG. It’s hard to make a case that he shouldn’t be one of the 3 veteran scratches most nights. Having said that, I can’t blame him for wanting to go. I don’t really believe his knee is back at 100%, but if it is and if he tears up the Swiss league, I think he’s get another shot at the NHL. And I hope he does, the guy’s had some awful luck and deserves a break.