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Canucks Place Anton Rodin on Unconditional Waivers for Purpose of Contract Termination

The Canucks announced this morning that they’ve placed 26-year-old forward Anton Rodin on unconditional waivers for the purpose of terminating his contract.

Rodin, who first signed with the Canucks ahead of last season with the aim of making an NHL comeback, re-signed with the Canucks this off-season after an injury-plagued first year in which he played just three games, registering one assist. The knee injury Rodin suffered in his previous season in the SHL lingered into training camp and beyond, and eventually forced him back onto the operating table and out of the Canucks lineup for good.

This season, Rodin came to camp healthy and registered three points (two goals and one assist). Ultimately, the numbers game caught up to Rodin, and the Canucks placed him on waivers before reassigning him to the Utica Comets. Unfortunately for Rodin, he couldn’t avoid the numbers game, even in Utica, as an abundance of veterans in combination with a veteran limit in the AHL meant Rodin had to sit out a handful of games he otherwise would’ve played. In the seven games Rodin did suit up for, he registered two points (one goal and one assist).

This undoubtedly sticks a fork in Rodin’s attempt at living out his NHL dream. Rodin has the talent, and if I were the general manager of an NHL team in need of scoring depth, I probably would’ve given him a shot, whether that meant claiming him on waivers or trading for him on the cheap. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be for Rodin, who will likely return to Sweden and dominate the SHL.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    It’s a shame. He had so much potential and I had such high hopes for him. Just too much bad luck with the injuries. Hopefully, the Canucks retain his rights, he lights up the Swedish league, and the Canucks trade his rights for assets.

  • Dan the Fan

    Too bad it didn’t work out, but he did get in 7 games, and 3 points in those games isn’t that great. On the depth chart, he’s definitely behind Boucher, Goldobin, Chaput, and Megna, and probably behind a couple other guys as well. And that just gets him into the Canuck’s pressbox, not necessarily even onto the lineup. It would take pretty serious mumps outbreak to get him into an NHL game this year.

    Hopefully he will dominate in the SHL this year and get another NHL shot next fall.

  • apr

    Myeh, Leafs or Flames will pick himup – you know how they love those Nucks leftovers. But for every Pouliot, Bartschi, or Granlund – there are a dozen upon dozens of Rodins, Veys, Clendening, etc….I’m taken back that Benning is getting a lot of flack (especially from Skeletor Gallagher), I’m actually pretty happy that Benning is taking a lot of swings hoping for found money. I wish Rodin the best.

  • You know, I thought about this for a few minutes. It seems to me that both sides had the best intentions.
    Canucks patiently waited for Anton to recover from injury, while paying his salary.
    Anton agreed to play in Utica and at least give it a shot.

    So I have to ask, what went wrong? Rodin can score, he showed this in Sweden. He was drafted in the 2nd round and it was like found money getting him here. Why the hell couldn’t he crack the lineup in Utica. The depth chart there is not that deep. Something went wrong, asset lost. Is this like another Tryamkin thing, where the player is asked to be something he’s not?

    • Ragnarok Ouroboros

      I’m guessing there was too much rust in his game and he was adapting to a smaller ice surface. He just didn’t get enough games to round out his game, and perhaps the level of talent in the AHL is greater than the Swedish league.

  • Although unlikely that Rodin will return but for this season, it would make sense for Rodin to try to finish the season in Sweden rather than sit half the time in Utica because of the veteran rule. Maybe if he can return to form in the SHL, the Canucks may invite him back again. Carl Soderberg didn’t even play in the NHL until he was 28.

  • jaybird43

    Too bad for Rodin. I thought a Swedish mvp could crack the Canucks roster. Good luck. Might be a little bit of contract management for the Canucks too. This puts them at 46 now, I think, so allows for four more if needed.

  • canuckfan

    Wish Roden the best but can’t figure out why people think he was a sniper. Yes bad luck on the injury front which likely affected his speed. To crap all over Benning for mismanagement Roden could notmake the team plain and simple. He wasn’t happy and decided to move back to Sweden. No mismanagement just a try at seeing if the player could improve the team. Not worth anything as no one else showed interest.

      • Bali Dog Catcher

        Benning brought him back, mismanaged him and wasted two years of roster space with him while paying him NHL dollars… then got NOTHING in return… Benning bust. YOU are the one who is clearly frickin clueless pal.

        • canuckfan

          Mismanaged Rodin how do you figure didn’t cost anything to try and see if he could play in the NHL obviously he couldn’t gave him an opening to leave if things didn’t work out both sides did their best Rodin didn’t make the team. As far as the roster space don’t see what you saw on that one…