Time to move on from the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

The Canucks are in Boston to take on the Bruins in the second game of their five-game road trip. Anders Nilsson backstopped the Canucks to a 3-0 win on Tuesday and Vancouver will need to bring a similar approach to beat the Bruins tonight. It’s an early one so if you’re a die-hard, book a “late job” and turn on the TV.

It’s not the same rivalry, but hopefully, there will be new reasons for both teams to hate each other.

Let’s do this!


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Travis Green is pushing a lot of the right buttons lately, and the Alex Burmistrov decision was his latest victory. As long as there is chemistry there, you’ll see that line more and more. Henrik and Daniel have been relegated to fourth line minutes, and Brock Boeser is off the power play altogether. It’s a new world for the Canucks, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what the next move is.

It would be nice to see more Jake Virtanen, and against the Bruins, this could be his break out game. No pressure, though.

Anders Nilsson would be an excellent choice to start if we’re basing Green’s lineup execution on past decisions. Follow the Twitters for the up-to-date news.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:


Forward Ryan Spooner will be out of the lineup with a groin tear for the next 4-6 weeks (where have we heard this before?), so Sean Kuraly looks like he’ll take over at the 3C spot. This is the worst Spooner injury since…

David Backes may get back into the lineup tonight (diverticulitis), and Patrice Bergeron (lower body) might return as well, but it sounds unlikely.

Tuukka Rask (formerly of TMNT II fame) should be starting for the Bruins.

Boston Bruins lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

  • Thomas Vanek used to play the Bruins a fair amount, and he didn’t disappoint. In 61 GP, Vanek amassed 32 goals and 34 assists, with 14 of his goals coming on the PP. Averaging just over a point per game speaks well of his latest meeting against the B’s.
  • It’s entirely possible that Burmistrov is the second coming of Markus Granlund. He is the least likely player to have value on the Canucks and if the chemistry sticks, he benefits the most from his sniping winger of a heavily repeated name. (It’s Boeser)
  • When the Canucks face the Bruins, they know it will end up being a bit more physical than usual. That said, Brandon Sutter, Virtanen, and Derek Dorsett may see some increased ice time. Nothing wrong with that if they hold up their end of the bargain. Brad Marchand hasn’t been silenced for a while, and Jake Virtanen hasn’t done one of his “murders” in equally as long. The stars are lining up.
  • Don’t look now but Michael Del Zotto is a Travis Green favorite. He’s averaging the highest shift length on the team with 0:55 seconds/shift. Ben Hutton and Daniel Sedin are the next closest trailing 0:06 seconds behind. Del Zotto also leads the team in TOI/GM. It’s time to see the creative defender make a difference.
  • Bo Horvat has an assist in his last three games against Boston and notching one more tonight would make for a nice streak.


This was a few days ago but Brendan Gaunce is the personification of what most Canucks fans are going through on a nightly basis when we turn on the game. Slowly but surely, we’ll come for that interview, Murph.


Cody Hodgson had a great game against the Bruins the season after 2011 and it feels like the same could be accomplished for Brock Boeser or more importantly, Bo Horvat. Boston is in a very similar situation as Vancouver to start the season so one team will need to get back to some normalcy. There’s a chance the Canucks have actually addressed their speed and will give the Boeser/Burmistrov line more reps.

The second start for Anders Nilsson would be nice but Jacob Markstrom is either the main guy or he’s not.

The Canucks can win this and maybe just maybe, the Sedins get their final revenge… well, minus the ring.


Derrick Pouliot goals (+/- 0)      Take the over. Not sure of when that comes but he’ll get some chances tonight.

Zdeno Chara/Sedin handshakes (+/- 0)   Take the over… not on the ice though. We’ll find out about this later. That’s how we’ll know their decision.

  • Canucks Realist

    Always look forward to this tilt, even though both teams are a pale imitation of 2011 these days.

    True Canucks fans will never forget or forgive the way Luongo and the Sedins failed to step up and deliver in the final when we were hands down the best team in the league and playoffs under the magnificent stewardship of Mike Gillis/Larry Gilman/AV. That’s why I was glad Lu threw his toys out and left and why he and the Sedins do NOT belong in the hall. They let us down big time – no wonder Ryan Kesler never got over it!

    • Canuck4Life20

      True Canucks fans know Luongo and the Sedins gave it everything they had. They also know that they were the best team in the league because of those players. How you can possibly contradict yourself by praising the management that built the team around these players, while cutting the players themselves down makes sense only to you.

      • Canucks Realist

        Let me explain it in simpleton terms so you can comprehend thick-o… management assembled a great team to win a Stanley Cup and those three key players LET US DOWN by not delivering on their own MERIT – got it?

        Gave their all? hahahaha pathetic – Luongo in particular was schooled by Tim Thomas and will forever be known for what he is… a CHOKER when it matters. Good riddance to him and the Sedins, because they cost us a cup!

  • apr

    Imagine what CA would have done if they Nucks drafted three plugs picking 13, 14, and 15 by-passing Barzal, Connor, Chabot, Ek, and Boeser, to say the least. I wonder if JD’s stock response of “I don’t like to speak of anyone losing their jobs” when asked about firing management would still ring true if Linden and Benning did that…2011 still hurts, and Marchand and Bettman (for suspending Rome leaving useless Frank Corrado playing top 4 in Game 7) can still go hump themselves.

    • Jimjamg

      Ya, that Boston draft blew me away. I guess they really think they are the smartest team in the room insofar as drafting goes. We will probably be thanking them for passing on Boeser with all three of those picks for a long time though.

    • Freud

      CA writers have routinely addressed the Bruins 2015 draft and Corrado did not play for Vancouver until 2 years after 2011.
      Yet you received 5 “cheers” which speaks to the IQ and/or agenda of the message board.

      • McGretzky

        IQ has no use as anything other than a sterilization tool.

        Your people would have done well to learn this, Sigmund.

        Alas, you are the only male in history to suffer from penis envy.

  • Are the Bruins still the big bad Bruins? Who knows, but I would make sure Virtanen, Dorseett, and Gudbranson are ready to go.
    Canucks are 2-2-1. A win tonight could put us above .500. We need wins early in the season and build a bit of a cushion. Trying to make up points later seldom works. Go Canucks go.

    Also, I would start Nilsson again. He earned it after the shutout win in Ottawa.

  • Killer Marmot

    Henrik and Daniel have been relegated to fourth line minutes

    The Sedins are averaging over 15 minutes a game. They are 6th and 7th in average ice time among forwards. Those are middle-six, not fourth-line, numbers.

    • apr

      the “Fourth line” of Sutter and Dorsett (and who ever is riding shotgun) is getting first line minutes because Green is deploying them as a checking line to the other team’s best line. I don’t think you can number the lines traditionally based on minutes played. How about which lines produces the most points gets the title of first, second, third, and fourth line.

      • Killer Marmot

        Green refuses to number the lines, so such designations are arbitrary. This is complicated by the fact that the Canucks lines are fairly even in talent, so there is no obvious hierarchy.

        I have no idea how Daily Faceoff comes by their ordering. It might be random.

    • Dirty30

      They have Goldy at a nice salary management price warming up in the bullpen instead. Why pay Yakupov for Goldy production levels? Not a fan of Vanek (yet) but he’s agreed to a cap-friendly salary for one year so he can be easily traded.

      You’ve also got Burmistov who’s looking like a better signing every game. If he helps Baer and Boes to be better players, then he’s more than earned his salary.