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Canucks Army Post-Game: Torched

Canucks Beat 5-2 by the Calgary Flames in Homestand Finale

The Canucks finished their season opening four-game homestand with a 5-2 loss to the visiting Calgary Flames.

Lopsided as the score reads, the Canucks came out of the gates strong and had every opportunity to take the lead and full control of this hockey game. The only thing in their way was the power play — their own, I might add.

Vancouver went goalless on seven power play opportunities and surrendered a shorthanded goal for the second game in a row to an opposition defenceman in transition as Mark Giordano picked the puck up at the Flames blue line and took it all the way to the Canucks goal for a 1-0 lead. A Derek Dorsett goal near the end of the first frame drew the game to a tie.

From the second onward, though, it was all Flames. Calgary scored three unanswered goals in a row in the second period, and when the Canucks responded with one of their own in the third, they turned right around and regained the three-goal lead. That’s where the game would finish, as the Flames held their lead right to the final horn.

Canucks netminder Jacob Markstrom stopped 22 of 27 shots in tonight’s contest, his fourth in a row in the Canucks net. Opposite Markstrom, Mike Smith stopped 27 of the Canucks 29 tries for the Flames.


Quick Hits

  • This was not Jacob Markstrom’s night. Speaking to reporters after the Canucks 5-2 loss, Markstrom admitted that he gave up way too many goals tonight and that he has to be better for the Canucks. There were at least two goals tonight that Markstrom has to have to give the Canucks a chance to win. The Canucks are four games into the season, and Markstrom’s given up a least one ugly goal a game. That trend has to stop if he wants to take the Canucks net as the starter and keep it.

  • Loui Eriksson left today’s game after ending his first shift by crashing into the Flames’ net courtesy a questionable play by Tanner Glass. Canucks head coach Travis Green didn’t have any updates after the game, but considering he didn’t return to tonight’s contest, I’d say it’s safe to expect he could miss some time.

  • Green shortened his bench near the end of the game to spark his club, again, and this time it was Bo Horvat who was a casualty. Speaking to reporters after the game, Green admitted that he wasn’t crazy about Horvat’s game and thought he was “average” tonight. Horvat wasn’t visibly good or bad tonight, in my estimation, leaving tonight’s contest with a plus-three shot attempt differential and an even rating.
  • In Horvat’s stead stepped Alexander Burmistrov, returning from his one-game exile. Burmistrov played a significant role in the Canucks first goal, smartly covering for a Derrick Pouliot pinch before taking the puck himself into the corner, outmuscling Dougie Hamilton and feeding Dorsett high in the slot. In just his second shift with Sven Baertschi and Brock Boeser, that line scored, as Boeser converted on a breakaway opportunity to get the Canucks back into tonight’s game, if only for a moment. Burmistrov left tonight’s game with a plus-three shot attempt differential and a plus-one rating while playing a big role in the Canucks’ first goal. Something tells me he’s earned another game. Green was fairly complimentary of Burmistrov after tonight’s game, too.
  • Michael Del Zotto led the Canucks in ice-time. Again. This, after a year spent in and out of the Philadelphia Flyers press box. Green seems to be a fan.
  • I’m starting to wonder if the Canucks did any pre-scouting of Sam Gagner before signing him this summer. They seem to have no idea how best to use their big-ticket forward acquisition of the off-season. They’ve used him on the power play as a trigger-man, to no effect; they’ve used him with the Sedins, to no effect. Hell, they even used him on the penalty kill in the third period. Gagner admitted after the game that he hadn’t killed penalties since playing with the Oilers. There’s probably a reason for that. Gagner is a playmaker, but that seems to be the role the Canucks are least open to playing him in. I don’t get it.
  • Jimjamg

    Brutal, brutal display of hockey. Choppy, ineffective, disjointed, poor goaltending. Need to bury this one and move on. Can’t even blame Edler or Louie. Yikes!

          • Bud Poile

            Speaking of twats,it’s your hero Kesler’s squeezing twats he shouldn’t that made him a zero.
            For good measure the little pri*k gave the Canucks one team to trade with.
            Effin,self-entitled a-hole,much like you.

        • Freud

          Only Bud can blame Gillis for a contract Benning handed out.

          Only the simple minded blame one GM and praise the other.

          They both suck.

          Now let’s get back to business at hand. Why did Benning sign Markstrom to such a contract?

          • Bud Poile

            Benning dealt the hand he was served.
            You and your Dud whined about Miller,whined about making Markstrom a starter.
            Now you whine again because effing losers whine.
            That’s you.

          • Freud

            Bud?!?!? Benning dealt the hand he was served? You argued Gillis dealt the hand, now Benning did? You’re coming across as a confused and/or drunk dotard.

            I just blew up your repetitive and simple minded Miller/Markstrom hot take and you’re soooo angry.

            I won’t even mention the hypocrisy of you swearing at me after asking moderators to ban posters who did the same to you. Be careful or writers might ask you to leave, again….

        • Dirk22

          You’re right Bud! Markstrom is the problem. Nothing to do with the most bland collection of middling vets this city has ever had to cheer for. They might finish in 30th or 31st this year instead of those glory days of Miller – what, with those 28th and 29th place finishes.

  • truthseeker

    Missed the game. How’d Pouliot look?

    See…this is where I don’t get the babying of the young guys. Why was Jake scratched? In my opinion he’s looked very good the first 3 games. Certainly not the worst forward on the team in that time. Yet Green parks him. For what? Cause they want to “ease” him in? Stupid. Because they want him “fresh”? Stupid. How has he NOT looked “fresh”.

    Bench a guy because he plays bad. Bench a guy because he has a game where he’s obviously fatigued and needs a break. But assuming that he MIGHT get fatigued at some point even though he hasn’t shown any sign that he is? Just stupid logic.

    So far I don’t like Green’s handling of Virt and Boeser. Overly cautious to the point of paranoia.

    And if this is about “message sending” that youngsters should get to feel “entitled” then it’s even worse. And even more illogical considering you’re basically punishing success for the sake of your “message”.

    Play them until they deserve to come out because they are the worst of your forwards. Any other reason is nonsense.

    • Cageyvet

      I agree, although I might not be as harsh about it. Easing Bowser in, OK, as long as he stays in, clearly he can play, he was better tonight than last game.

      Virtanen should not have come out, and here’s hoping he rolls right into Eriksson’s ice time. We need his speed in the lineup.

      Pouliot was solid IMO, and got better as the game went along. Showed poise with the puck and made both safe plays and some nice feeds, and jumped up in the rush. He certainly didn’t look out of place.

      Maelstrom was subpar, and the team managed some good things despite basically stumbling around half the time. For the second game in a row, I thought we made too many mental mistakes and weren’t focused. Guys didn’t bear down on opportunities, we may not deserve more points in the standings, but it’s hard to believe we won’t cash in a few more chances as the team gels.

      Check out Baertsch’s pass to spring Boeser for his goal if you get a chance, that was a thing of beauty.

    • Naslund

      No doubt Green’s thinking is that a guy like Derek Dorsett is safer than Virtanen because Dorsett doesn’t take any shortcuts and he doesn’t make big mistakes. The problem is that Dorsett’s upside is nowhere near as high as Virtanen’s. I’d like to see the kid play until he proves that he doesn’t belong. He did not deserve to sit out tonight.

      • Holmes

        That’s probably right. If Canucks lose either way, why wouldn’t Green choose to lose the game while helping Virtanen – and the other young guys – develop? Now we are just bad for no reason

    • cberg

      Good comment. From afar (Calgary) what I’ve seen is Virtanen has played really well and been a definite spark, and Boeser hasn’t hurt and had that great goal tonight.

      Coaches giving young guys a chance seems like a familiar theme we are also seeing in Calgary with Jankowski getting sent down in favour of a couple vets, after earning the spot in Camp. Hopefully for all our sakes the coaches will get over their trust issues and get these young, hungry and talented guys into the line-ups on a consistent basis.

  • Due_North83

    PP is just awful. Hardly any shots made, can’t setup, & when shots taken, mostly blocked.

    Don’t see much improvement at all. PP performance is difference.

    CGY’s 4 of 5 goals came from D, it’s the way the games going, we need more goal support from d-corps.

  • TheRealPB

    Brutal. Pathetic. The best two games I’ve seen by far were the ones full of AHL and prospect players in the preseason and coached by the Utica staff. We’ve gotten progressively worse since with the actual NHL squad. The PP is unfathomably bad and this has been going on basically since Ehrhoff left. I don’t know how else to put it but the Sedins cannot be out there. You basically surrender 1-1.5 minutes each time through a lack of pressure, an inability to win a draw, or not able to even enter the zone and set up. We had a minute of a 2 man advantage and instead give up a goal shortly after it goes back to a 1-man. We have a 4-3 advantage and can’t even get a shot off. Whatever momentum we build up – and the Sedins at least are still competent at 5on5 — is lost entirely by the time we go on the PP. The only reason it was close at all the first half was because Gaudreau, Monahan and Jagr were barely on the ice — basically they got to rest up from a 3 games in 4 nights. Schedule loss, right?

    If this is the way of things there is no way Benning and Linden survive the year. Because getting the draft picks and prospect development is all well and good but if all of the vets you bring in to develop a “winning culture” and shelter the youngsters do nothing, where are you? At this point of the guys brought in I can see Vanek and Del Zotto having some value as trade chips — both have looked pretty good. Granlund and Baertschi are both being dragged down by line mates. Is Horvat’s injury worse than we thought? Gagner = invisible. Eriksson = invisible plus now injured. Hutton = should not be on an NHL roster. Markstrom = today’s Alex Auld. Stetcher = ineffective. Dorsett = hands of stone with some luck.

    Boeser, Gudbranson, Virtanen, Vanek and Del Zotto are the only ones that are even mildly impressive.

    Four games in and I’m wondering why I bothered to re-up for the NHL tv package and stay up till 1 to watch this.

    • Roy

      I’ve been predicting this all summer and heavily downvoted to my amusement. After the win against a tired Edmonton, commenters were angrily challenging detractors to dare show their faces – now, a truly embarrassing loss with all the hallmarks of a bad team and the comments section has instantaneously become full defeatist/realist. Do you guys have a shred of self-awareness?

      Anyway, they brought in Del Zotto and Gagner to help the power play and it’s already worse than last year, and we were icing a fresh team at home against a tired team on the road. This season might even be worse than I was predicting, and even worse than last year. Again, that was embarrassing, from every perspective (except Boeser). Sitting Virtanen when you’re playing a physical team that’s on the road and tired? Yikes.

  • Canucks Realist

    The lowest attendance for a Saturday night game since December 2001 and against a hated Canadian division rival ffs?

    13 minutes of power play time and just three shots, no goals for and a shorty against…and YOU want the Sedins back?

    Tkachuk in beast mode at 19, the real deal and a ticket seller like his old man – Juolevi, last seen scoffing reideer burgers in Lapland ffs.

    There is a cancer at work here folks, destroying the franchise from within after FOUR years of failure both in the off season and the draft… that cancer is Jim Benning and he needs to be cut out before he kills us, can’t you see that?

      • Braindead Benning

        Is it really a “stupid”
        Post or the fact that you can’t see through what the poster is saying because you “hate” the poster.
        You make valid points but in essence this team is floundering yet again without an identity towards the youth movement that should have happened 2-3 years ago and the team still tries to compete by filling gaps.
        I totally get what DimJim is doing trying to get vets in to fill the void until his draft picks/FA signings are fully ready however, it’s not working and his high draft picks and trades are simply not good enough to ice a competing NHL caliber team.

        It’s 4 drafts now with a 5th and 6th picks in deep drafts and not one of them have made there mark on this team

        • Canucks Realist

          Just ignore the whiny little kid with mental health issues BB, the sad little self loather wimp hates that lol

          Exactly mate – we are talking FOUR years now and only Boeser has made a solid claim from close to 30 picks, while Virtanen is being mishandled the same way as McCann, Tryamkin, Forsling and Juolevi have/were!

          Some of the mugs on here need to get a life because it’s not funny that the thousands of empty seats are a major issue now. Besides Benning building a truly awful team, the main reason is there are NO stars to excite the fanbase like Jagr (on a short termer), or exciting young stars we SHOULD have picked like Tkachuk, Ehlers, Nylander and Dylan Larkin to name but a few. This is all down to BENNING and PR conman LINDEN… the standings, eye test and lowest ever attendances at Rogers simply do not lie BB… do they?

        • truthseeker

          Yep it’s really a stupid post. “hate”? lol…hate requires caring….you underestimate how little I care.

          And what’s the point? Any time I logically respond to trolls like this they never respond. They just tuck tail and run like the little cowards they are because they don’t have a counter argument to offer. So why bother? More fun just to call them out for their stupidity.

          But just for you let’s look at his post….

          low attendance. OK….so what? Yeah, the team is not good right now. So that’s a surprise why? It’s not even making a point. He’s not even clear enough to respond to. Is he blaming the fans for not going to a game against a “hated canadian rival”? Or is he criticizing management for causing the low attendance? Who can tell, it’s such garbage writing, and it’s stupid. “Canucks attendance is terrible!” isn’t a “point”. It’s an obvious observation. There is nothing to respond to. Try making a point first.

          So the Sedin’s shouldn’t be signed because the power play sucks? That’s the logic he’s going with? So forget about every other aspect of their game? The fact that they’re controlling play better than anyone else on the team by far? The fact that they are producing 5 on 5? None of that matters?

          You see? Stupid. Super stupid. Super f..king stupid.

          Tkachuk. OK…interesting how you fools always like to judge over minuscule sample sizes. So let’s do that. Your logic remember. The guy was a minus one in spite of getting an assist against the canucks. Non factor. He disappeared in the playoffs last year and was awful. Biggest stage and he turtles like the little cheap shot artist he is. And you morons keep moaning about him as if he’s something special.

          But whatever…you like him better than Oli…that’s fine. Nothing wrong with that. But you do have a MAJOR flaw in your logic. You are saying because he’s playing NHL games before other players in his draft year that makes him better. That IS your logic. So you think whoever plays first is better.

          If this was 1994 you’d be the type of person saying the canucks made a HUUUGE mistake drafting Ohlund, and they should have taken Wayne friiggin Premeau and Ethan Moreau because they played in the NHL before Ohlund.

          You see? Stupid logic. A stupid post.

          There you go. Minced meat out of all his arguments with simple logic. I invite you to respond with suitable counter arguments that are logically more sound than my replies to yours.

          • BringtheFire 2.0

            “Tkachuk. OK…interesting how you fools always like to judge over minuscule sample sizes. So let’s do that. Your logic remember. The guy was a minus one in spite of getting an assist against the canucks. Non factor. He disappeared in the playoffs last year and was awful. Biggest stage and he turtles like the little cheap shot artist he is. And you morons keep moaning about him as if he’s something special.”

            We drafted him and we made the playoffs. You didn’t and you’re losing. He’s putting up points, controlling play contributing to a winning culture.

            Small sample size? You missed last year, did you? When the 3M line carried the team on their backs?

            Wake up kid. The Sedin party is over and Benning and Linden have to go.

            Enjoy the next 3 years of the rebuild.

          • Braindead Benning

            Man I was actually stoked when they drafted Ohlund back in 94 and he turned out to be my on of my favourite defencman ever to play in a Canucks uniform.

            Is that a suitable response ?

          • truthseeker

            Relax flamey boy….the response is directed to a specific situation on canucks boards of people who illogically think you can judge the 2016 draft after 1 season.

            And whatever dude….Tkachuk scored 14 goals. whoopty do. He disappeared in the playoffs and you got destroyed. And he is a cheap shot artist.

            See, the canucks can suck, and those things can still be true. I’ll happily admit to it. And thanks! I will enjoy the rebuild.

            So if you’re the same type as the moron here and think you can decide the results of a draft year after one or two seasons…then yeah….you’re an illogical moron too.

          • truthseeker

            Glad you liked him Braindead. I did too. But he required a ton of patience. 3 FULL seasons after he was drafted.

            So you agree then right? Calling Oli a “bust” and declaring Tkachuk “better” might be a bit premature? Like, stupidly premature?

          • BringtheFire 2.0

            No one says anything bad about Chucky!!! He’s a lovely, polite young man who always treats others with respect good manners.

            When someone speaks Ill of Chucky my butt starts to hurt.

          • Braindead Benning

            I have never said OJ is a bust, if anything I liked Tkachuk”s abrasive nature and I think that he would have brought a new level of scoring/power forward that might compliment JV on the wings. OJ May turn out to be a better pick… but who knows at this point? But judging after 4 years of JB/TL regime if all they can sell Canucks fan at this point Brock Boeser and the potential of JV and OJ then it’s pretty pathetic and even you know that

          • truthseeker

            Exactly my point. Nobody knows yet. And won’t for quite some time. And that’s exactly why I called his post stupid. And you agree because you’ve just admitted his logic is garbage.

            So you see? This is why I don’t bother. I’m simply right. And I know I’m right when I read a stupid post like his. So I don’t need to go through this whole thing to prove to myself what I already know. That his post is stupid.

            As for the rest of what you said, no I don’t think the draft picks are pathetic. I think we need MORE TIME. JV, Boeser, Oli, and now Petterssen are his first round picks. It’s too early to tell on any of them.

            Now..I agree the team stinks. That’s obvious. I think Benning has done some questionable things. But I also think he was hampered by a the contract situation that he inherited from Gillis. (and if you’ve read my comments before I have no issues with Gillis’ contracts..they were necessary for the time).

            You can’t deny that being handcuffed by guys like Kes, Hamhuis etc….would make his job very difficult. It was OBVIOUS that tearing it down was going to take a long time. And stop saying 4 years. He’s completed 3 years. He was hired in 2014.

            Just like the drafts, I don’t think he can be judged on the team yet. This was a supertanker that was going to eat up the first few years of his tenure.

            But all you complainers simply refuse to take a logical position and feel the need to be extremists one way or the other.

            So every time any of you do it, I’m going to call you out on it and call it what it is. Narrow minded stupid thinking.

    • Freud

      Apparently the “real fans” want the team to compete every night.

      Looks like we have 11,500 “real fans” in the stands while hundreds of thousands of smart fans are silently turning their backs on this management team and their mixed messages, head scratching comments, moving goalposts and two steps forward, two steps back approach.

      The silent majority will force this team to rebuild properly by staying away. Call it the anti-Edmonton approach.

        • Canucks Realist

          Oh dear another Bud P meltdown. What a vile foul-mouthed little troll he is when angry and drinking.

          This is what happens when he can no longer play the blame game FOUR YEARS into the most disastrous regime since Mike Keenan.

          Six thousand empty seats per game tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… Benning and special Bud GO NOW!

  • 51Geezer

    I do not understand the addition of the aged free-agents. They have not improved the team and have served only to empty a bunch of seats. I say play the youngsters no matter what the cost.

    • truthseeker

      You think attendance would be greater if they didn’t sign vanek and gagner? You think, let’s say, Goldobin and Rodin, are going to draw 3 or 4 thousand more fans per night?

  • wojohowitz

    That was a game that made Willie look good but also made Travis Green look like Dallas Eakins – a career AHL coach. Was it Green or Benning who wanted a roster full of veterans? Was it four years ago Torts called the Canucks `stale`? Well now they look `staler`.

    Time to call up some players who want to be here like; Archibald, LaBate, Goldobin, Boucher and Holm.

  • Rodeobill

    Calgary’s Defense showed up big tonight. Boeser made his case to stay. Pucks seemed to magnetically polarized opposite to canuck’s sticks this game. Markstrom was not there to save the day. Missed JV’s speed and bullishness this game. I love Horvat’s effort every game. Some nights it feel like he is the only one trying, but I wish he would try to use his linemates some more too. Seems as though he gets fed up and tries to do everything himself. Pouliot didn’t look that bad.

  • Rodeobill

    As the old saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig but…
    We all knew the canucks were not going to be contenders this year. Calgary has a good team, and yes it was frustrating to watch. I just try to enjoy the little things. Last year, it was Tryamkin sitting people down, this year watching JV and Boeser come along, and maybe even Goldy later. Defeat for me as a fan is not about winning each game with a capital “W”, but winning those little moments, the efforts put in, playing with heart, not getting pushed around, and showing up to play. This season is a win for me if they give me hope that they are rising up. Sedins are still great as 3l or 2pp. They are our Jagrs. I know it’s frustrating for fans to watch. I remember going to watch the first Batman reboot with Micheal Keaton, and everyone was wearing the shirts and talking about it… I was psyched. It stunk. What a let down. If I had no expectations going in though, I probably would have thought it was not bad. Point is, save yourself disappointment and better your quality of life by adjusting your expectations realistically and everybody wins.

    Sorry for blathering on, just feel like a lot of disappointed fans here (and I get that), but that’s how I hang in there baby(insert cat hanging from branch here).

  • canuckfan

    Game was lost in the first period after the power play crapped the bed. Markstrom had a tough game. Time to move on and throw this game out.
    Team just seems so disjointed good time to hit the road to see if they can get some chemistry. If Eriksson is going to be out for a while I would not bring any players up at this time. Time to play a consistent lineup and not have everyone wondering who will sit out the next game. If there are players that aren’t playing up to snuff on the road trip they will stand out. Then rather than sitting players in the press box send them down to the Comets and replace them with someone who deserves to be given a chance.
    Gagne has not been noticeable in any of the games unless you think because everyone has observed him as being invisible he has been noticed. If after 10 games he is still playing a crappy game send him down to Utica if someone picks him up on waivers so be it. If he was brought in to teach the young players of what it takes to be a NHL player I think all he can offer is bad habits. If skating is supposed to be his strong suit I would say he can’t even do that. He can be the example of if you don’t play hard you will be replaced no mater how much they are paid. His game doesn’t have any strong suit. He is a defensive liability, he isn’t showing any offensive talents not even sure he has even touched the puck. Lots of players that are doing it in Utica, sorry to hurt the Comets by sending him down but he needs to work on his game. I he is just happy to have a 3 year contract and thinks he doesn’t need to earn it then he can rot in Utica or the next league down below that.

      • Cageyvet

        Me too, the pp atrophied under him before and he couldn’t let go of the drop pass. So far I’m not overly impressed, but the execution was off 5 on 5 as well so I’m willing to give him more than 4 games before passing judgement. Let’s hope Pouliot can become a powerplay quarterback, he didn’t look nearly as risky defensively as I’d been led to believe, and definitely shows poise with the puck.

  • johnno

    Travis Green… the new Dallas Eakins. Jim Benning… the new Mike Milbury. Get rid before they end up getting us relocated to Seattle or Portland. I am deadly serious, this cannot go on.

  • DJ_44

    Out of a brutal game, here is what I would take out of it. Markstrom had a off-night; not need to pull the panic button yet.

    The Sedin’s should either not be on the power play, or split up. Way to static in if the enter the zone at all.

    Finally, Green may realize that Baertschi and Horvat are not a really great combination, and Horvat is not the best center for Boeser. Burmistrov, a better playmaker, looked much better with Brock.

    Poulliot looked pleasantly good. Way more offensive skill then Hutton, and his defensive game did not look that bad.

    For the PP, Baerschi cannot play the point. I will have the following:

    Poulliot, Burmistrov, Boeser, Eriksson, Virtanen

    Del Zotto, Horvat, Granlund, Vanek, {H. Sedin, D.Sedin, Baertschi}

    Zone entry is key, and keep the puck off the boards, lots of movement. I would even go with Hutton on unit 2, provided he is not allowed to bring the puck up the ice.

  • speering major

    Markstrom – bad
    Hutton – bad
    Sedins- bad
    Sutter- bad

    Horvat, Gagner, Vanek, Sven- invisible

    The oilers game probably gave people some false hope of entertaining and competitive hockey. It’s tough to make the prospects earn ice time when the vets aren’t showing up regularly.

  • Burnabybob

    What were people really expecting this year? The Canucks have some good young players in the pipeline, but most aren’t even with the big team yet, and probably won’t be for years. The draft lottery will probably be the most exciting event on the Canucks calendar the next couple of years at least. I’m not trying to be a downer, just realistic.

    • canuckfan

      I think if ticket prices weren’t so high I would go to a couple games. I looked at buying some single tickets for Chicago but when the price came up I got out of that website as fast as I could. It is easy to justify high ticket prices when there is competition for people who want to go to the game. It is not that I don’t want to go to a live game its the fact the tickets are too high even with a good job I cannot justify spending that much money to watch the Canucks play and believe that is where a lot of Canucks fans are at as well. I may try and see if can buy tickets from a scalper as they don’t want to be stuck with tickets and will be more realistic in what they are asking.

        • Canucks Realist

          Uhhh NO Dud – ‘YOU ALL’ did not want Markstrom and if so, show ‘US’ the proof… in fact ‘I’ personally didn’t want Marky or old man Miller who robbed us for 18 million either… but clown show Benning did, which is why he signed BOTH goalies to contracts, you silly little man.

          Another key reason why the worst GM in franchise history BENNING is at fault for the worst attendances since 1991! Run along now, tail between legs.

      • DJ_44

        Prices will be high for any high demand games (Leafs, Habs, Chicago, Pittsburgh, etc), and the building will be full, less unsold scalper tickets and season ticket holders that do not go (like the majority of lower bowl seats last night).

        Now is the time to go to Canucks game if you are price sensitive, like most of us are. You will get upper bowl seats for anywhere between $30 and $80 for some games. Again, for high demand games this will not be the case. This is through scalpers or online sellers (like Craigslist etc.). I stay away from stub-hub as it is often cheaper to get them through Ticketmaster.

        Just sayin.

      • Off the wall

        Tell me about it. I wanted so badly to watch the Flames against the Canucks that it cost me almost $600 for two tickets, lower bowl on Saturday.In section 119 -25 rows up . I’m happy the Flames won, but I’m appalled at the price of a ticket! Good seats, however for that price I should have been in Club seats!

        Of note: I am impressed by Boeser. That kid has a wicked shot and real skill. Watched him in preseason as well. He’s going to be a beauty for your team.
        Virtanen is the real deal too.
        He needs to plunge in and be used regularly.
        Quit easing these youngsters into the game, they are ready..

        • Off the wall

          Btw: the attendance at that game was benchmarked at 17,000. Are they counting shots the way they count attendance?

          There was more like 13-14,000 tops at the game. More empty seats then I cared to count!

  • Holly Wood

    A lot of passengers last night ie. Gagner, Vanek, Bart, . Horvat is trying to do too much by himself, he has heart and skill but his playmaking ability is just not there. Too often he puts his head down and tries to blow through everybody, that’s not gonna work at this level. If Gagner can’t show any more than he has already I’d say waive him maybe some one will take a chance. Virtanen is certainly a better option. Boeser is dangerous in the slot so I say keep him in the lineup to develop the rest of his game,

  • jaybird43

    The way I see it, Edlers injury is a big blow; Erikssons not so much. One Swede was playing well and the other wad occupying a roster spot. Lets see more of two of the three kids; Virtanen, Boeser, Goldobin.