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Canucks Army Monday Mailbag – October 9th – Part Deux

The conversation has to at least start with Denis Malgin. I’d try to get the Panthers to include a mid-round pick, too. Then again, the 2018 NHL Entry Draft is going to be heavy on talent in the first round, so I wouldn’t blame the Canucks if they went in that direction instead.

I was not a fan of the Cory Schneider for Bo Horvat trade at the time. In retrospect, that’s excellent value as far as goaltenders go. It’s kind of funny, but in spite of the fact that goaltenders probably have the most significant impact on their team’s ability to win games, they go for pennies on the dollar when teams trade for them. Based on where the Canucks are right now as a franchise, I’d probably prefer to have Horvat around. If I’m trying to build a contending team, though, I can definitely see the argument for Schneider, who’s quietly been a top-five goalie since joining the New Jersey Devils — last season aside, of course.

That’s a great question. One of my first thoughts, when the Canucks acquired Pouliot, was “where’s he going to play” and that extended not just to this season, but the next one too. The Canucks left side is pretty much locked down. All of Ben Hutton, Alexander Edler and Michael Del Zotto are signed right to the end of next season. Obviously, at some point injuries will open a spot for Pouliot. But it’s clear that the Canucks don’t just envision Pouliot as a seventh defenceman who can fill in when injuries create openings. It’s fairly clear that they see potential there for more.

I don’t know if Pouliot’s deal is bad news for Hutton. It might be for Edler though. According to www.capfriendly.com, it will only cost the Canucks $3-million against the cap ($2-million the first year and $1-million the second) to buy out the final year of Edler’s contract. Edler’s been in freefall mode for the last few seasons, and if he won’t waive his no-trade clause, perhaps this is one way the Canucks can get out from that deal. They’d create the space for Pouliot, and hypothetically, Olli Juolevi, who should be knocking on the door for an NHL job next season.

I can’t give you the why, but I can back up your assertion that French toast is an excellent breakfast choice. Far better than pancakes, in my estimation.

The last we’d heard about which team Jonathan Dahlen would join in the SHL, it was Linkoping’s name that came up. Since then, Dahlen’s agent has revealed that they’re still deciding what his course of action will be for the upcoming season. As soon as we can confirm where Dahlen is going for next season, we’ll have an update on Canucks Army.

Probably not. Gudbranson is a right-hand shot, and Pouliot is a lefty. That alone makes it unlikely.

The Penguins aren’t terribly deep on their back end, so I’d say I like Andrey Pedan’s chances of at least getting a shot. In fact, it seems the Penguins targeted Pedan because they thought he was worth a shot. They seem pretty high on him in their organization.

As for the second question, I’m going to go ahead and assume this is about whether pie or cake is more appropriate for Thanksgiving, what with the timing and all. It has to be pie. And it has to be one of pumpkin or apple pie — no substitute.

  • valleycanuck

    To add to the question about Gudbranson being scratched for Pouliot, is there a left-shot defenceman on this roster capable of playing the right side? More specifically, has Del Zotto had success there in the past?

    • canuckfan

      Don’t know why the Canucks would buy out Edler he is still a good defender against the Oilers he played a lot of tough minutes against their top guys. To buy him out so a rookie can get his spot is not smart, unless of course he craps the bed. Right now he is playing like our top defender along with Tanev.

  • Waffles

    “I can’t give you the why, but I can back up your assertion that French toast is an excellent breakfast choice. Far better than pancakes, in my estimation.”

    Waffles >>> French Toast. Just sayin’ it’s not too late to make the right breakfast choice.

  • Steamer

    French toast with lots of butter & real maple syrup can’t be beat! There will be an injury and/or someone will sit for poor play – Ed, Hut, MDZ – at very least it’s a message to the left side D.

  • truthseeker

    Geezus people…you JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!

    Monday Pancakes
    Tuesday French Toast
    Wednesday Waffles
    Thursday Pancakes
    Friday French Toast
    Saturday Waffles
    Sunday All of them!