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Canucks acquire Derrick Pouliot from Pittsburgh for Andrey Pedan and 4th round pick

The Canucks have made a trade ahead of the 2PM PT roster deadline, sending defenceman Andrey Pedan and a 2018 4th round pick to the Pittsburgh Penguins for defenceman Derrick Pouliot

Andrey Pedan had been placed on waivers yesterday and had cleared before being sent to the Penguins. Pouliot was selected 8th overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2012. They acquired that pick, along with Brandon Sutter and Brian Dumoulin for Jordan Staal.

The Canucks have long been rumoured to have interest in Pouliot and it makes sense given his ability to transition the puck and offensive play. He struggles at times in his own zone. With that being said, Pouliot has struggled to make that leap to the NHL after some decent AHL play over the last few seasons. He leaves you wanting more, he teases the potential that he has but never quite gets there.

New head coach Travis Green is very familiar with Pouliot having been the head coach of the Portland Winterhawks in 2012-13.

Giving up Andrey Pedan and a 4th round pick for Pouliot isn’t a terrible price to pay for a former first-round pick. It’s a risk on the Canucks part, as Pouliot does require waivers to be assigned to the AHL. But if he can finally put it all together, the Canucks give up a mid round pick and defenceman that clearly wasn’t in their long-term plans. If Pouliot continues to struggle at the NHL level, then the Canucks will have another player trend to zero value in Pedan.

With the 2pm roster deadline rapidly approaching, the Canucks will have to make some more moves to get under the 23 man roster limit. That may include finally assigning Olli Juolevi to Finland, or papering down players like Brock Boeser and Jake Virtanen. We will see how the next few hours shake out.

Pouliot is on a one-year, one-way deal that pays him $800,000. He will be an RFA at the end of year.

  • Kanucked

    I don’t think they acquire Pouliot to sit him in the press box and they certainly aren’t going to waive him so who sits or is moved at some point this season?

  • TheRealPB

    Very interesting — I guess the Pens just want the 4th rounder (since they could have picked up Pedan for nothing)? Or to get rid of the contract or get something for Pouliot? That’s two of their “defense of the future” (along with Despres) gone now.

    • TD

      I bet the deal was in place on the condition Pedan cleared waivers. That way Pittsburg can send him straight to the AHL. Could explain why Pedan was waived after a good camp.

    • crofton

      I doubt there was any possibility that the trade would happen straight across. Pouliot was picked 8th overall in 2012 and Pedan was a 3rd rounder a year earlier. Plus Pedan was never able to make a much weaker team, and what are the probabilities of a 3rd rounder playing 200 games in the NHL? I’d say worth tossing the 4th in.

  • The_Blueline

    I don’t mind losing Pedan. But why does JB have to throw in picks all the time???
    We don’t need 7th D, we need high end talent (which a 4th round pick can turn into, even if chance is low)

    • DJ_44

      The chance that a 4th round pick plays in the NHL is low. The chance that they become a high-end talent is miniscule.
      The question is simple: is a 4th round pick worth the gamble on Poulliot? Most have thought so. Pedan has been waived two years in a row, so the Canucks could have lost him for nothing, and do not take up an extra contract.

      GMJB did not “throw in” the pick; the trade was a 4th for Poulliot.

    • Rodeobill

      I think the Trade deadline is going to be busy for GMJB this year and I think we’ll see him pick up a few extra lottery tickets at that time (or at least I hope). Until then this is still a lottery ticket to see if a guy on the cusp of make or break (the same of which could be said of Pedan) can find his mojo. We’ve seen this lottery pay off a few time already for him, so why not?

  • valleycanuck

    I know he’s left-handed, but what side does Pouliot primarily play?

    The depth on defence should make for an intriguing battle for ice time. Pouliot – Tanev jumps out at me initially as a pairing I’d like to see. That would essentially leave a battle for ice time on the 3rd pairing between MDZ, Gudbranson and Hutton. Competition is healthy.

    • DJ_44

      He plays the left (or prefers that). Last season he was forced to the right side part of the time, which probably contributed to poor showing. The season before he was on the left side with Cole(???) I think. His numbers were better. Tanev might be the medicine he needs to get his confidence back.

      He can fill Hutton’s role, with better vision, skating and shot. Perfect.

  • Rodeobill

    I have been rooting for Pedan these last few years, but this deal should be a good new chance for him. This deal looks good from all sides. Now no Archibald, no Pedan, no Labate, no White… I like the look of the roster so far, but wonder where the toughness is going to come from, I hope not Dorsett (for his own sake), or are they just going to try playing without that element? Seems kind of like we’ll get bulldozed in the West if we play a game based around only taking the high road. Regardless it will be interesting to see how things pan out.

  • Walker

    One thing that strikes me about this deal is that it all came down to one thing for GMJB: he believed it was likely that the Av’s would pluck Pouliot off the waiver wire.

    Otherwise, don’t have a strong hit on the deal, two players who have struggled to get into the show have been swapped. The risk is losing the draft pick for no real gain.

  • Gregthehockeynut

    When the Canucks were physically dominated in the San Jose series sweep in 2012 I felt we needed to stockpile big young players with great skating ability . Lots of depth with talent and / or toughness, just wait for the most competitive players to ascend to the roster. This is a good trade but hardly a gamble since Pedan, who I was rooting for hasn’t taken that next step. Definitely a higher ceiling on Pouliot but it’s probably 2-3 years before that happens.