Photo Credit: © Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Gudbranson, Stecher and some Canucks staff will march in Vancouver Pride Parade

The You Can Play Project in conjunction with the NHL announced today that the Canucks will be well represented at the Pride Parade this weekend:

As mentioned in the tweet, Erik Gudbranson, Troy Stecher and 30 members of the Canucks staff will represent the organization this weekend.

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The Canucks have been taking part in the Pride Parade as far back as 2012, when then forward and now skills coach Manny Malhotra marched with Patrick Burke. Last season, Emerson Etem along with two vehicles and multiple staff took part.

Image: NHL.com

This follows the Canucks wearing Pride jerseys for warmups prior to their February 28th contest against the Detroit Red Wings. That was part of the ‘You Can Play’ nights across the NHL.

It is great to see the Canucks continue their presence in the event and step up with even more participation this year.

  • truthseeker

    Yes, it is great to see. Still a lot of hate in the world.

    I’m sure the usual crowd of anti PC backlash people will come up with all kinds of boring and illogical reasons to “criticize” this type of thing.

    • truthseeker

      Yeah…cause the pride parade is the equivalent of a movie….
      Sorry…but it’s a fairly noteworthy community event. And they are IN the parade…not watching it.

      Just because you’re not interested in something, doesn’t mean it’s not news. It simply means YOU aren’t interested in it.

      • Braindead Benning

        Oh poor little shallow Truthseeker just trying sooooo hard to bait into an meanless arguement on a stupid topic in which many people could give to $hits about. You are the BORING, not original and basically a complete moron.
        Take care and have a good day you twat

        • Braindead Benning


          That many people could NOT give too $hits about any parade”s… would rather watch a can collector take a dump on the middle of the street… lol

          • truthseeker

            Still copying my insults huh? Why don’t you use my user name like you were before?

            I’m “the boring” huh? lol..

            See, what you’re doing is called projecting. Here, have a read.


            “can collector take a dump…???”

            Is that your idea of something “clever” to say? How old are you? No way you’re older than 16 with a statement like that. Not too mention the terrible grammar. And that’s probably insulting to the vast majority of 16 year old people.

            Impressive though that you managed to hold of commenting for what?…2 days or so? I bet it was just EAATING you up inside. Little hamster wheel spinning like crazy trying to come up with something to throw at me……haha….”can collector….”

            wow man…you really showed me on that one! Keep trying dude! One day you’ll get me!

            Or maybe not….