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It was another quiet week on the Canucks front, but one could certainly call it a week for the farm teams. With the Alaska Aces folding at the end of their season, the Canucks have gone back to familiarity in Kalamazoo, which is in Michigan if you weren’t aware. The Utica Comets’ Most Improved Player for 2016-17, Evan McEneny, was re-upped for two years, and depth forward Michael Chaput avoided arbitration and signed a one-year deal. On a side note, the Comet’s rink – the Utica Memorial Auditorium – is undergoing some extensive renovations that should be completed by the start of their season. Miss an article? I’ve got you covered with our Plays of the Weeks!

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  • jaybird43

    Canucks are starting to reload quite nicely. Looked at Benning’s trades since he started in May 2014, at nhletradetracker.com and, with the exception of the Kessler “trade” (one he was forced into, one month into his tenure), I think he’s won all the important ones so far (Baertshi for 2nd rounder; Granlund for Shrinkaruk, and some combination Burrows-Hansen for Goldobin/Dahlin). The only one that the jury is still out on is Gudbranson for McCann. Given McCann’s age, and Gudbranson’s acknowledged liabilities vs his singular asset (size), it’s possible that Florida may well win that one. Can we count Luca Sbia to LVGN as a win (because I sure do!!)? lol.
    Go Canucks!

    • Killer Marmot

      Benning has made some goof-ups, but I see signs that he is getting better at this managing thing. In particular I like the way he accumulates resources through every avenue available: drafting, waivers, trades, and free agency. Every manager tries to do that, but Benning is being notably successful.

      We have yet to see the results on the ice, but there is good reason for optimism.

    • Pat Quinn Way

      Agree on Guddy but it’s frankly laughable to say that trading a proven NHL vet like Hansen with many good miles left, on a bargain contract too boot for a lightweight Sharks reject with attitude problems and no guarantee of even making the team is a win for the Canucks.

      Adding insult to injury, the clown Benning also agreed to retain salary on this deal, which means we are not only strengthing a hated division we are paying for the privilege! Terrible trade. Terrible drafter. Terrible GM, as our league position proves.

  • canuckfan

    I agree that time will tell on the McCann trade but so far even with the injury and terrible short season that Gudbranson had McCanns was even worse he will rot in Florida with no chance of moving up to the big league if he has the crappy attitude that he is rumored having don’t think he will make it anywhere and may end up being an assistant coach for Hodson

  • TheRealPB

    Oh PQW, once again you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head. I am assuming you mean “Jannik” not “Yannick”? I ask only because I know you’re a stickler to get things right. Just to be clear here, you think that keeping a 31-year-old utility player who is (I agree with you) an excellent vet makes more sense for a rebuilding team than 3 prospects? Goldobin, a former first rounder who has been a good producer at the AHL level, Kristofferson (who was admittedly probably the weakest pick at the past draft) and Palmu, a high risk-reward pick? But you think that it makes more sense for a team that is unlikely to be competitive in the next 2-3 years to hang onto a 3rd liner who has never scored more than those 22 goals (and that was on the Sedin’s wing) and has had his share of injuries the past two seasons.

    It is shocking to me that you haven’t been snapped up by an NHL front office. Your insights are so compelling and on-point.

  • Green Bastard

    Oh look guys, the busiest troll (s) on this site. Replying to his own posts, again. hahaha. Terrible troll, terrible pretend sports fan, terrible teen.

  • Andy

    Here’s a news flash for you, PQW – many people are capable of changing their minds based on changes in activity.

    It’s not by accident that CanucksArmy has been fairly high on Benning since the Trade Deadline. In their eyes, his recent moves suggest a significant shift in strategy – they’re getting worse now to stockpile exceptional skill in a few years.

  • Bud Poile

    In adding Hansen, they add a veteran with experience who can provide depth scoring – the cost, however, was steep.
    Goldobin, the 27th overall draft pick in 2014 and has shined in the AHL. In 46 games this season, Goldobin has scored 15 goals and 41 points.
    His first season in the AHL came last year when the 21-year-old left winger scored 21 goals and 44 points in 60 games.
    The Canucks are getting a legitimate top prospect for Hansen…

  • Bud Poile

    As we’ve already mentioned, getting Dahlen might be one of those deals that pays off in four or five years. And dealing Jannik Hansen’s expiring contract and getting a 2014 first-rounder and a point-per-game player in the AHL in Nikolay Goldobin gives the Canucks another bump in the future skill department.

  • Bud Poile

    Full Scouting Report
    Goldobin has the kind of natural ability that excites talent evaluators.

    TSN’s Craig Button summed up the view of many scouts before the draft when he said this about Goldobin:

    “Excellent poise with puck and he can hold it to allow the play to develop. Handles puck in traffic very well and while he may not look like he’s going fast, he plays fast yet not in a hurry. Takes advantage of what is given to him.”
    NHL Player Comparison
    Goldobin compares with Marian Gaborik of the Los Angeles Kings. Like Gaborik, it may take Goldobin a little longer to adjust to the defensive aspects of playing in the NHL, but he can be a talented goal scorer and setup man who uses his skating ability, hockey smarts and heavy shot to create scoring opportunities.
    Top-End Potential
    At his top potential, Goldobin is a first-line forward who puts fear in opposing players every time he gets the puck on his stick. He is capable of scoring 35 to 40 goals a year if his effort and attitude issues are resolved. He could also accumulate between 75 to 80 points a year, more if he is teamed with enough talented players to convert his passes into goals and get him the puck in quality scoring situations.

  • Braindead Benning

    I agree “Special Bud” is an idiot… and you are “Spot” on your assessment, however, don’t sell yourself short of being an inclusive club member.. you should include being a “founder”