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Canucks Select LW Jonah Gadjovich 55th Overall

With the pick the Canucks got in exchange for John Tortorella, they selected a player that Torts would likely consider a “whiskey drinker”, taking big power forward Jonah Gadjovich, who piled up the goals and points last year playing with Nick Suzuki on the Owen Sound Attack.

Gadjovich is a big left winger, measuring in at 6-foot-2, 209 pounds who chipped in 46 goals this past season, adding 28 assists for 74 points in 60 games. From the HockeyProspect.com Black Book:

Jonah is a big power forward who does a good job driving the net. He has decent hands and a bullet of a shot. He has an excellent release and gets high end power in his shot. He has some playmaking abilities but prefers to shoot much more than passing. He is tough to move in the slot and good at deflecting pucks which has made him even more valuable on the power play. Physically Jonah is a strong forward who finishes hits hard. He isn’t an overly aggressive player but is able to punish opponents on the wall and in the corner. He wins plenty of battles and can over power opponents down low.

There’s a lot to like about this selection. We had him ranked 40th overall, making 55th look like pretty great value. If there are any worries that come with Gadjovich, its his skating, which is decidedly lackluster at this point. Gadjovich also clearly benefited a lot from playing with Nick Suzuki, and didn’t generate nearly as much production away from him. He has shown however that when paired with a playmaking centre, he has the ability to finish, doing so a lot this season. Gadjovich’s primary assist rate at even strength is a little worrisome, but he certainly didn’t have trouble producing at 5-on-5 altogether, scoring 48 points in that situation this year. Gadjovich was a bit of a SEAL darling this year, placing 14th best among first time draft eligible players.

  • wojohowitz

    Picking up wingers like Lind and Gadjovich just might send a wake up call to Virtanen as he drops down the depth chart…what is Tanev worth…Hamonic for a 1st and two 2nds. Here I thought Benning would load up on D and he has done the opposite.

  • Yodadog

    I think that the Canucks have way better players available to them where they pick. Makar gone in 1. In 2 and 3 the good defencemen were all gone. They could have picked one in lieu of Dipiettro but didn’t.

    Nashville has horseshoes. Their first three picks are great; mostly because of the players left for them.

    • Leigh McBain - love hockey

      Who are you suggesting they pick instead of Dipiettro? M.D. came well after the blue chip type D-men were taken (Heiskenan, Makar, Liljegren) and the Canucks could actually use some depth in net behind Demko. Not a bad pick in my estimation. As for the BLOG entry we are actually commenting on re: Gadjovich – the kid was drafted 55 and was projected by many as being slotted higher than that. While Benning has a trendency to go off board – this is not one of them. To get Gadjovich at 55 would be considered a good value pick. The kid has size, hands and from what I understand decent maturity – send him to the Horvat school of skating improvement and we could be picking up a hell of player – maybe in the Brandon Saad category.

  • Canuck4Life20

    It’s seems like a decent pick. Just heard him interview and he said skating is something that he is focusing on improving. He’s working with a power skating coach and has off ice exercises he is working on.

  • Puck Viking

    Id like to add another player who plays like this guy in each of the next 2 drafts. We lack guys who play with grit and should still be a top 9 player. Your toughness has to come from guys who can actually play hockey today, this was my top pick the canucks made this draft, when position is factored in.