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Canucks name Travis Green as head coach

The worst kept secret has come true today, as the Canucks have officially named Travis Green as their head coach:

It was reported by Dan Murphy earlier this week that Green has signed a four year contract.

Green had been the head coach of the Utica Comets for the past four seasons. Prior to that, Green had been the assistant coach, assistant GM and head coach of the Portland Winterhawks.

This move had been expected to happen since the Canucks relieved Willie Desjardins at the conclusion of the season.

If you haven’t already read it, J.D. Burke did a profile on Travis Green here.

The Castlegar native has worked with large part of the current Canucks, and obviously worked with quite a few of the players in Utica that are looking to make a name for themselves.

Travis Green and Canucks management will be holding a press conference at 11:00 AM PT to formally introduce the 19th coach in Canucks history. It can be viewed on Facebook Live via the Canucks Facebook page.

  • Pat Quinn Way

    I can’t wait to hear all the usual BS spin from LinBenning with all the usual hot air and buzz words to try and mug us long suffering fans into believing this is a ‘great step forward’.

    Not buying it for a minute. Edmonton and TO have proven this playoffs how you can build a quality contender in a short turnaround once you put the right management and coach in place.

    28th– 29th and possibly 30th place next season with this typically gutless (puke) hire. Ryan MIller will be resigned next – you just wait and see

    No wonder Ralph Kruger turned them down (Green was a bridesmaid choice as usual)

    • Neil B

      You don’t think maybe that having a front-office job in the English Premier League (biggest deal in sports in the world) had anything to do with it then, eh?

    • Dan B

      Edmonton and Toronto have had “short” turnarounds because they happened to win the draft lottery in the same year there was a generational talent available, and had been bad for a decade plus and were able to stock up picks for the supporting cast. Toronto had one season above .500 since 04, and they made the playoffs twice. In the same timeframe, the Oilers have also had one wining season and made the playoffs twice. Edmonton squeaked by the Sharks despite being outscored in the series, and Toronto was eliminated. You might be the only one on the planet who refers to Edmonton and Toronto as “quality contenders.”

      • LAKID

        Oilers also have a good chance to get to the finals. Oilers did not squeak by the sharks they beat them in 6 games. Sorry for you but that might be the finals next year- OIL vs LEAFS.

        • Neil B

          Toronto, at least, isn’t going to go to the finals next year. There’s just not going to be enough quality defencemen available July 1 to rebuild that core that quickly.

          As per Edmonton, it took a 5-3 victory over Anaheim to draw even in goals for/against, so Dan B’s point about being outscored by SJS is accurate. Of course, when you take away the 7-0 game, the numbers are more even–12 to 10, which is about right, ratio-wise, for a 6-game series.

          Assuming the Oil get past Anaheim, it will be interesting to see how they are against Nashville, a team that is outscoring their opponents literally 3-1. Admittedly, a lot of that is Rinne playing out of his mind, but Nashville’s committee is scoring at the same place as McJesus & co.

    • bobdaley44

      Toronto and Edmonton? You think it might have something to do with getting lucky in the draft lottery and having two generational players fall in their laps? Try taking Mcdavid and Mathews out of the equation. Thats right they probably both wouldn’t have made the playoffs. Problem started with Gillis trading picks and drafting poorly which gutted the franchise with young talent ready to take the reigns from an aging core. Benning made moves to mitigate that.

  • Roy

    Four years is a long contract for someone new to the big leagues. The Aquilinis certainly don’t mind spending long term money on coaches – aren’t they still paying the last two? Or can you buy out a coach in the NHL?

  • Welcome to Van Travis, congrats on becoming our 19th head coach. Not many get to this level.

    Travis, you were the bright spot in today’s presser. I would describe Jim and Trevor’s mood as sombre. This is probably not the best time to join the Canucks after a lost season, but I hope you make a difference. I hope you ice a product that is fun to watch. Good, entertaining hockey.

  • crofton

    It’s no secret that I haven’t liked even the possibility of Green as Vancouver’s coach. Hiring another coach with zero NHL coaching experience again and the definition of insanity….doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, I wouldn’t mind

    • DJ_44

      Torts had a tonne of NHL experience….how is that not an equal definition of insanity? My point being, management believes Green is a good fit for the job. A lot of knowledgeable hockey people agree. He is smart, articulate and a long time NHL player that has coached 10 years in the dub and AHL. The number of incredible coaches and players he has been exposed to is vast.

      In short, there are many paths to being an NHL head coach. May successful coaches have taken similar paths to Green. I like the hire.

  • wojohowitz

    I have to wonder what Green`s opinion is of Utica`s personnel. He had his go to guys like Hamilton, Bancks, Archibald and Grenier – none of whom appear to have a NHL future.

    Then there is the guys who were in and out of the lineup in the last half of the season like Pedan, Subban, Sautner, Rendulac and Zalewski.

    Players demoted to Alaska have no hope like MacKenzie Stewart, Laplante, Marco Roy and Moynihan.

    Players we thought had upside but now maybe not like Valk, Cassels and Nilsson.

    Players with definite upside like Virtanen, McEneny and Labate.

    Does Green make room for Virtanen, McEneny and Labate replacing Skille, Chaput and Megna.

    • LTFan

      Listening to Green at the intro. today – you have to earn your spot on the team. If it is his opinion some of the players you have mentioned are better then they will be on the team – if not they will be somewhere else.

      I really don’t think Green is unlike any other Coach. Remember all the hue and cry when Toronto picked up Corrado from waivers at the beginning of the 2015-16 Season. Babcock didn’t play him very often as it was Babcock’s opinion Corrado wasn’t good enough. Corrado only played 2 games with the Leafs before being traded to Pittsburgh at the trade deadline. Green will be the same way with the Canucks players.

      • Rodeobill

        I imagine almost every coach needs to say earn your spot, as it keeps the players invested in trying hard and buying in, regardless if it is true (not going to bench the sedins), keeping the players believing it is true for them- is a fundamental motivation tactic from a coaching perspective.

    • I think Linden expressed what Green thinks of the Utica personnel when Linden admitted that they could have supported their farm team better. It was unlike previous years where Utica had a few bone fide AHL first liners like Cal O’Reilly, Dustin Jeffrey, Pascal Pelletier (I know he came back partially last year), Bobby Sanguinetti, Brandon DeFazio and Hunter Shinkaruk. Megna and Chaput should have been there for Utica (and would have been great) but Desjardins poached them and left Green hanging.

      I’m betting that Labate and McEneny will be up before Virtanen as Virtanen has a lot of learning and maturing to do. Labate and McEneny are older and have been honing their skills in the NCAA or ECHL/AHL.

      • Neil B

        If we lose a D in expansion, I’d look for McEneney to draw up. He can play R and L, plays a good steerage game, is solid overall. If it’s a F we lose (as per my–among a crowd of others–suggestion of exposing Sutter), I’m unsure if Labatte comes up before Jake. Green was quite positive on Virtanen’s off-ice work towards the end of the season.

      • Neil B

        Skille is a legit 4th liner–works hard, plays a good defensive game, and can provide some tertiary scoring support. Chaput & Megna were only there because Virtanen worked his way off the big team in the off-season. If Virtanen & Grenier had made the off-season strides that were expected of them, neither Chaput nor Megna would have had a sniff.