22Cheers and Jeers!
Photo Credit: Matthew Henderson

Cheers and Jeers – April 12th


It’s Wednesday! And that means it’s time for our latest volume of… “Cheers and Jeers!”

This week is dedicated to the end of the Canucks’ season: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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JEERS to Jim Benning and Trevor Linden for their ceaseless snow job on this fan base. I’ve honestly never encountered a front office group that thinks so little of their fans that they believe they can get away with the rhetoric they continually spews. At the year-end, Linden had the audacity to say that he really liked the position the organisation was in now, and that they were three years into this so-called plan. These two statements contradict almost everything we heard out of Benning and Linden during the first year of their collective tenure. It’s insulting actually to think that we don’t notice that they are both flatly lying. There is actually a Twitter account dedicated to sending out all the misinformation that Lindenning had been traipsing out to us peons. The proof is out there.

CHEERS to the Twitter account Lindenning Quotes for its tireless efforts to put a mirror in front of all the public comments made by Trev and Jimbo and how they’re entirely contrary to statements they’ve both made in the past. If you aren’t yet convinced that Linden and Benning have bamboozled the Canucks fan base, go through that entire account. If you don’t think that this management team is either operating without a plan, or are simply changing their tune to suit public sentiment, then immerse yourself in @LindenningQuote and prepare yourself to get woke, kids.

JEERS to an NHL playoffs without Eichel, Laine, Kucherov, Skinner, Tavares, and others (of course, Horvat) who make the game enjoyable and exciting. Of course we know that there will be plenty of star power in this year’s run to the Stanley Cup. Certainly it would be even better if ALL the league’s best young talent could be playing for hockey’s holy Grail. So my wacky idea is that only the top 15 teams make it to the playoffs, while the 16th team is actually an all-star U23 team comprised of players from the bottom 15 teams who didn’t qualify. Think of it as a modified version of Team North America from this past September’s World Cup of Hockey. Jeers to you if you don’t love this idea.

CHEERS to TSN1040’s now-defunct game coverage. Specifically, a hearty Cheers to Blake Price and Jeff Paterson, whose in-game analysis and insight will be sorely missed. They’re not leaving the station (at least we hope not!) so we’ll still get their great takes. In fact I’m hoping, as I’m sure many of you are too, that any remaining niceties are fully disposed from 1040, and Paterson and Price go full HAM on the Canucks and team management this coming year. That should be something and I can’t wait.

  • HoppyNightDave

    Further to your comment about an age group all star team, why not do that for the actual all star game? Select the all stars, figure out the quartile ages, and break them into four teams that way rather than by division. Or just go back to a standard hockey game and have an over/under game. That’d be fun

  • TheKennedyCurse

    Wow, you guys really pissed off the delusional morons that make excuses for this team and management. Kudos, keep up the good work, some of us actually enjoy reading the truth.

  • manthehen

    That playoff idea is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. If you want those players in the playoffs, maybe their NHL teams should have made it? I mean this is the NHL playoffs, you know, for NHL teams?

  • Killer Marmot

    At the year-end, Linden had the audacity to say that he really liked the position the organisation was in now, and that they were three years into this so-called plan.

    I don’t recall that. Can you quote that line? Linden did say he thought the club was in a better place today, which is not the same.

  • Freud

    But lapping at Lindenning’s teat makes us all feel better. The milk is so warm and delicious.

    When you’re breastfeeding you don’t have to worry about the contradictions and hypocrisy from the big, bad outside world. You can just feel safe listening to all the good things mommy and daddy have to say.

  • TimfromAnahim

    If you think you’ve been “bamboozled” by Canuck management, then you’re really a little too soft in the head to be writing this blog. Any intelligent person would know that a rebuild has been going on since the moment Linden and Benning took over, however they frame it. Do they want to be competitive and shoot for a playoff spot. Of course they do. Do they want to get younger and faster (and more inexperienced)? Also of course. Will this result in a playoff spot? Under perfect circumstances, maybe. But circumstances haven’t been perfect and we see where we sit.

    So this insults you somehow? You need a thicker skin or to give this platform to someone who can provide some worthwhile analysis.

  • defenceman factory

    Dear Cam, do you even follow hockey at all? The management team of every losing franchise always has a spin and a plan. It is always some mix of foolish optimism and pure BS. Congratulations for finally realizing that.Go back and read the lies that have come out of Edmonton and Toronto over the last 10 years.

    Your idea of a U23 all star team being put in the playoffs is so dumb you should seriously consider never contributing to a hockey blog ever again.

    • TanevistheMan-ev

      But why would anyone use Toronto and Edmonton’s previous management teams as a benchmark for anything, other than ineptitude? They were making those false statements while also producing some of the worst teams that the league has seen in the past two decades. Why give Lindenning a pass, just because it happened elsewhere first?

      • defenceman factory

        Not suggesting to use other teams as a benchmark or that Jim and Trev should get a pass. Did you really believe all they have said? The author suggests he is surprised they weren’t really telling the truth and this is the worst example of a front office spewing rhetoric. No one really believed them and they are not the worst example. When hockey execs are in front of the camera their purpose is to sell tickets. The worse the product the further the truth gets stretched.