Canucks Army Postgame #81: Something To Cheer For

It was a near-perfect night for Team Tank.

They got contributions from some of their young players, and a goal from Boeser, who is scoring at a 41-goal pace over a full season right now.

Of course, Jared McCann had five goals in his first nine games, so it’s best not to get ahead of ourselves. Still, it’s something to be excited about.

Unfortunately, the Coyotes and Devils also lost, setting the stage for the ultimate tank game tomorrow night. The Canucks must lose in regulation to clinch 29th place. Just a single point would put the Canucks ahead of both teams in the standings.

Before we get to tomorrow night’s appointment viewing, let’s unpack the ins & outs of the Canucks penultimate game, a 3-2 loss to the Oilers.





  • Brock Boeser scored his fourth goal in 8 games, and while it’s highly unlikely he’ll keep scoring at this pace, he’s given every indication he can put the puck in the net on a consistent basis. In addition to his 4 goals, Boeser has 23 shots over that span, which is perhaps even more impressive. He’s managed at least 2 shots in all but one game, and his play since joining the team earned him some high praise from coach Willie Desjardins:

  • The Sedins had another rough game, controlling only a third of shot shares at even-strength. Midway through the second period, The Canucks spent two full minutes hemmed in their own zone, broken up only by an icing call, and the Sedins were mostly at fault for the sequence. I’m of the belief that they can bounce back in a big way next year with the right linemates and a reduced role, but watching them struggle so much down the stretch has been disconcerting.
  • There’s still reasons for optimism, however. They looked great on the powerplay with Brock Boeser and created a couple of nice chances skating with Nikolay Goldobin, even if they did get their teeth kicked in at even-strength. The Sedins have spent much of the season skating with players that are a drag on their offensive output, so I’d like to see what they can do over a full season with some young scoring talent.
  • Troy Stecher took a stick to the face late in the second period and was visibly shaken up. Fortunately, he returned to the game. Unfortunately, the Oilers scored on the play. Poor Stecher.
  • After tonight’s loss, the maximum the Canucks can finish the season with is 71 points. That’s only six more than the 65 USA Today predicted. Maybe those predictions weren’t so ridiculous after all.
  • Rodeobill

    I dont think Lucic did it on purpose, but I dont think he was to sorry about it.
    Stecher did great covering him and the goal was not his fault – the next player down the ice should have been a canuck too, not an oiler.

    I like tryamkin pinching offensively on occasion as he is so strong to move off the puck that he really pulls everyone on the other team out of position to deal with him. This is the kind of forward our team is lacking, but if he can pinch sometimes (kinda like Burns) and a forward knows to pick up the D hole (pardon my poor choice of wording) this could really work.

  • Braindead Benning

    Lol… those predictions of 65 points is not ridiculous at all… quite astute actually and took a bit of heat by the likes of Ian Mac, who no doubt is disillusioned by believing management had actually made some decisive acquisitions to improve the team in those useless duds Eriksson, Sutter and Gudbrason

  • Bud Poile

    Some ‘fans’ cry like babies for a tank and when it is gift wrapped and presented to them they still cry like babies.
    Speaking of presents it appears Boeser was given the gift of Sedinery.

  • Oilerz4life

    Sedins…pffffft. Tickle me Elmo time is over. Time for the sisters to hop out their bunk beds for one last trip to see McD so EDM can collect their mandatory 2 pts. Wankoooover. Are the sisters going back to Shveeeden for the offseason? I would. They probably don’t want to play in Wangcouver anymore. They are what 312 yrs old? Way to build a team around a pair of crusty old tarts. Slow clap canuckleheads. Can you say rebuild? Baaahahahaha…LMAO!!!

    • LTFan

      Oilerz4life – how quickly you have forgotten all those miserable years with no playoff appearances and a very poor team. Now that Connor has arrived a little humility would be in order. Considering where the 2 teams are in the standings it was a good game. Don’t expect the Oil to get past the 1st round. Cheers.

    • DogBreath

      Wow … apparently you’ve already forgotten the 10 years of absolute sucking that the Oilers did. You’re given the best player on the planet and you’re already trolling after one good year? Please. Slow clap back at you Oilers4life. I’d expect the trolling to begin after you’ve actually done something.

      That said, i’m to see what they can do in playoffs this year. I might even here for them.

    • Green Bastard

      Lets be real oil trolls. Most teams rebuilds, including the Canucks, would take at most, half the time the oil took. What are you oil fans gonna say when the oil choke in 4 in the first round? “One more first overall, that’s all we need”

    • defenceman factory

      I suppose it’s understandable how petty, simple minded oiler fans would hate the Sedins. They have so thoroughly embarrassed that team so many times. Hockey teams go through periods of strength and rebuild. True hockey fans understand that and desire competition and times of strong rivalries which make the sport so entertaining. The Sedins are going to the hall of fame. Their philanthropy, dedication and talent has only ever brought honour to the sport unlike impotent douchbags who troll other teams websites.

    • RoCkFaThEr

      Why the hate pal?
      You should be happy your team is finally going to the show and not be such an angry little man.
      Anywho….lets all just take a moment to reflect on how the Oilers have single handedly ruined the draft by sucking balls for so long that the league implimented a lottery…
      A proud historic moment indeed….

  • crofton

    It’s basically meaningless, I suppose, but Nurse “asking for a dance” with Horvat seemed like a very obvious instigator call to me. Plus his jersey came off, isn’t that supposed to be a ten minute or a game misconduct?