Vancouver Canucks Re-Sign Jayson Megna to One-Year Contract Extension

The Vancouver Canucks announced in advance of their matinee match with the San Jose Sharks announced that they’ve come to terms on a one-year, one-way contract extension valued at $675,000 for utility forward Jayson Megna.

In 53 games with the Canucks this season, Megna’s amassed eight points (four goals and assists alike) playing in every situation and role, averaging about twelve-and-a-half minutes of ice-time a game. In spite of Megna’s meek statistical profile, Canucks head coach Willie Desjardins has stood by the embattled winger all season.

Megna’s a coach’s favourite and fairly or otherwise a target of fan ire as a result. Today, for example, the Canucks are dressing Megna in Nikolay Goldobin’s stead for reasons that escape most in Vancouver, and in the public sphere he’s suffered that transgression whether it was his decision or otherwise.

And he’ll be back for at least another season as a Canuck.

Fans aren’t likely to receive this move with anything short of skepticism or in many cases outright anger, but on some levels it can make some sense.

If the Canucks’ intention is to use Megna as a 13th forward next season, then it’s small potatoes — a team can, and often does, fare worse in that regard. Should they decide to use him similarly to how they did this year, this move could prove harmful.

It’s curious that the Canucks felt they had to pay him more than the veteran minimum, grant him a one-way deal and finish this in-season. I can’t imagine the market for Megna’s services is such that the Canucks have to get in front of it with a player friendly contract.

This deal also moves them even closer to the ceiling for next season. Vancouver is already committed to 32 contracts, and that doesn’t account for the entry-level contracts and restricted free agents they have to commit to next season. With that in mind, one has to imagine that the likelihood of the Canucks retaining a player like Michael Chaput, who’s proven considerably more useful, is all but extinguished.

I don’t get it, but then again, it doesn’t seem like anyone does. Anyone outside the Canucks’ front office, that is.

  • RetroCanuck

    This is for the expansion draft. We need two forwards that meet the game requirements signed for next year. This gives the Canucks room to make some moves and if Megna is outplayed next year they can waive his cheap contract to the AHL. Im not a fan of Megna but this signing makes sense.

    • Chris the Curmudgeon

      Hit send too early, and I don’t know if this lousy website allows comment edits. Meant to ask why Megna and not Chaput, who also meets the games minimum and is without a contract for next season. He is a better and younger player and he and Gaunce will make up our requirement. Of course, I want Sutter to be exposed, but assuming he’s not, we can still get it done without this.

  • Frank

    Sitting Goldobin at this stage of a lost season makes no sense especially when you are playing guys like Molino. Anyhoo, Willie ain’t going to be around next year so maybe the young guns with upside will get more ice time.

  • HockeyTruther69

    JD im going to start calling you billabong cause all you do is flip flop. The team loses corrado for nithing and its all “oooooh asset manegment”. The team keeps megnya (an asset) and thats the wrong move. OKay.

  • myshkin

    when you have the sedins and eriksson making big money and not doing much, you need several players making peanuts to fill out the roster. we need cap room for horvat’s contract coming up. megna’s an honest foot soldier.

  • TD

    I have no problem with Goldobin sitting, he is either still recovering or he lacks the drive it takes to make it in the NHL. Letting Goldobin play when he has been absolutely invisible would be rewarding him for his indifferent play.

    I have no problem signing Megna as long as they fire Desjardins. At 675K per year, he can be sent to the minors and not count against the cap. If they need to call him up, then he is available. With 8 points, I’m not worried that he will get snatched up in waivers. The Canucks need some depth for injuries and to make sure they don’t force young players into the lineup before they are ready like they did with Virtanen and McCann.

  • DJ_44

    This brings the Canucks up to the minimum forward requirement for expansion (the way I interpret it, I do not think Dorsett qualifies — due to the career ending injury clause–, unless he is medically cleared by expansion draft). As far as Magna vs Chaput, neither should play with the Sedins. But for forth line, work, I would rather have Megna….smarter, more speed and better hands……plus he doesn’t take as many stupid penalties.

    ….good to see JD still beating the non-existent # of contract drum….be sure to hit all the prescribed talking points.

  • LTFan

    Well JD lets look at how both Goldobin and Megna compare when they were in the AHL. Goldobin 2015-16 – 60 games – 21 goals + 23 assists = 44 pts. Megna – 68 games – 15 goals + 29 assists = 44 points. Similar results.

    In any event it is not going to change much for the Canucks. Megna appears to be better than anyone in Utica hence that is why he has stuck with the Canucks. Goldobin may have a higher upside but time will tell if he is able to fulfill expectations. Think of Gilbert Brule and Alexander Daigle.

  • Dirty30

    A better article would have been to look at current depth and analyze who will likely stay and who might go. That would put this signing into context. If, you’re losing 6-8 guys off the depth chart, then signing Megna is a non-event and maybe even rationally prudent. If you’re losing only one or two contracts, this is a bit different and raises questions about the intent of next season — because Megna is not going to get management that winning season they so covet.

    I don’t see Goldy as the answer either, but if it’s going to take some time to get players in place who can win then having an exciting player on the ice may attract more fans than playing Willie and the Plodders every night.

  • Fred-65

    Vcr had a choice either Willy or Megna … but you can’t have both or at least I hope that’s the case. I can only imagine Megna has revealing photo’s in his possession because that’s the only reason in my mind that can explain the signing. It smells of desperation but explain in some obscure way why Willy and the team is in such a mess. If Megna is the only option expected to be available this summer then there are too many teams in the NHL and the pickings are getting pretty slim. He’s above average speed….. maybe. he doesn’t hit, does bring any jam and doesn’t kill penalties. Laughingly he does appear on the PP but put that down to the photo’s and willy like quirk. This is a guy that should have been in Utica and because of no alternatives and multiple injuries found himself in the NHL… he didn’t stand out at camp and didn’t earn the favouritism shown by Willy.

    The good news this is sure to provide a great upswing in ticket sales ….yeah right