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Can it be? Canucks closing in on 100 losses since start of last season

You know by now the Vancouver Canucks lost 4-1 to Anaheim on Tuesday night at Rogers Arena. They surrendered two goals in the first 97 seconds, and at that point the outcome was no longer in question.

The result was hardly a surprise given the strength of opponent and the opposite directions the two clubs are headed with less than two weeks to go in the National Hockey League regular season. So, sure, it was just another loss for the Canucks in a season full of them, yet at the same time it was much more than that. It was the team’s 97th loss since the start of last season as the Canucks close in on a ghastly and almost inconceivable 100th setback in just two cycles of the schedule. That’s a lot of losing.

The Canucks dropped 51 of their 82 games a year ago going 31-38-13. The hope was this team in transition had reached rock-bottom with its 75-point campaign. That was the hope. The reality has been a continuation of many of the same issues that plagued the hockey club in 2015-16: struggles to score, special teams woes, a lack of elite level talent and a rash of late-season injuries.

This year’s version of the Canucks is now very much in danger of failing to reach the 75 point mark – the low bar established just one season ago. With six games to go, the 2016-17 Canucks are now 30-37-9 on the season with 69 standings points to their credit. Combine the regulation and overtime/shootout losses, and the team has dropped 46 of its 76 games played. Add that to last year’s 51 losses, and you’re looking at a team that has tasted defeat a staggering 97 times that last 158 times it has taken to the ice. Three more losses in the final six games and the Canucks will have the dubious distinction of suffering 100 losses in a two-season span. That’s a lot for an organization to absorb and challenging, too, for a fan base demanding progress to process, too. To put it in perspective: only Colorado, nearing the end of an epically bad season, has lost more games than Vancouver over the past two seasons – but not by much. The Avs have dropped 99 games and the Canucks have now lost 97 (61-75-22).

So how do you lose 100 games? Well, as the Canucks have demonstrated over the past 18 months, there are many ways. The following is a breakdown of how the Canucks arrived in this spot. They have suffered 51 of their setbacks on the road and 46 in front of the home fans. They have lost at least once to each of the other 29 teams in the NHL over the past two seasons. San Jose and Calgary have stuck it to the Canucks more than any other teams while Columbus and Tampa Bay are the only teams that have not beaten the Canucks in regulation time since the start of last season.

No team in the league has feasted on the Canucks more than San Jose over the past two seasons. The Sharks are 6-2 against the Canucks with two more head to head meetings over the coming week. Calgary has also posted six wins against Vancouver since the start of last season going 6-4 in their ten meetings.

The five-win club includes Anaheim, St. Louis, Winnipeg, Dallas and for now Edmonton, although the Canucks still have a home and home set with the Oilers to finish the season.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, given the talent levels on both teams Pittsburgh and Washington both swept the Canucks in each of the past two seasons posting regulation wins in each of the games. New Jersey also beat the Canucks in all four of their match-ups winning twice in regulation and twice in overtime.

Here is the Canucks record against all 29 other NHL opponents over the past two seasons:


  • Carl Jung

    If Jeff Patterson were anything other than white, he would not be able to make a living writing this nonsense.

    Come to think of it, that applies to most of the bloggers here.

      • Carl Jung

        It’s impossible for Jeff Patterson or the majority of CA bloggers to experience racism.

        They are the benefactors of global racism.

        And what hockey readers end up with is poor journalism from writers with the correct complexion.

          • wojohowitz

            Don`t worry Carl. Soon we will all be victims of corruption, anarchy, honor killings and tribalism as the so-called melting pot disintegrates before our very eyes.

        • RandomScrub

          This is the most ridiculous non-sequitur trolling I’ve ever seen here, and that’s saying something. Provide evidence to support your assertion that Canucks Army chooses writers based on race, your assertion about the racial profile of CA readers being (presumably) predominantly white, and that there is any link between CA’s alleged “racially motivated” hiring profile and the quality of journalism in the world of hockey coverage in general. Next, please make a comprehensive argument why it is functionally impossible for (again, presumably) whites to experience racism, and how this phenomenon is “global”, especially considering hockey is a relevant sport in approximately 6-12 countries worldwide. Finally, as Jeff Paterson has written for the Province, worked on TSN1040, and I’d imagine other media outlets, please provide a detailed analysis of how his education as a journalist was aided by “global racism”, and how his career benefitted from such as well. Suggest other people whose hockey journalism is superior to Paterson’s, but are not working as hockey journalists, and provide evidence of how racially-motivated discrimination prevented them from being in the position to write this article today. Once you get back to us with all of that, we’ll be happy to listen to what you have to say. In the interim, I humbly suggest you stop writing things on the internet.

        • Chris the Curmudgeon

          I didn’t use the word “racism”, and am aware that there are competing definitions of the word to either mean “hatred based on race” which can mean discrimination against anyone by anyone, and “suppression of non-whites by whites”, which is self-explanatory. I pointed out that your comment did nothing to address the content of the article, only the race of the writer, hence “racially-tinged”. Your comment added nothing to the discussion, and I invited you to replace it with one as to why you think the article was nonsense. Alternatively, you could explain why you think how Patterson has specifically been a beneficiary of racism (not it’s benefactor, as you had it, which means something else), and in terms that aren’t just “white people are privileged and get everything they want”, because that doesn’t have any bearing on him personally.

      • DJ_44

        This argument doesn’t pass the smell test. Say what you want, but Patterson is the best writer the CA has. His opinions and logic may not make sense, but part of that I chalk up to having to stir up controversy to get reaction.

        If you feel it is racism that holds individuals back from blogging on hockey….it has never been easier to start a hockey blog. If you provide good content, you get readership since CA is really the only reliable game in town for any semblance of meaningful opinion or discussion.

        That would take work, so maybe it is easier to hurl random accusations.

    • tyhee

      Presumably this was a joke suggesting the Canucks would, once again, sign an over-30 UFA at too high a price and too long a term, while rushing rookie pros to the NHL and fleshing out the roster with meat and potato guys that won’t be able to produce.

      At least, I hope it was a joke.

      On another note, it is surprising to me to see racist trolling that hasn’t been deleted by the mods.

  • Dirty30

    This would have been a decent Tweet but as an article it lacks any insight into how or why this team is approaching 100 losses over two seasons. Not even a comparison with the perennial losers, the Oilers. How many first round picks and they still stank? Buffalo? Toronto? Colorado? Phoenix?

    Anything new on “the Sedins are getting old” or “their line mates are plodders” or “WD is a good motivator but a lousy Coach”?

    C’mon …

  • wojohowitz

    It`s an interesting list. Some of it is explainable like; Arizona, Buffalo, Carolina and Columbus (all too young). Colorado; (everybody beats them). The Rangers and Kings (too many veterans with fat contracts). Tampa (wow can`t explain that). Winnipeg and Boston (big and tough). Pittsburgh and Washington (too much talent). If only the Canucks could play Florida and Tampa more often.

  • TD

    Wow, the Canucks aren’t very good and have lost a lot of games.

    Expect more next year. The gains the kids made were offset by the Sedins aging. Probably going to continue next year. Two or three years from now is when the rest of the kids will be ready to start making progress towards being competitive again.

  • Steamer

    Somebody needs to escort ‘Carl Jung’ to the ‘quiet room’ – obviously taken far too many head-shots. Time to hang ’em up, Carl – you’re not making any sense & speaking out of context. Get some rest.

  • Locust

    Carl Jung is a very famous psychiatrist as is Freud – are we feeling blessed that two people have decided to use those monikers and bless us here at CA with their wisdom?

    As Canucks Army is the only Nation site that actually trolls and hates the team it is supposed to represent – it sort of all makes sense…..

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    Hate to say it, but the Sedins should just retire at the end of this season. They have nothing left in the tank. I would have loved to see Daniel Sedin reach 1000 pts as a Canuck, but they should just call it a career. They have become a defensive liability and are just not producing anymore. If the Sedins play another year it will tarnish the reputation they built in Vancouver.

    • Dirty30

      If they decide next season will be their last they will give it their best. Given there’s no long line of replacements ready to step into their skates, having them play next season may be prudent.

    • bobdaley44

      Hate to disagree but i do. You think playing with that defence and no winger to complement them had anything to do with it? I’m sure their compete level at this moment isn’t at their best being that they’re out of the playoffs and watching young players getting in the lineup. I wouldn’t be motivated if i was them either. I’d be saving my 37 year old body for next years battles. They’re still the only ones who can gain the zone on a regular basis.

  • Bud Poile

    When a game is tied at th end of regultion both teams get a point.
    Circus losses are noted as such.
    Both last year and this one the Canucks were .500 clubs before being mathematically eliminated.
    At that time Benning pulled the plug in both cases for draft purposes-which was absolutly necessary.
    Incessant whining has become the new normal around here.