It’s a new beginning in Vancouver as the Canucks return home to face the Ducks. Anaheim is “flying high” with a four-game win streak while the Canucks… have won four games just not in a row. There aren’t too many games left in the season which means the hurt will end soon but there are a few more things to look forward to, like, you know: Brock Boeser’s home debut.

I imagine there will be a few people in attendance tonight.


There is this new kid that just started and we’re hearing good things. I hope we’re all spared the rookie “skate by yourself” thing as he’s already played two games. The “he” we speak of is, of course, Brock Boeser. It’s been some time since we’ve seen a player that everyone gravitates to. It’s really something.

Rookie defenseman, Troy Stecher, will be out for the forseable future with a lower-body injury and we may not see him again this season.

What’s more disturbing is that Michael Chaput is still on the “top line” and that the Sedins haven’t been moved down in ice time. The kids need to learn the show and it’s time to let the Sedins go into teaching mode.

Ryan Miller was just nominated for the Masterton trophy and he’ll want to put his best self on display if he’s going to have any chance of winning it. It’s awarded for perseverance. Who has persevered more, seriously?

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

Ryan Getzlaf has eight assists in his last four games so he’ll lead the charge and get the lion’s share of the matchups. Ryan Kesler will most likely be free to be himself and shoot at will. The Canucks will be able to focus on Kesler and less on his linemates as he doesn’t usually pass to any of them.

John Gibson (lower body) won’t be starting but will backup Jonathan Bernier this evening.

Anaheim Ducks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:


  • It’s no secret the Canucks powerplay is less productive than a 1995 Plymouth Neon but what is worth noting is the names or more importantly, a specific name on the list of goal scorers this season. Reid Boucher has bounced around three teams this year and he is 1 of 11 players on the Canucks to score a PPG. The fact that he has even SEEN powerplay time is impressive but considering the list of players that haven’t scored with the man-advantage for the Canucks this year, it’s worth noting. Could we see more of Boucher if the Canucks luck out and get any more powerplays?
  • There have been plenty of reasons the Canucks have sagged this year and a big part has been injuries. If you look at who has averaged the most shifts per game, you can see why a consistent lineup would allow the Canucks to stick around in games they are close in. Erik Gudbranson, Loui Eriksson, and Stecher are all in the top-10 in shifts. Replacing them with guys who haven’t even played full NHL seasons yet has become a serious compromise to their efforts.
  • Ryan Getzlaf likes playing the Canucks. This season he has 1G and 4A in 4GP. With his current hot streak, expect that number to grow. Do not expect his hair to do the same.
  • Miss Eriksson yet? He leads the Canucks with five points against the Ducks this season. He isn’t in the lineup, nor are Jack Skille and Markus Granlund. They would be only two of the other seven players to register a point versus Anaheim. Yep, things are bad.
  • As the season comes to a close, there is not a single Canuck in the lineup above 50 for CF%. Derek Dorsett, Brendan Gaunce, Granlund, and Eriksson are all injured. Getting outshot is a given, getting outshot by a lot when these guys are out of the lineup is the best bet you’ll make all day.
  • Need tickets to the game? Check out this link to get yourself in the building.


How much farther does that list go?


Too much focus on the Horvat line allows the Sutter/Goldobin pairing to benefit off the open ice. I’d love to see a Ben Hutton sighting, that’d be nice.


It’s possible they win two more games this season. A few extra shifts for the young guys and Ryan Miller continually standing on his head should amount to at least that. I think there is also a chance that Bo Horvat can put up another five points to keep pace with his previous increase of 15 points over his rookie campaign.

  • Roy

    Your Daily Face-off jersey graphics directly contradict the information you are reporting. Also, Stecher is out with a shoulder injury, according to multiples on Twitter.

    I cannot count how many times you guys have been critiqued for the jersey graphics being pointless and inaccurate and yet you use them again and again with no explanation. This is bad journalism. As a fan seeking accuracy and detail in reporting, I am willing to sift through opinions and egos I disagree with to get to the good stuff (a la the Provies), but since the GDT info is consistently wrong, I’m pretty much done with this particular feature.

  • Ronning4ever

    Here’s what WD has said about playing Megna: “He plays good defensively. He tracks the puck. You can ask the other coaches. I know there’s people who wonder why he plays so much. He has good skill. But the biggest thing is how hard he competes.”

    I think Megna is in the line-up so much purely because he’s there to drive the younger guys to compete. Many a ‘comment-poster’ was lambasting bringing back Burrows at the start of last season, but I thought it was a good idea because WD said he was “the best player he ever coached”. I think Burrows (aside from the killer trade-deadline) helped the youngins so maybe Megna is too. He’s also very good at drawing penalties which never gets mentioned.

    I’ve actually wondered if Chaput and Megna play with the twins at the twins request. Weird idea, but I remember that Vrbata was kicked off the successful first line in his first year with the team because they wanted it that way.

  • I enjoy everything going on with Brock. The intro, his family, and his game. This young man has it in more ways than one. I call this a love fest. On the other hand, I have to wonder what went wrong with Jake Virtanen. I thought he played ok last year, and now he`s buried, never to be heard from again.

    • apr

      Jake is only 20. And he’s the only one in the system that profiles to be a power forward. Everyone acknowledges that it takes power forwards time to develop, but this community just does not seem to have the patience. I’m not saying Jake is going to be Cam Neely – but give the kid some time.

  • wojohowitz

    Canucks up 2-0…time to protect the lead by parking the rookies and playing the vets. Uh oh…Canucks down 2-0 three minutes in…time to park the kids and play catch up with the vets.